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A month of paying attention.. August Break 2017 

Postcards, family photos, invites, relatives & friends pics, magnets, niece & nephews art work, petrol vouchers.. odds and ends..The refrigerator is a great place to keep these special things.. where you see them & are reminded of them every day.. to be honest I’m not great at organisation.. So yes some things could be taken down. This is my life though.. 

As two of my children & I share a house with my parents. There are two refrigerators in our kitchen.. 

I have to laugh at my mum’s photos, you kind of expect the people to be the same when you see them again next just like in the pictures; those I don’t see often but children grow up and we all age.. ❤️


And my Soul knows very well..

And my Soul knows very well..

Imagine you are marrying your art. Write a wedding vow to it that seals your passion and commitment. Write another wedding vow from your Art to you, in which you describe how this art will love you back and make your life truer.

Taken some creative liberty here on my last prompt of the 30 days. I substituted art for HIM!! Because art comes from my soul. And in this life I have lived in this body I have been soul hurt. Shut down and I can’t do it alone. I just can’t. I don’t have what it takes to get up and do art or anything of worth. I need inspiration first to crack open the vault. I need hope that there is a greater reason for it.. I need to know I am ok. HE has been that force for me that loves me as I am and releases me to let it flow. So that I am starting to see much more clearly that art is HIS gift to me to express who HE created me to be in all my glory and I don’t have to be afraid. Art is closely associated with my heart and soul and souls journey. It also gives me self worth and purpose.
I can see HIM better through my expressive soul and HE feeds it and gives me every sort of freedom to be me. Its not so much a wedding vow either but rather a soul cry of acknowledgment and thankfulness that comes from my deepest parts because its all very very very good..


I sit before you. Feeling wretched and unloved. Tired and helpless. Yet I know I can come anytime. No one else is like this for me. They eventually get tired and turn away where you always welcome and invite. I must be at my best for them or at the very least trying. They always want more or for me to give more. I am never enough to them.
I can stay away from you no longer. Inside me I ache but only in your presence am I aware of it disappearing. I come to life in your presence. I laugh at how silly it is to be unaware of you even one moment.
My heart still beats and my Spirit though stuck inside this flesh that has wanted so much and been denied it or its felt like it. It drags its feet and with head bowed low refuses to keep trying.
Yet here I am. I have you. You are always with me. I want to trust you with my whole life. I have nothing else and nobody else that brings out of me something I don’t feel I have.
I ask you to help me see you as precious as you are so that I can have hope to know I am enough. That I see you and value you and in you I find that release my soul aches for. I truly cannot see myself in any form of good without first seeing you for all you are.. You are a mirror of perfection that cancels out all that I fear about myself and all the enemy and those who do not know you say about me that makes me wither away piece by piece.
I can see clearly once the veil of imperfection has dropped. I can view it all differently and how the value of everything changes. What was once tired is revived. What was depressed is shining happiness. Black turns to gold. Embers rage to fire. I want to give. I want to live. I want to do and be and see and thrive. It’s coming from a whole different realm!!
That with every ounce of energy all that I am is brought forth and not a drop of me is left when my flesh life gives out. So many wasted moments behind me but I know that with you I am safe and loved and highly esteemed and you do not see my faults. I know if I can just keep my focus on you there will be less and less ache and more and more power and more and more presence and more and more vision. I know I can throw of all restraints and that they have no hold on me.
You are my voice and my answer. You are my soul outside my body. My spirits expression. My deepest cries. My most joyful and intimate moments. You are the hopes and dreams of all my years. You keep me going which is incredible.
You are my whole world. You help me sleep sound and wake with purpose. You excite me and evoke in me pure hearted vigor. Through you I see the world differently. I can smile in a storm and want to climb tall mountains.
Your the sun shining through the clouds and the butterfly passing by. I see them all through you and because of you. The leaves dance around me and the beams shine down from heaven. The tiny birds land and I know you are close and I am loved. I breathe deeply and I feel my heart beating and I know I am loved. I put my arms around the necks of my children and I know that I am loved.
I will do what you have created me to do. With all my heart I will do this. I will trust the maker of the sun. I will trust the maker of the moon. I will trust the maker of the ground I walk on. Even as my flesh fails me I will put my eyes on you and believe you and do what makes my heart beat faster.
This is not a commitment its a song on my lips. Its the next breath which too is a gift. Simply to live and get up again the next day and face it with boldness of spirit and let your love lead me through to the passion of what makes me come alive in words or spiritual etchings. The small things that seem insequental but make up my whole world. For YOU created my whole world.


