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Small But Mighty..


DAY 10 – DAILY PROMPT: Tell us a story, a children’s story that is filled with adventure and make believe that cannot exist anywhere besides your imagination.

There are no right or wrong answers here, this is your chance to be a child again, making things up as you go, with no need for any rhyme or reason. We cannot wait to fall into your world.


Well it’s a children’s story with make believe. 


Taylor James was small but she was mighty.

Everyone under-estimated her. If she were born an animal they would call her the runt of the litter. Her life seemed to be of little value, another mouth to feed. One of 6 kids. Parents were poor. Life at first was a struggle for Mr and Mrs James and their family. But when Taylor realized what she could do. Life got happier.

She had magic powers.

Wisdom beyond her years, could tell what was in someone’s heart and she could make grownups forget or remember! Anyone for that matter.

Like if she took a math’s test even fail it she could make the teacher forget she failed. But she never had to do that. Taylor was smart.

She helped kids remember answers and everyone passed with flying colors. Top class in the school! Nobody ever felt dumb and forgotten. Taylor made sure of that.

Kids loved her. She had no fear of bullies. Because she could make them forget they had a problem with her. In fact she made it hard for bullies to stay around her and her friends at all!!

Teachers might have had other thoughts in their hearts but every day Taylor was able to make them forget or make them remember.

Forget what time school finished. Forget that lunch time was only for one hour. Forget who had detention. Forget people who came to class late. Remember party days were part of weekly school curriculum! Remember that kids could choose their own subjects. Remember to pass everyone at the end of year. Remember that all kids got rewards for turning up and kids could even help teach classes too.

School was fun! Kids wanted to go to school.

Her parents she loved of course because she was a good child. But she knew in their hearts that they thought she was a burden. She made them forget as often as she could. She made them remember to smile and not worry about things. She made them to remember how important it is to hug their kids every day. One after the other. 

But hearts are funny creatures. They seem to hold within them good or evil and no magic can completely take that away.

So if she used her magic daily her brothers and sisters and herself lived happier even if they were poor and she too could forget what was in her parents hearts. ❤

Found Poem


I found a free sample offering of a Poetry course I am thinking of doing in the near future. I will add link below.. I do recommend the teacher she is amazing! Her name is Beth Morey! I have purchased her poetry book. “Night Cycles.”

Her book on amazon

Her free offering encouraging me to write a “found poem”. Insert below copied from her post.. find link to post below..

For our first assignment, let’s have some fun and create found poems. According to the Academy of American Poets, “Found poems take existing texts and refashion them, reorder them, and present them as poems. The literary equivalent of a collage, found poetry is often made from newspaper articles, street signs, graffiti, speeches, letters, or even other poems” (source).

I love cutting out pictures from magazines etc so this pic is from a fashion magazine and I found an old book and just cut out words and phrases here and there. Whatever took my fancy at first.. What first caught my eye was the phrase. ‘She wore the green dress’.. so I used that as the basis of the whole poem.. Hence the picture I found with a woman in a green dress.. Than built the poem around those words. Of course some words I had already cut out didn’t fit so it was a real challenge to find words to fit my pic and poem..

Put them altogether. It really makes you think about what you want to say, what the photo evokes in you etc.. Like writing a mini story..

Being a single woman. On my own a lot and a romantic at heart. I let my imagination run wild.


The Guide 

She was dreaming.

She wore the green dress.

he would guess mythical, romantic, carefree.

What an extraordinary girl, he thought.

He let the tranquility and mystery cloak him.

it entered, sat in his heart.

He held it there.

She wished to be unobserved.

He sat for a moment and watched her.

Yet now, unbidden.

Sank back to normality.

Hauled out of his daydream.

maybe one day.

Coming towards him.

eyes fixed with hunger

made him giddy beside her.

He sighed, waiting.

He could only watch, helpless.

the one guarding her.

he stood.

and looked out over to the west range

but the garden and surrounding grounds

remained empty of life.



