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I especially want to voyage to..


JOURNEY: 30 Day Journal Project that’s taken months lol but not giving up.

Day 29

Prompt — I especially want to voyage to..

Some people travel the world I may never get to do that. But every day I have access to me. So many things in my life including people have tried to shut me down. The person who I am. My prerogative is to live out loud and at the very least enjoy my life and let that joy be released somewhere. All the better if it helps someone else!!

Lately so many photos on my face book news-feed have been of friends I know traveling the world sharing their adventures. It is lovely and how easy it is these days to share what one is doing even on the other side of the world. I get to see places I could never afford to see but alas it does remind me of how closeted I am. How boring and poor I am lol travel wise. 🙂

I enjoy seeing the world though but it can make the four walls around me seem to be closing in mighty tight especially when you think outwardly too much about it and wish yourself away but you cannot go there in person.

When I was thinking about this prompt I mean obviously there are many places in the world I would love to see. I grew up learning about the bible and the stories in it and I actually would love to travel to the Holy land and see those places for real.. I am best friends with a Canadian on line so obviously as I have talked to him all about his life and where he lives I have grown an interest in his part of the world that would be fascinating to see in person especially cause it would mean meeting him too.

But honestly thinking too much about what I cannot do is quite self defeating.

So my mind was whirring as I contemplated this prompt and suddenly a song popped into my head. The song with lyrics “I’ve been to paradise but I’ve never been to me..” Vivian Chow is the artist and Ron Miller the composer.
I have not been all over the world in fact I have never traveled out of Australia except to Tasmania lol which is an island state but daily I can visit and trip to ‘me’ and lack of money cannot bar me from this journey.. The imagination alone of one human being can change a world. Look at artists and authors whose imagination has brought much joy through the ages!! Dr Suess, Ronald Dahl, J. K Rowling, J. R. R. Tolkien, Frida Kahlo, Vincent Van Gogh, Claude Monet.. Andy Warhol.. to name a few.. So I shouldn’t be so afraid of being in my own little world.

You can never be bored if you open up your mind, use what you have at hand and introverts can really be at home with themselves and enjoy their own life much more than extroverts could.. If you can be happy on your own and find your own amusement right where you are it makes the hard times extremely bearable and you can still have a full life. Paint your world red or blue or green or multi-colored and change it every day if that’s what you wish.

Obviously art journaling, prompts, blogging etc all these are ways to explore myself and my faith and life. If I can keep doing it daily it truly helps me stay positive, happy and stops me shutting down. Cause we all know life can be hard and a daily slog and when not much changes around you, not much money etc you can pine away and lose hope.. Creativity keeps the inner world alive and kicking and imagination can take you places that are fun, challenging, deep or shallow and do not depend of others being there or not.

That song I quoted before many of the lyrics resonated with me so I added them to my art journal page.

It’s interesting as I look at the pages which I did a while ago now. That although the black figure which represents me seems boring it is surrounded by very bright colors!!!  I can see in my art I am depicting that I am not found where naturally one would think I should be.. I live on in my art and I don’t know whether other people do see that or not. I do not get a lot of responses and although I am not really very social at all I think my art is me being extremely social!!!

My art continues to go out into the world so people can find me if they really want too and I hope get to know me better this way.
The key word for this days journey is Advice and mine is ‘Live out Loud’ which just seems so appropriate and what my life has been all about as I am said to be a quiet, introverted person yet bright yellow in the background really does scream something quite different doesn’t it.

Deaf people are often muted in the world simply because we cannot communicate in the normal way so we can be easily forgotten and left out.

One important way to live fully functioning for a deaf person is through expressive sign language which I don’t think anyone can help noticing!! It’s very visual and many hearing people nowadays enjoy learning it.. A whole new path to communicate.

Art has been my path and it so beautiful and I am very thankful to God for it. Loud is  expressed in the colors that I use. Loud is speaking my truth and sharing my spirit/heart publicly often even when it appears no one is listening.

Sharing my blog which is my thoughts etc into the world via social media IS being loud. It all says something about who I am and what my message is to the world and sometimes I am amazed just what I am expressing and how easy it is to do when in the natural I feel quite tightly bound and muted. I cannot physically put myself out into the world like I wish I could but here oh wow I am as free as a bird. So where I am missing in this world.. you can still find me.. right here is where I am and what I share is what I feel and think and see. So where I cannot travel in a physical sense with words or in person or to different places because I do not have the money or availability to do so. I can travel through myself via the creative expressions I use.