My heart rings to hear your voice. To see you each day. To see a smile on your face. I count your tears. I see you fall. I pick you up. I love you just as you are. I enjoy your expressions. There is no one else like you. I know you fail. I don’t judge you. I want you to know that you can never disappoint me. I just want to see you happy. I just want to see you enjoying your life. I want to give you everything your heart desires. I can show you a better path through to save you much heartbreak. I do not force you ever. I wait for you to come. I listen for you to talk to me. I hope that you will let me dry your tears. I long for you when you are not aware of me close. I ache too for you. I will always be here for you. I give you the sunshine every day and I raise flowers for you along your path. I give you shelter and put within your heart desires to make your life full. I can help you anytime when your heart is sad and your dreams forgotten. I will always say beautiful things to you because I am pure love. Look for my love in the heavens. Look for my love in the colors of the rainbow. I guard you in your sleep and tenderly watch over those you love. I am pleased when you spend time talking to me and trusting me with your secrets. I have so much love to give that I am overwhelmed to give you love at any time. No one will love you like I do. Everything good that comes is from me. It is my absolute pleasure to give all that I am to you. I have to hold back for it would overwhelm you. But I give to you freely. My gifts are to see you be truly yourself because nothing in the world is more exquisite. Your soul sets my heart on fire. When you walk and talk and sing and laugh my hearts beats faster. The only thing I ever ask of you. Is that you look to me and let me bring you through this life to all I have. I still have so much more to give you!! Use your talents they will bring joy to your heart and help and healing to others. Your gifts will lead you fully to be all that I have for you to be. They will bless you and keep you and the sun will shine down on you and with your passion you will light the way for others to find me too. For I am the maker of all hearts and only a heart at peace can find love everlasting. I love you always.

Letter to 21 year old self


~Day 27~

Dear Sharon,

Happy 21st!!

I think back to that day and it was just your sister and yourself celebrating together.
Justin was up north. Your parents and brother were up north. I don’t remember why anyone else wasn’t there.
I am sure there were reasons and you had your reasons. I think the genuine few who might have attended were either sick or couldn’t come.
You were in your 6th month of pregnancy with your first born. I remember as you both sat there and enjoyed a very quiet meal. There was another bigger party going on in the same establishment.
You both noticed all the people together and the difference between you and them.

You were kind of a loner even back than too. Accept yourself Sharon.. You can be happy alone or with people. Either way you are ok.

Sharon you do have so much to look forward too.

I am your future self. I have only one chance to contact you.

So I am sending this to you on this momentous occasion. I have chosen this day for a reason.
To help you through everything that is to come.
To help you face the good times and the difficult times ahead. Yes there will be difficult times.
I won’t tell you what they are because things can and may change after you read this but I will tell you ways to help yourself get through your life as I know it.

You are brave Sharon. Never forget that.

Keep being yourself and let others be themselves too. You see this is the key. Don’t expect people to change but just love them anyway and most of all love yourself. God will be a major force in your life. I know right now your not aware of him the same. People have looked down on you because your married young and were pregnant out of wedlock. But you will have a beautiful family. Souls that bless Justin and yourself mightily… Just navigate the days ahead a little differently.

Stick close to the people who support you and show you love and acceptance in a way you can feel.
Justin is a good man but give him room. Let him be who he is. He isn’t your father so don’t expect him to be.
Don’t put expectations on people they will fail you.. Just love them and give them room to live the way they believe. Don’t just do your life like everyone else does. It is ok to be different. Please do not force your faith on anyone else as I know it has been done to you. I know that is what you have been taught. But it will cause major problems in your future. Embrace who you are but let people embrace who they are. Force does nothing but anger, repress and hurt people. I know it has shaped your life in ways you won’t realize which has been the reason you have abandoned your faith at this point. But true faith is freedom. It is the most beautiful thing on earth.

You see the people around you haven’t known the whole truth. They will misjudge you. Don’t live by what they say or how they treat you if they don’t accept you always. Understanding can be fickle because nobody walks in another persons shoes. Love doesn’t ever stop it draws out the best in people and loves them even at their worst and it may mean letting someone be free from what you hoped they might be.. It always believes and hopes and trusts.