The Guide

Introducing POETRY IS + Free Sample! – she of the wild


Sci Fi Thriller :)


Write a sci-fi themed chronological short story describing your first visit to another planet. Do it in a log / diary format, that occurs over the course of 24 hours. Start each paragraph with an hour, from the time the adventure begins, and write one short paragraph (1 to 3 sentences) for each of the 24 hours.
Keep it concise and actionable. Describe what happens, what you see, what you experience. Take the reader with you on this trip.

“I had so much fun with this.. totally made up on the spot.. Ha ha and only started wring about 9 o clock last night. It’s 12:30 pm now September 1st. I think it’s simple and I wrote from a teenage perspective but I really enjoyed getting lost in it. I have totally shut out life as I know it and feel like I know this planet..”

Picture: Getty Images

Year 2060 August 31st..

8am ~ Dear Diary. I have to keep this short and on the hour. I can’t believe I’m writing this but I’m on my way to Mars! I won! I won the space lotto! Out of millions of people who entered my number got drawn. It wasn’t even my idea. I did it for my brother to keep him happy. Now I am on my way to out of space!

9am ~ Hmm the run down for the last week of training on what to wear and how to act and all the rest of it. It’s slipped my mind. How am I going to cope? I am totally out of my league here amongst geeky scientists and nerd type guys. One of only two females on this ship ohh the shame of it. Having to pretend I know what I am doing!!

10am ~ Thankfully my brother has versed me on EVERYTHING. Why couldn’t he have won this instead of me. But he is too young and they refused his desperate pleas. I am strapped in for take off. I hid my z-phone in my pocket they even have super inter galactic net on this craft! How absurd text anywhere in the universe from this ship!! Next entry I will be officially in space!! Thank goodness modern hyper space travel cuts down traveling time!! Eons ago it would have taken a couple of earth years!

11am ~ I’m weightless this is insane! I thank my lucky stars I got the z-phone with pen attached as it nearly flew across the launch cubicle and stabbed the old guy beside me! The view is awesome except once we hit the orbital delta (place we all can take pictures of the earth before we leave) we strap in for warp speed ho hum I now have a selfie with planet earth!! Coolness!

12noon ~ Lunch time!! This craft is huge but it won’t be where we live for the duration of the visit. The Conquest 10,000 Life Station is sprawled across the size of a capital earth city zone and it’s self sustainable. I get to stay there two whole weeks! Martian air is inhospitable to humans but the Life Station is covered by a giant bubble (Binopicle) but to me it’s just a bubble and has everything a human could want or need to survive and thrive.

1pm ~ Lunch was blah and bland. Micro lunch mini to maxi in 20 seconds. Not the food I prefer I can tell you!! We arrived. Not as spectacular as I thought. We were on alien alert and they shunted us through blindly. I mean pitch black. Scary as all heck. Had I packed the ultra night project goggles they suggested in the training course I would have seen everything, especially the arrival but I missed it all. I’m NOT answering my brother’s mm messages till later. He would skin me alive to have missed the action.

2pm ~ Full alert all stations. But they aren’t telling us anything we were sent to our accommodation. The rooms overlook a Martian lake. Salt plains as red as a tomato and the biggest dust storm ever passed through and rattled the whole place considerably. Thankfully I can now see again. You’d think they suspected us as the alien monsters in disguise. I know nothing. They are ultra suspicious and we were injected with green dye which is supposed to show up any foreign blood type. We passed the scanner check too. I wonder what they’d do if they found one?

3pm ~ No alien life forms have been detected. All is normal again so they say. Not normal for me. I have now done the obligatory tour. It took all of 15 minutes. Liken it to a roller coaster of old times. Super suited so you can’t take pictures. I wanted to sneak my z-phone but they are not allowed on that trip. Bummer. Apparently in the next few days we will tour on foot and walk the perimeter. I think the outer scope of planet is not what people most want to view but the exploratory labs are high on the list of places to see because they explain everything in minute details. Perfect ONLY for all the geeks and scientific nerds.