This lyric from the above mentioned song say it perfectly.

Because I had to be free.

I Thank God.. 


I thank God every time I put a piece of art into the world.. Wether it be visual collage or writing or poetry or a blog post. 

My heart and soul for all to see. 

I do try not to make everything overtly religious. Because I want people to see beyond religion. To the soul.. spirit… heart.. beauty of life.. I want to evoke rawness.. authenticity… truth.. peace.. Always am I influenced by my faith and by Gods Spirit. I want it to be personal and free.. I want HIM to be seen in me rather than by me.. 

In person I’m not influential. I don’t try to be. But I truly desire to be seen in Spirit and I’m so thankful that I can freely share the way I do.. 

((A little different but mostly the same as I journaled)) 

Power Of Christ Rest On Me


It’s a weird thing being an inately shy person and baring your heart and soul. Ironic calling and inner drive that also goes against the social norm. Makes what you do stand out, make it look like your seeking attention. When that’s furtherest from the truth. Your natural inclination as an introvert is to hide away. Which is actually the best place to do creative work. From your cave you can easily use your imagination. Strangely here your spirit is free. To move beyond your limitations. Spring board to bring forth buried treasures. Not as easily distracted. Time to go deep. Nothing to compare yourself too so there are virtually no limitations. So what seems weakness becomes strength. The things that come from you inside you are not because of your greatness but because you allowed it to flow. You didn’t fight it. You used it. Despite how it makes you look. Despite what people think. Yes it makes you stand out even more. There’s your platform right there. A small voice that echoes. That has not stopped speaking. Which saw that circumstances can’t stop you. God knows that’s it’s at the edges of yourself He will show you greater things. So it’s best to keep going even when it seems pointless. Even when people turn away. People label you. Truth rises up. Blood cries out. Spirit rises up. You’ve left a mark. You’ve got a story. All that has tried to stop you has failed. All that has happened has turned your weakness to POWER… 
Power to overcome * to share * speak the truth * accept imperfections * stand firm * let my light shine * to be unashamedly myself * enjoy abundant life * be at peace * know it all matters *to live free * transcend circumstances * choose life*

But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may rest upon me.

2 Corinthians 12:9

Perseverance on a Page


It’s what’s I do. It’s how I’ve survived. In this life at least. It’s where I turn up strongest. It’s not like everyone else. But I see the beauty of that. If I sit with you. I’m quiet, reserved, 1/4 of the person I am. Uncomfortable. Difficult if not impossible to contribute. So I flow where it’s easy and I’m free. Do you miss me because I’m not there or because I break traditions? Make you feel uncomfortable? If you search for me you’ll find me easily enough. Would you rather I was a lifeless shell or a functioning freely flowing spirit? Every word here my spirits breath. I very much consider a place of awakening. My epiphany if you will. 

There’s a human hand writing, soul leaking through imperfection. God breathing through me. 

Why would I want to be anywhere else? 

Unless it was needed more. My children, my life but they are growing up with lives of their own choosing. 

The joys that come when you become the beauty of what remains of passing through difficulties, the dark tunnels of life and appearing in brightest light at the other end!!!

No comparison!!!

Breaking through to the promised land!! 

Life On A Page Is Born


One of my Journalling pages inspired by “Dreaming on Paper” course I’m doing with Lisa Sonara. 

Phrase Poetry.. Challenging because your cutting out words and rearranging them to say something totally different. My spin on them. Really enjoying this course. Using my art supplies too!! 

Everything I use here means something to me.. Love love love what turns up.. 

I typed out the words I used below the pic.. 

Life on a page is born. 
It’s really important to morph and step into who it is we are truly meant to be. Every challenge or roadblock teaches us something. The key to honesty. To unleash my personal stamp of creative energy. I realised that structure wasn’t right for me. ‘Unboxing’ it on a page is such a powerful force to fully disengage from transitory elements, the usual environment and absorb the space to let go be really present in the activity that I’m doing. 

If I have one tip, please retain your shimmering mystery.