Increasing Glory


How do you explain what your feeling, what you are seeing with spiritual eyes. Being the most unlikely person for it to happen too..

I cover my eyes with my hands (as if that will stop it) its too much LORD.. nobody will believe me.. but everywhere I look there are messages from you.. EVERYWHERE… Ha ha.. you have been telling me they will take notice when miracles start happening.. and I will be hated even more than before. Misunderstood.. but the miracle part… I like that.. I love the bliss inside.. and how beautifully special I feel and sense YOU.. I feel like Im glowing.. I know people who see only me might easily miss it.. but YOU how can anyone not see YOU!!!!! When we start to see YOU.. there is nowhere YOU are not…

I hear YOUR love song to me.. I hear it loud and clearly.. its a cup running over and over even before I see any of the amazing miracles I hear are coming.. They will see me and not understand.. I don’t understand myself. All I know the signs are coming fast and thick now. If only they know and see and hear and feel what I am experiencing without physical miracles already. Im tired but at the same time energised. Intoxicated but able to stand.. like in another world but walking here.. ahhh its how the poets and authors and painters feel they see it all and they try to capture it and truly they are in another time and place and so misunderstood much of the time too.. Its like a vibration constantly feeding into me… I feel my spirit humming or something its strange.. my physical surroundings are much the same even my own physical limitations but you are not aware of the surroundings… less and less they are noticed I guess thats what walking in the spirit feels like..

Today this song woahh… I heard it spiritually.. relating to my relationship with YOU.. I will post link below.. I couldn’t find the lyrics written anywhere… listened to it over and over and over.. it just seems perfectly to speak into my life.. and about how much love I feel from YOU.. I mean I feel the most intense love I have ever felt… like the world around me was created just for me. Its like everything around is fitted together and I am going to implode with the magic of it all.

I swear the messages are everywhere.. I had coffee the other day with a friend.. and she gave me perfume.. Imari.. I looked up the meaning of the name… yep I do that now I am wanting to know the messages around me.. I mean if you are aware of GOD or just starting to be or hungry for it.. I encourage you to start to see everything around you speak.. it doesn’t matter anything can speak to you..
Re below.. I actually am not a good finisher but maybe things are changing.. 🙂 its a sign… see the word “Adventurous” well check out last blog post about the word Adventure being this months word.. lol so right for me… so much of this fits.. but yet its just the meaning of the name of perfume I got.. everything just seems to fit.. Its just I see this in everything… 🙂

What Does Name “Imari” Mean
Your tendency is to finish whatever you start. You like to use the pen or the needle (writing, fashion design etc). You are loving, compassionate, intuitive and humanitarian. Runs of luck, either good or bad, follow you. You are sympathetic, but at times might be touchy and oversensitive. You may have a gift for writing. You are intuitive and might be interested in the arts, drama or science.
You are seeking freedom, opportunities to enjoy life: to make love, to go places and to do things. You are very adventurous and willing to take risk to achieve your objectives. New ways and new experiences can’t satisfy your restless nature. One adventure leads you to another. You are honest and fair, because you know that this is the only way to receive justice and honesty from other people. But your personal growth is vital for your, and it is difficult to be tied down by rules and obligations. Your restless spirit might best controlled by choosing the field of work that meet your demand for action and adventure.

I am just going to try to capture what is going on in my life here. I have prayed a long time without seeing the big things change and kept faith despite much that says different, spent more and more time with GOD seeking HIS heart for many things lately and one has been to experience HIM more and more and of course impact my world.. I fail so much to share it in the fullest measure as I sense it.. but I am still going to try. I know something greater is happening more and more and if it continues to increase and come into all that I believe it will and more .. We are all going to be blown away and blessed and helped..

Dionne Warwick – No one There to Sing Me A Love Song




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I'm a 47 year old single mother of 6 children, 2 currently live with me & 1 in heaven. I am an expressive soul, love GOD, love life and enjoy blogging, creating art journals and social media. I find my world opens up & expands online because I'm hearing impaired ( so severe now I call myself deaf) so I cannot communicate with others in the natural as I would like too.

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    • Amylisa the amazing thing is its becoming so personal… I’ve been thinking of how I need a name that represents how exquisite HE is becoming to me… Immanuel is one I’m going to use for now… I’d love to be creative and think of something of my own… What do you call the greatest lover of them all… 🙂

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