4pm ~ We got the update on what alien life forms they have found of recent times in surrounding stratosphere. Pel-pods are arriving in greater numbers since the Life Station was created. There is a rumor they are already assimilated into the life station but none have been officially confirmed. We have now been injected with tabu-screen which protects us from being mistaken for alien life force in an emergency shut down. They are highly adaptable at mimicking human patterns so the danger is very real that we might meet one face to face (if unprotected) and not even know it.

5pm~ Space gym time. Yes these are not the same as the yesteryear type where you had to work out to stay in physical peak fitness. Strap them on and it does the work out for you while you watch the latest developments of the day on a flat screen. I will come back ripped!! My brother will be major jealous. On earth young people have to move, not hyper-work down, its actually against the law too many fat people even in 2060. But here they have relaxed protocol. Ok I lied I stole away in here but the group had science interpretation class and I was not going to do that. Blah blah. If they catch me I am on lock-down. Punishment for living outside the rules.

6pm~ I finished the session and wandered about acting lost and they believed me. I can fake well!! A few tears and they were feeding me moon-rocks. Emotions are welcomed apparently. It’s a downfall of newly arrived Mars visitors. Pressure build up within the human likened to jet lag on earth, worked for me. Found the group again thankfully and time for some intergalactic battle field tryouts.

7pm~ I’m now in Hospital 101 I couldn’t do the intergalactic battle tryouts. One of the side effects of space gym is muscle freeze which I could have avoided if I did drank the cool down first sigh. I think they realized my escapade to the gym after I became flat as a side borg. Literally couldn’t move to walk but I could talk thankfully. They carried me embarrassingly there with all my little scientist friends intrigued by my demise. They’ve waived my indiscretion and telling my parents IF I let the team test dummy me. They think I am a scientific learning case and it’s a splendid side effect that my group can now observe youth rebellion to space law. I want to die.

8pm~ The most embarrassing hour of my life. Now I am in lock down for my own good. Relegated to my room to recover till morning. Unfortunately another of the side effects is I will not be able to sleep. Like hyper juiced up. Bouncing off the walls of my room. I have you my diary thankfully to pass the time. Rooms here though have everything you could imagine. Virtually every earth TV station and movie ever produced is beamed here and all at the hit of a button.

9pm ~ The oldest scientist dude Bruce has kindly argued my case. He was a secret lawyer in times past. Oldies are good for something!! They will let me visit the sky deck for the passing of Halley’s Comet. Apparently this time of day and date it’s the the best view ever and they have rigged up a way to magnify it 100X and they say its not to be missed. I had to be in a mojo-suit to keep me from bouncing around. Steeled to the floor but the view took my breath away. They took pictures for me. Maybe I am glad I got this experience after all!!

10pm~ If I could sleep it would be normal sleep time. Recommended hours of shut down for humans especially visitors who are new to Mars life. Stand in capsules. You stand up to sleep. Weird. But they look comfortable and apparently they close in and completely shut you down for the amount of sleep you require. No noise. No light. Just pure bliss! Body suspended in a cocoon like a butterfly. They say its the best sleep you will ever have.

11pm~ Space doctorials have checked me over. They are amazed how my body has toned up so quick. I think they will be looking into doing more youth trials in the future. I heard said that I might be able to be invited back at a later date because I have proved young humans can benefit from space gym. They are logging my data up in their bi-annuals! They will not tell earth yet though. It is still illegal down there. So I have been warned not too pass on any intelligence when I eventually return home.

12midnight~ They say 80% of all people living in the Mars Conquest Life Station are sleeping in capsules by now. Only 20% stay functioning to scan the atmosphere for threats to the station and keep a monitor on air bubble capacity. There is a great danger that the bubble that surrounds the whole city could leak contaminated Martian air. My scientific earth teacher Mr Zoom would applaud me for using my free time to do research! Have to do something to pass the time.

1am~ Going crazy. I have paced my room till my feet are tired but my body still wants to move. I look outside my room. Am I imagining something? A meteor shower maybe? Looks like falling debris outside. Should I tell someone? Surely they would be scanning the skies about us? I feel a chill come over me and involuntarily I start to shake. I hit search for information on my desk screen. A red message suddenly appears… flashing.. Danger.. Danger..danger..

