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3 Gifts That Might Never Have Been


There are many aren’t they when you start to think about it..

This is another of the questions posed from the joy dare challenge by Ann Voskamp that is too difficult to write on twitter with limited space. So I will blog the answer instead. I actually had no real idea what to write at first till I found another blog post and read the answers therein… which I will link to at the bottom.. Praise GOD for all these things… and all the good HE continually does for me that I know and that I do not yet know about..

One gift was my youngest daughter in our family Zali.. When I desired to have her.. I mean the desire was really really strong.. Other opinions about me wanting it have another baby at the time was “not a good idea”. My marriage was shaky, four little children already to look after… I had also lost a two month old baby boy, and had a miscarriage at 16 weeks. Thankfully I followed my heart and although I went against what others around me said I am so glad I did.
My Grandma I felt was the only one really happy for me and when I went to have my first Doctors appointment to confirm the pregnancy I noticed he had a photo of five children on his desk. That helped me so much to know I had done the right thing.. Zali is now 12 and has been such a blessing to me along with all our children.. Her smile is a great gift to me… Because I know GOD heard my cries and answered..

2nd gift.. I almost drowned in the Fitzroy Crossing River. I don’t know how old I was. I think in my early teens but a friend Vicki and I were paddling at the Old Crossing.. The river was in flood so we were swimming in some overflow and I was not a strong swimmer but where we were the water was not moving. Fitzroy Crossing is in the North West of Australia and experiences lots of very hot weather so getting wet in the river was a much needed respite from the heat. I remember at one moment I must have got out of the overflow and felt this amazing pull on me.. For me the next few moments seemed to go in slow motion. But I could instantly sense that the pull, current, was way too strong and I would not have the strength to go against it. I reached out my hand to Vicki who was close.. and in that instant which I felt stretched longer than it seemed… I could feel the pull was trying to take me… and yet I just happened to reach her hand and she grabbed me at that very moment.. It was so vivid that I have never forgotten it. I would have been sucked into the river and maybe down under the concert bridge which was not that far away.. I know had I not grabbed her hand at that moment I may not have been here today writing this.. Was it an angel sent by GOD that helped me right at that moment… I think yes..

3rd… I shared this on face book the other day..
Conner fell when he was little… My brother and his wife bought our kids a big metal slide.. One rung near the top was missing.. It was really tall.. I watched him get to the top and he kind of missed the rung held on and then fell upside down… Straight onto his head.. I saw the whole thing.. I expected his neck to be broken from hitting head first and neck crunch to the side.. But miraculously he suffered not even a bump… He didn’t cry he just lay for a minute in shock then got up and ran away as if nothing happened.. It was a miracle from God and I believe angels protected him. I’ve seen my other kids fall much softer and come out with big bumps and always crying… It was a miracle.. My heart was in my mouth though and was racing as I ran over to attend him.. I truly thought he would have snapped his neck.. Praise God for angels watching over us..what a gift..