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I realise I did not do the very final and last day of the Pilgrimage of Resurrection. 

I hope better late than never. Has been an amazing journey.

Great word to finish it out on.. 


– Spirit – 

 Intimately knowing the Creator of life.

Brings forth a rising up of the innermost being.

Rerouted by being authentic. 

Expressive in my world. 

Heard, seen, vibrantly alive and no longer feeling invisible!

I’m found working even if just telling my story.

Spirit powerfully moving beyond barriers.

Spirit defying darkness by being a voice that has not stopped speaking! 

Unique, not easily ignored, overlooked and shut away in a box or building once a week.

Speaking from my heart magically seems to draw others to myself. Like a moth to a flame. 

The more transparent I am the greater the invite to others to be fully themselves where they are! 

Spirit and Truth kiss 



Final assignment for writing course Heart Recycle 101. Subject “Transformation”. Given different options.  I chose a letter to someone I know.. It’s actually to the people I was doing the Abbey of the Arts pillgramage with. Still working through that. I’m supposed to get it published too lol umm not so sure that will happen or how to make it happen. The very least I’ve completed it and posted here! 


Dear Fellow Pilgrims,

I haven’t finished my pilgrimage yet.. 🙂 I stopped to do something else. Learning along the way.

It is a writing course.. Heart Recycle 101 and the final assignment is on “Transformation” so amazingly it calls me back to this very same word I was up to in this journey. I see that the two roads meet and I tie the two in together. Weaving what I hope is my story through this process.

I have worked on this more than any other writing. Pushed my boundaries and its made me see myself and what has shaped my journey more clearly than ever before and shown me what is indeed possible from this very place!!!!

My thoughts.. Obviously we all are created to fly but still I think through life we always retain a knowing of the caterpillar mind. It’s how much of this mindset we live from as to where we are at.

A story of the bumble bee is told and it’s pointed out that the size of the creature and its bodily proportions scientifically mean that it shouldn’t be able to fly. But the bumble bee isn’t aware of these facts. 

It just lives from what it knows and therefore it flies.

I really do think I’ve been aware of the butterfly. Even talked butterfly language. But still I’ve been restricted because I continue to live the caterpillar life. It’s been a redeeming piece of sorts. I will to live the butterfly life!


Artistic voice birthed from salty tears of persistence.

Stubborn defiance of faded and vanquished dreams.

Delusion has channelled attention onto a spark of light within.

Knowledge of highest truth intimate, an invite to prevail.

Salvation springing forth from exposed transfigured pain.

Soul crushing isolation catalyst to spiritual kindred belonging. 

Expression a brazen release of the invisible and hushed.

Loss is buoyancy that leaves in its wake a healing cascade of peace.

Stifling darkness antithesis to unquenchable freedom to shine.

Boldness of a hopeful heart on the sleeve transparent.

Soul finding its own unique unfolding majestic wings.

Unlimited possibilities delightfully appear in every direction.

Recognised it echoes to hearts searching for escape from earthly bindings.

Captivating and inviting abundant bodacious life wherever she goes. 


It’s my utmost honour to share this with you. I have often tended to be too religious and only able to speak and write from years and years of being a certain way. Heaven forbid like everyone else. 

Losing my authentic voice and almost silencing me in the process. I therefore offer my most purposeful and from the heart piece of my soul.

Rerouted from all I’ve known and been raised to see.

Unconsciously drawing from my life for this writing and presenting a whole new me in the process. One whom has risen to meet you this day!

So very thankful and grateful for this journey and that nothing is ever wasted and that at any point we can arise and sprout wings! 

Sharon Peart 


I’m an Artist! 


 My Art, My Words, My Heart! 

So thankful to Abbey of The Arts for the free course “Pillgramage of Resurrection” led by Christine Valters Paintner and husband John Valters Paintner. Heart Recycle 101 – writing workshop and leaders Andrea Balt, Victoria Erikson and Tyler Knott Gregson. Both are helping me find my flow and rhythm! 


Today’s word is Love


“Love” And my interpretation of it.

This digital art is two photos blended and framed. All done on my iPad using aps.

Of my sister and I.. Childhood with our father.. Black and white.
2nd is us both in recent years.
The way the photos overlap is extremely meaningful to me. Family.. Spirit.. Blood.. No separation.. Truth sets free.. Her and I overlap and are as one in both.. Love that.. I need to rest in that.. 

This relationship between us as sisters has been a huge personal struggle for me in recent years.

Gods Spirit has been speaking to me about just loving her through it. 

Loving her as I myself desire to be loved.

Overlooking offence..

I believe this kind of love is what we both need.. Just like God so loves me and sees me pure and holy through HIS Son.. My desire is to love and view my sister the same way.. 

It’s hard to be “real” without saying the wrong thing or saying too much.. 

So I hope my art expression says much more.. 💗


Revealed in Darkness


Today’s word I’m up to in my Abbey of the Arts pilgrimage is – Monk – 

I like the fact that though I hardly see a soul during my day to day living and it’s rare I can share my heart person to person.

When I post on social media, here on my blog and on different platforms..  My heart is continuing to speak always. Across the world.. Whenever it is seen!

“The root of the word “monk” is monos, which means one or single. It isn’t so much about marital status as it is about the condition of one’s heart. When I try to live as a monk, I commit to living my life with as much integrity as possible.

—Christine Valters Paintner”

This picture.. Taken tonight outside of local Mc Donald’s of all places.. I have written..

I haven’t chosen to withdraw myself from the world. 

Rather trials have led me to a place

 that has been dark, strange, and isolating. 

Yet it is precisely at this place I’ve met God!

Not one person has really understood it. 

It hasn’t made sense even to myself.
That the light shines in the darkness and the darkness cannot overcome it.

It’s where I’ve found His presence and the glory of it has transfixed me. 
Martin Luther King Jr says ” Only in darkness can you see the stars” 



So bountifully rich this path I’m on.. I have not added every word of this journey here but every word seems so perfect for where I am.. You see.. HE is where I am and I am where HE is. And anyone living from the spirit speaks clearly to the other.

I have often looked for comments, likes, recognition of any kind..  I suppose I’ve always felt I needed it otherwise it feels like without it I’m grounded. I’m not useful or part of the bigger plan.

But I saw this quote today on Twitter and it’s like a revelation. 

“People who shine from within don’t need the spotlight” don’t know who wrote it.. Source unknown.

I’m to simply live outward from what is within. That’s my calling..
Smack me across the head lol why does it take me so long to get this!!! 

I’ve been praying “let my light so shine”.. From Matthew 5:16

I want HIM to be seen.. But HE will be.. Because Jesus made that possible at the cross.. 

Sealing forever my oneness with HIM. Or better said.. HIS oneness with me.. HE is the way.. Truth.. Life.. 

HIS Spirit is within. 

Today’s word is – Roadlessness