2am~ Lights are still not back on. I don’t know what is happening. I am locked in my room and haven’t seen a soul. The danger sign is still flashing on my desk screen. I can’t change the stations or type anything I have tried it seems everything is in lock down. I am genuinely scared. I have tried to open the room lock. Nothing. I have cried out but nobody seems to hear me. Maybe the Pel-pods have finally infiltrated the life station? I will never get home!!!!

3am~ Finally someone alerts me to what is going on. Yes it was a meteor shower and an extremely heavy one. All people have been evacuated from normal Martian space station life and shut down in living quarters to protect them in case of a Martian air leak. Instant death. Nobody is reported dead or dying thankfully. They need to do checks to the whole surface which will take the rest of the night. Nobody is to be awoken except technopyreans who can go outside the bubble and fix any damage and gyrocops who are to scout the city for alien life threats. There is a real danger of an alien attack with defenses down. They will not allow any other sleeping people to awaken till they know it’s safe and the threat has passed. Too many people awake can make their job harder to restore order. They have plans in place but first they must access the damage.

4am~ They have given me a job. They need all awake persons in active duty. I have been fitted with a Concorde space suit, re-injected with something to withstand uneven air pressure as the air leaks have compromised safe human living standards outside of living quarters and given me 100% more powerful vision and I have a Carusal gun. I am to move around the whole city along with gyrocops to check for alien life presence. I am to shoot and kill if I detect anything out of the ordinary. I am given strict orders on how and what to do. Diary I am scared shit-less. I am stashing you with me. The gun has anti-life missal so I will not mistake an ordinary citizen for alien life force. No matter what I come against they can be in disguise. I am not to ask questions first.

5am~ Dear Diary I am gladly just a follower. Small respite to quickly verbally speak this to you thank GOD for verbal diary command what a story I have to tell when I get home. We are at the northern side of the city. I have no idea where my room is from here. I am with two state side warriors. I just go where they go. We have met zero threats and there are ten teams throughout the city. From all reports there has been no alien infiltration. Minimal damage to the outer bubble but we are wearing masks with our suits. The air will be unsafe for many days till it passes through the wind turbines which purify it till all Martian air is removed. Life here is compromised. Teams are fixing air leaks but even minor damage greatly affects city life for maybe months to come.

6am~ Two more hours of detection duty and it will only be a mere 24 hours since I started this incredible journey. Who would have thought I would go from a teenage space lotto winner strapped in the Cribbage 543 space rocket to doing Mars alien gyrocop duty WITH a carusal gun in my possession! I truly hope at the end they let me snap a picture!! My brother will never believe me otherwise.

7am~ Mars air has tainted the city. It looks like a red glow everywhere and the humidity even in these air cooled suits is making it harder to breathe. The glint of eyes is scary. Like horror movie scary as the gyrocops helmets glint under the city’s razor lights and I can finally see the rising sun. The sun here is much smaller than it appears on earth. No blue skies its orange and as the sun begins to rise it like a bright bright star being birthed. I am on the southern side now so I look out on the planets undulating scarce plains. It is incredible. City seems plonked in the middle of a bright red and orange dust bowl of a desert. So I can easily see the sun rising through the bubble surrounding us though everything is hazy. I can see the black starry sky changing and blurring to orange. I am exhausted but pumped.

8am~ What an incredible 24 hours. They kindly took a picture for me in my uniform and now I am safely back at my room. The Doctorials are going to let me sleep for the next 48 hours but first we are debriefing and they have applauded my efforts. I will be given mega status on this Life Station! I can go anywhere in the next few weeks without restriction as a reward for my interservice. I can hardly keep my eyes open all the physical buzz has worn off. So diary I sign out after first hitting send to my brother he’s going to be mega jealous!! The gyrocops are going to tell my story to the galactic station newscorp. When I finally step out of my sleeping capsual they will have realigned my story to earth screens. I could wake up famous!