Develop your creative side and when things get hard do not stop feeling or expressing yourself. This will save you a lot of pain. You are a creative loving expressive individual. Seek for people who are the same. When someone doesn’t get you or is hard to be around. Give them space don’t pressure them. Love them. I know I say that a lot but love isn’t force, or expectations. Love is patient and accepting of each other with all our flaws and strengths and it celebrates life in all its forms.. Find your own interpretation of the truth. Do not just accept what you have been taught. Let people also be who they are. Maybe doing this will change your life and whole direction!

Find your own way through. It’s ok to laugh and cry but everyone is not the same. Some are not emotional creatures like you.

Do not look to people for validation. This one will save you a lot of grief. You are loved by GOD always just as you are.. He doesn’t judge you like people do. He isn’t people.. HE made the people and yes they are like Him some ways.. But he is love and beauty and he will tell you this Himself when you most need it. He is with you always. He will never leave.. People will come and go in your life. He sees your heart and your deepest dreams and desires even when you forget them. He knows why you do what you do. You can rest in Him. He is good.. Remember that. People will say its about what you do. No.. Its about what He has done and especially for all of us through his Son and He has forever given us freedom to do and be. Seek Him and you will find. Even if you don’t seek Him He will always seek you.

You will make mistakes. They will never define you! Move on. You are forgiven. His grace is enough!!

There is not only one way to live life but only one source of life!

Enjoy your children.. You will have more.. Love them. It will go fast. Very fast. Let things go that you cant do and treasure every second with them. Hard times will pass. Your children will grow up and be good people and have their own views and they will make mistakes too. Teach them love and kindness and that they are valuable. It doesn’t matter what isn’t done but what matters is that they know God and you love them and accept them. Do what you can and be at peace. You are precious never forget that. No matter how people treat you. Remember you are unique and that is your power. You have much to give. Just by being yourself.

I really hope by sharing these simple things that you will be spared much pain and abandonment. Yes when you live differently to the majority people who shun you. People will misunderstand you but it doesn’t mean you are wrong.

There will be times when you feel very very alone and isolated. You are not ever alone. God is with you. If you keep telling him everything He will give you help through it and comfort you in ways this world could never help you. I truly see that these times are shaping you to help others because you can speak in a way that others cannot. These times are teaching you what real love is. Because love Himself is with you and in you and you have all you need. The rest is just added blessings.. You are enough!!

I expected things and was devastated when they didn’t happen. I tried to be someone I am not and felt lost. I always felt I did not measure up. I could never reach ‘it’ (whatever ‘it’ was). Do not measure who you are against anyone else.. Be YOU in all your fullest measure!! You will have good and bad days. Be honest about it if even if no one else is. You will draw people to you with your open heart but not everyone has good intentions. Beware. Go by your gut. Go where you are accepted and tolerated and where you can be yourself.

Life is precious. Soul is deep. Spirit is always life and peace. Joy is present even in sadness. He is peace.. He is life.. He is hope. He is joy. He is not judgment. He is not rules. He is everywhere.
Your whole life you have been in a building learning things that are not Him. He is not confined in a building. He is not people. He made the people. He made the world. He made you. He made the little life stirring inside you. He made Justin. He made your sister. He made your friends. Life is beauty. Life is free. Life is not the bad stuff.. That is consequences of people not valuing and knowing the preciousness of life and not knowing the real HIM. Life is not just rules either but respect and kindness go a long long way and valuing everyone no matter who they are.

Even when you face pain. There is a way through. Look to HIM. He can give you peace like you wouldn’t believe. He meets you anyplace. He is everywhere. He is love. Oh my. It is not by humanity you will understand this. But by Spirit. That which stirs within. If you can see the world. People. Yourself by Spirit. It will change everything.

I love you Sharon. You inspire many in the future and by being free and enjoying your life. You will inspire many many more. People need you even if they don’t realize it.. Just like you need them!!

God bless and keep you. May His face shine on you and give you peace.. See you at the end.. Ha ha.


