Ordinary Extra


Today is an ordinary day.
Overcast and cooler.
Unlike other hot summer days we have had.
I feel blah.
I see undone things everywhere.
Feel bloated.
I talk to God feeling unworthy..
Will I ever be super spiritual enough?
Yet even doing daily chores..
Little things can happen to add extra to my ordinary.
I rarely go to the library but for some reason I did today..
I’m in between jobs and waiting..
Today without knowing its free tea and coffee hour..
Only for one hour and I happened to be here for it!
I’m smiling now..
Thanking God for how this came to be.
I see something more in all this.
Something so simple yet it changes my whole day!!!



About eternalpeacechild

I'm a 47 year old single mother of 6 children, 2 currently live with me & 1 in heaven. I am an expressive soul, love GOD, love life and enjoy blogging, creating art journals and social media. I find my world opens up & expands online because I'm hearing impaired ( so severe now I call myself deaf) so I cannot communicate with others in the natural as I would like too.

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