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Sharing another post on my “Pilgramage of Resurrection: A Journey through the Easter Season” with Abbey of the Arts..”

I’ve been using what supplies I have at hand which is always good.. So many times you think you need to buy more or have specific supplies or do this or do that.. Its powerful when you are restricted but yet that’s when the Spirit flows and creativity is evident because it comes to you and I believe it flows through you for a greater purpose! 

I know how to do it and what I want to say!! 

This is what “Shepherd” means to me personally and it’s my own expression of that.. All the elements, colours and symbols mean something!!
So enjoying this process.. Ha ha but my bed is covered in art supplies..

Shepherd – dictionary says “person who protects, guides, or watches over a person.. Names the Shepherd as Jesus Christ.. ” the heart below has little crosses all over it which probably won’t come up.. Symbolic.. 

A heart that knows what Jesus has done for me and that through my life / art / expression that’s where I live from.. 

Picture is inspired by the song Sandi Patti sings called “Shepherd of my heart”.. 

My journey with Jesus also comes to mind and I’ve reflected on the scripture Proverbs 3:5-6

Straight path but I certainly cannot see that path any further ahead than where I currently am.. It is for me “a matter of Trust” and moving through it.. 

Art being something artists do and than share it with the world also is who I am.. I have to share it.. That’s who I’ve always been.. 




Its living

beyond all

you see 

and have known.



Facing fear and walking tall.

Bravely living from the Holy Spirit..


I’m doing a “Pilgrimage of Resurrection through Creative Practice” with Abbey of the Arts..

Today’s word was Borderlands..

Living from the Holy Spirit is a different life to what’s normally and humanly expected on this planet.. Through art, writing, poetry, blogging etc I share my heart and soul intermingled with my faith.. Im starting to see it as a calling and a way to share HIM and his kingdom and it is empowering and I believe my path for now..

I smile because my online name is peacechild.. Peace.. Testimony to what God has given me which has changed my whole life.. Child.. We must become like a child to enter the kingdom of heaven.. 

And Kazuko meaning peacechild as a Japanese name..

The harmony and the peace..


I just had a revelation.. When people think Holy Spirit they think Jesus spirit.. 

But when I did my art today.. 

It depicts me.. Blended with a quote.. And combined with my own art..

Holy Spirit is HIM.. Which is the holiness. The purity.. And the glory.. The peace.. 
But yet all combined and within me.. 

Romans 8:9

However, you are not in the flesh but in the Spirit, if indeed the Spirit of God dwells in you. 

John 14:23

and we will come to them and make our home with them.

Holy Spirit.. Is a perfected me.. Because he dwells within me..

As one.. Yet I still am me.. 


He comes to bring us to heaven.. Our spirit is perfected because HE lives within..

Than we live from HIM in our own way.. Meaning as who we are and as we are.. Gifts, talents, unique personality.. etc





Choosing how to see both myself and my world.. In the beginning there was a tree of good and evil in the garden of Eden. Due the sin of Adam and Eve… Well we all now see good and evil and experience it.. But yet Jesus has said “It is finished”. As he exchanged his perfect life for our imperfection.. 

What if we fasted from focusing on evil but saw only good.. God foremost in our mind and hearts and in the way we interact with our families, friends, neighbors and world.. 

Wheel chair pic I have on my desk.. πŸ™‚


Fasting from seeing evil

Choosing cup running over 

World at peace





From my sick bed can you tell but my ex has the kids so I can rest today .. πŸ™‚ there’s a freedom that comes from being real. 

I have never heard of this word before now.. I didn’t know the meaning. I had to google it.. 

I found this meaning in urban dictionary. And oh wow!

Floored me.

“Touchstone – urban dictionary 

Person of importance. Significant other. Your constant, the person who completes you and makes you whole. A true friend without critisms and judgements, who loves you unconditionally.”

I’m a single mother and life circumstances have meant I’m alone a lot.. So this meaning of “Touchstone” is incredibly significant.. 

HE is my touchstone.. I can’t do this life without HIM. It’s HE that gives everything value. I have plenty of things around me that are meaningful but when I’m struggling and alone I don’t find comfort anywhere else. HE is with me and hands on my chest over my heart signifies what HIS Spirit and life within (which originates and ends in HIM) means.. πŸ’—




Currently taking part in a “Pilgrimage of Resurrection: A Creative Journey through the Easter Season”..

A free offering by “Abbey of the Arts”..  Running between April 5th and May 24th. Current day I’m up too and yes I’m behind.. Word for the day is Discovery. This is my art journaling piece when I considered that word. I will add link below so anyone interested can check out what Abbey of the Arts is all about. It had to be double pages today because I wanted to spread it out as much as possible.. The beauty of creation.. The ancient relics. Spirit with you who was back in the beginning of time as we know it yet with you now. 

Art does not reproduce what we see. It makes us see. Paul Klee 

“Discovery” ohhhh I had so much fun with this Art Journalling piece.. 

Im sick with flu I think also struggling with depression but this literally lifts me to another world.. I hope you can read the quote and words.. It’s just a bit of paint, words, glue and pictures oh but what you can do with it.. πŸ™‚ 

I literally see it coming together and its miraculous.. Beautiful images and quote come from “National Geographic” magazines my SIL gave me to use for art! 

The Spirit moves me in this Art Journalling process and its a healing balm.. God with me always lifting me up.. Exquisitely loving me.. πŸ’— if you can see HIM with faith wow does your world open up.. 

I especially like the girl looking out from behind the door.. I don’t have to go anywhere, do anything, be anyone yet HIS Kingdom is here and within. Despite everything that’s a trial you can truly see HIS glory in this world if you have eyes that see..

Abbey of the Arts


Made Tribe Prompt


What does your personal story of love, of salvation and restoration, look like? 

It’s not traditional.
It’s very very personal and unique.
Shattering the very core of me with love so strong. 
Meets me where I am.
Melts my little girls romantic heart.
What HE has done on the cross it shapes my whole world.
In HIM from the beginning of time before there even was time.
In HIM all is finished.
It’s like I’m the only one.
My praise and worship is my gift.
It’s all I have to give.
Inept though it be.
Right now it’s minuscule faith hinged on simple trust.
On centring my hopes on HIM.
HE is the reason for my existence….  
But also HE is life…
I see every thing through HIM.
And every hand and help is sent by HIM. 
Seen and unseen.
Both human and angelic.
I get lost in all that is HIM. 
As I live through my faith.
It makes HIM more real than anything or anyone that I see or hear or know.
Greatest love story and I’m included.