Vulnerable Me


Vulnerable Me

If I met vulnerable me.
I would want to hug her..
I would just love on her right where she is.
I wouldn’t ask her to change.
I wouldn’t scold her.. but hold her if she wanted.
I would say it’s ok to cry and maybe I’d cry with her too.
I’d make sure she knows that to hide is not frowned on.
That she has freedom to be who she is.
I would listen for hours if she needed to speak.
I would give her privacy if she needed to retreat.
But tell her I’d miss her and long for her return.
But most of all I would tell her she’s precious.
That everything that has happened to her matters.
All of it.
I’d invite her to talk.
To rant.
To rave.
I would not take it personally because I know she’s brave and she needs it.
I’d tell her inside and out she’s beautiful and precious.
I’d want to hear her story.
I’d want to see her express it the way she felt comfortable.
I’d see her heart.
I’d respect her Spirit.
I’d remind her that although the world may not say it… her story needs to be told.
I’d just love her and sit with her… and hold her hand.
And tell her she’s always welcome..
That even if she stumbles and falls I will help her up and not judge.
That I won’t withdraw my love or presence just because she struggles.
I will always love her.
Always treasure her.


Heavens open above me


Last night I saw my glory streams again. Today I start a month of “Moon Journalling”. I have always loved the moon. Something magical about it. I feel a connection to others doing this already and I haven’t even started.. The Moon has always been there. It’s beautiful. I feel inspired even though my head has been pounding and my stomach painful. This is something greater apart from the normal life. It just seems to take my mind from being grounded in my thinking and put it up higher amongst the stars. There is a cycle to life and a pattern and forces at work that affect us all wether we know it or not. I of course will journal from a spiritual point of view. But there are greater ebbs and flows to life all around us and above that enthuse, inspire and empower me and that’s where I want to flow.

I talk to GOD and I feel HIS joy again. It’s HIS presence. Despite the lack of people around. The bodily dysfunctions and way life is. HE is the source of all life. It’s like flipping everything that comes against you that says you’re failing and realising at this moment that you are ok. It’s all ok. Walking in the light of that and letting HIM guide you through.

Take for example the noises in my ears and head constantly within. Loud, monotonous, repetitive and everywhere I am they are. Can’t escape them. Lately they have seemed worse than ever.

My body aching today, my head and my belly. Just this thing with people for so long. I wish I could explain it. But I don’t move in sync with anyone really anymore. Here and there I do and with my kids. These are all forces coming against me constantly. Reminding me of how weird I am and how different and how I don’t do this or that. But yet all around me and within me is HIS SPIRIT whispering to me “trust ME” and not once does HE condemn ever.. I am comforted. HE is all I need yet still HE opens the heavens above and gives me a sign. I see HIM in that so easily and everything else in my world is put right again. I can go along this path and trust that all is for a reason and that there are other ways to flourish than what the majority do.

HIS joy fills my heart and spills out. Despite everything else coming against me I am not hemmed in but through HIM I am given more freedom to soar on wings above. I can look at things differently. As I was driving earlier I realised that it doesn’t matter. Everyone is different despite the mass of humanity all trying to be the same. Embracing our differences actually makes someone stand out more in this world. I would rather walk in HIS light trusting HIM and knowing HE is with me as I am; even though I am often misunderstood and different to others. Instead of fighting it… let it take me where it will!!!

Glory stream

Tree of Creativity


We are altering old books for week 7 “Made Course”.

Tree of Creativity.

The book itself wasn’t that old lol but I’m a bit annoyed our thrift stores ( we call them op shops) most are not cheap. Looking at 4 or 5 dollars for old books. No way this one was one dollar. It had a sleeve/cover that I took off.
Amazingly the book is red which really fits with my whole purpose of creating this particular sort of art.

We were to go back to our past, our roots. Ha ha I went right back to the Tree of Life. How’s that for the oldest past roots I could find. 🙂
Just going to explain my art because I can. I’ve not found I can just do art and leave it at that. Picture supposed to be a thousand words and all that jazz.

I stuffed the tree up it wasn’t planned to look like that. But you know that’s our life isn’t its composed of our good times and bad times. And it was at the very tree of life mankind made the biggest stuff up of all time which affects mankind even now.

Gold symbolises perfection.. Holiness. Glory.. The tree in the garden was a tree of life but eating of its fruit gave knowledge of good and evil. I had to go back to the bible for that bit.
Its part of all our history.. Our roots.

The old book I’m altering is called “The Old Country” symbolising our past.. God has made everything new through Jesus blood and sacrifice on the cross but obviously the old still counts its still part of the whole..

Cross created out of a tree too.. Red book symbolises his blood which has rewritten history and all of time actually. Covers everything!

