About the most honest art I’ve ever done but I know its got a message… a powerful message if you really look… I mean if you scrolled down to look just now you’d want to go huh and shake your head! But I’m learning to look beyond the way things appear.. Including myself. Just be…

That’s the beauty of it. I’m messy, I’m lazy, I’m simple, I’m addicted to face book social media like twitter and too much coffee…

But these are not all there is to me. I’m Spirit… Essence of me is more than all this.

The background is black paper I was going to throw away, I used it behind pieces I was gluing. A snap shot of my unmade bed and unfinished art with only part of the intended quote showing.

Its not fancy or beautiful just describes my life that’s very unorganised, mismatched and very here and there.. Very human. You see my scrawled writing.. I’ve been afraid to show who I really am but I’m changing. To be fully me in this world. My art is glue stick and pictures I find and its just the way I put it together. That’s it. I’m not out to impress but I do it to to say something. That’s its ok to be you but there is so much more to life than how it appears.

The photo of Jesus reaching down his hand “Calling” is by Youngsung Kim. I love to share inspirational pieces.
Art speaks to me… Even though I can’t do anything like his work or anything even close to it.. Viewing it does call to my Spirit from where I am..how I am… And pulls me up much like this picture.

This is exactly how it is for me. Jesus smiles at me as I am. And the more unafraid I am to be the me HE created and not worry about the details of life or how things are.

The more HE pulls me into HIS world.. HIS Kingdom.. Its not from a perfect place or a perfect me this happens. Its from who I am sometimes at my weakest its when I know spiritual things best. HE is the way to the other world. And its not going to be like this one.

Flesh is weak but Spirit is strong. Its when you stop focusing on the weaknesses, the way things appear that your spiritual eyes being to open…





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