I pasted a ripped out page under the rainbow symbolising his promises.. Highlighting words I love and that stood out to me. Red of course because everything is covered by his blood and his love.. Amazing words but the red kinda hides it and you can’t really read the words.. Hopefully my pic you can still read them.

Just an amazing and deep process this whole project if that’s the right word taking old and making something new..

Rachel Haas was the teacher of this weeks lesson.. Amongst the course material were these words that really stood out to me..

“I can change the words”

We had to journal first about our creative journey and that meant delving into our past.. Life for us all doesn’t necessarily take us the paths we would have chosen. Our lives can be difficult and hard and restricting. It can make our retelling depressing or you can feel it has little to no value. But something about the changing of the words just sparked me inside. I began to see everything differently.
I’ve always learnt religious ways from babyhood. And creative arts and artists and people who know the truth seem freer than I ever did growing up it wasn’t till I became an adult I started to find the truth and live liberated.. Seems different.. Seems out of the box. The wonderful strange parallel of life and spirt and the kingdom of God. Unseen but more real than what can pass away that we see and live in presently.

Even doing this project I can see that we can take our own life and the life we’ve been given and change the words.

See my photo for instance.

I split my photo – 1 side black and white sad or not happy.. Other side colour happy but doesn’t really show it.. Gold around me shows we are saved completely and made righteous but obviously spirit and flesh struggle.. In this world but not of this world.

This is what saves you faith in the one who says I’m Life (Jesus) believe in me. He says the old passes away yet we still battle with it. Take eyes of faith and a heart focused on His Kingdom and unseen presence to bring it to our reality.
Frees you.. Realising that no matter how our flesh goes through life.. He has saved us. What HE has done for us saves us. The body is just where we live it out. HE is the word. HE is the life. Faith brings it into our reality.

When you know the truth you will be set free! That changes everything else and the way you live and even the words you write with your life.







About the most honest art I’ve ever done but I know its got a message… a powerful message if you really look… I mean if you scrolled down to look just now you’d want to go huh and shake your head! But I’m learning to look beyond the way things appear.. Including myself. Just be…

That’s the beauty of it. I’m messy, I’m lazy, I’m simple, I’m addicted to face book social media like twitter and too much coffee…

But these are not all there is to me. I’m Spirit… Essence of me is more than all this.

The background is black paper I was going to throw away, I used it behind pieces I was gluing. A snap shot of my unmade bed and unfinished art with only part of the intended quote showing.

Its not fancy or beautiful just describes my life that’s very unorganised, mismatched and very here and there.. Very human. You see my scrawled writing.. I’ve been afraid to show who I really am but I’m changing. To be fully me in this world. My art is glue stick and pictures I find and its just the way I put it together. That’s it. I’m not out to impress but I do it to to say something. That’s its ok to be you but there is so much more to life than how it appears.

The photo of Jesus reaching down his hand “Calling” is by Youngsung Kim. I love to share inspirational pieces.
Art speaks to me… Even though I can’t do anything like his work or anything even close to it.. Viewing it does call to my Spirit from where I am..how I am… And pulls me up much like this picture.

This is exactly how it is for me. Jesus smiles at me as I am. And the more unafraid I am to be the me HE created and not worry about the details of life or how things are.

The more HE pulls me into HIS world.. HIS Kingdom.. Its not from a perfect place or a perfect me this happens. Its from who I am sometimes at my weakest its when I know spiritual things best. HE is the way to the other world. And its not going to be like this one.

Flesh is weak but Spirit is strong. Its when you stop focusing on the weaknesses, the way things appear that your spiritual eyes being to open…




Keeping on


I feel like scrapping this whole site and starting again… Lol…
Hit restore on my own life..
Wiping it out..
But we keep plodding on..
Being brave..
I look for responses but I should know not to expect them.
Everyone has their own battles.
I realised I’m still here and putting it out there despite the frustrations.
That thought encourages me.
To me its important to share what means something to me..
It might just be a quote or my art or a photo etc
But I feel part of something more when I share…
Enjoying a book a friend lent me called “The gifts of imperfection” by Brene Brown.
Everyone has imperfections its what makes each of us unique..
I shouldn’t be afraid to be real.
As God says… Flesh weak but spirit strong..
I love when I do share struggles people respond..
Sometimes it helps them to share about their struggles too..
That feels good when that happens..


Ordinary Extra


Today is an ordinary day.
Overcast and cooler.
Unlike other hot summer days we have had.
I feel blah.
I see undone things everywhere.
Feel bloated.
I talk to God feeling unworthy..
Will I ever be super spiritual enough?
Yet even doing daily chores..
Little things can happen to add extra to my ordinary.
I rarely go to the library but for some reason I did today..
I’m in between jobs and waiting..
Today without knowing its free tea and coffee hour..
Only for one hour and I happened to be here for it!
I’m smiling now..
Thanking God for how this came to be.
I see something more in all this.
Something so simple yet it changes my whole day!!!


Increasing Glory


How do you explain what your feeling, what you are seeing with spiritual eyes. Being the most unlikely person for it to happen too..

I cover my eyes with my hands (as if that will stop it) its too much LORD.. nobody will believe me.. but everywhere I look there are messages from you.. EVERYWHERE… Ha ha.. you have been telling me they will take notice when miracles start happening.. and I will be hated even more than before. Misunderstood.. but the miracle part… I like that.. I love the bliss inside.. and how beautifully special I feel and sense YOU.. I feel like Im glowing.. I know people who see only me might easily miss it.. but YOU how can anyone not see YOU!!!!! When we start to see YOU.. there is nowhere YOU are not…

I hear YOUR love song to me.. I hear it loud and clearly.. its a cup running over and over even before I see any of the amazing miracles I hear are coming.. They will see me and not understand.. I don’t understand myself. All I know the signs are coming fast and thick now. If only they know and see and hear and feel what I am experiencing without physical miracles already. Im tired but at the same time energised. Intoxicated but able to stand.. like in another world but walking here.. ahhh its how the poets and authors and painters feel they see it all and they try to capture it and truly they are in another time and place and so misunderstood much of the time too.. Its like a vibration constantly feeding into me… I feel my spirit humming or something its strange.. my physical surroundings are much the same even my own physical limitations but you are not aware of the surroundings… less and less they are noticed I guess thats what walking in the spirit feels like..

Today this song woahh… I heard it spiritually.. relating to my relationship with YOU.. I will post link below.. I couldn’t find the lyrics written anywhere… listened to it over and over and over.. it just seems perfectly to speak into my life.. and about how much love I feel from YOU.. I mean I feel the most intense love I have ever felt… like the world around me was created just for me. Its like everything around is fitted together and I am going to implode with the magic of it all.

I swear the messages are everywhere.. I had coffee the other day with a friend.. and she gave me perfume.. Imari.. I looked up the meaning of the name… yep I do that now I am wanting to know the messages around me.. I mean if you are aware of GOD or just starting to be or hungry for it.. I encourage you to start to see everything around you speak.. it doesn’t matter anything can speak to you..
Re below.. I actually am not a good finisher but maybe things are changing.. 🙂 its a sign… see the word “Adventurous” well check out last blog post about the word Adventure being this months word.. lol so right for me… so much of this fits.. but yet its just the meaning of the name of perfume I got.. everything just seems to fit.. Its just I see this in everything… 🙂

What Does Name “Imari” Mean
Your tendency is to finish whatever you start. You like to use the pen or the needle (writing, fashion design etc). You are loving, compassionate, intuitive and humanitarian. Runs of luck, either good or bad, follow you. You are sympathetic, but at times might be touchy and oversensitive. You may have a gift for writing. You are intuitive and might be interested in the arts, drama or science.
You are seeking freedom, opportunities to enjoy life: to make love, to go places and to do things. You are very adventurous and willing to take risk to achieve your objectives. New ways and new experiences can’t satisfy your restless nature. One adventure leads you to another. You are honest and fair, because you know that this is the only way to receive justice and honesty from other people. But your personal growth is vital for your, and it is difficult to be tied down by rules and obligations. Your restless spirit might best controlled by choosing the field of work that meet your demand for action and adventure.

I am just going to try to capture what is going on in my life here. I have prayed a long time without seeing the big things change and kept faith despite much that says different, spent more and more time with GOD seeking HIS heart for many things lately and one has been to experience HIM more and more and of course impact my world.. I fail so much to share it in the fullest measure as I sense it.. but I am still going to try. I know something greater is happening more and more and if it continues to increase and come into all that I believe it will and more .. We are all going to be blown away and blessed and helped..

Dionne Warwick – No one There to Sing Me A Love Song