Monthly Archives: December 2014

Moon Journalling


I have stuffed up putting together this moon journal in every possible way that you could. Yet God is speaking so clearly to me. Beautiful red/white twine hold it together much like Gods pure love and Jesus blood and HIS spirit are central to all of creation..
No matter how much we stuff up this earth, our lives etc.. There is a force unseen that rules over all. HE will not fail to bring HIS plan together. Riveting and draws you completely in when your own ever failing and complete humanity bows to HIM and HE opens your spiritual eyes and everything fits. Spirit is everywhere, unrestricted, and forever..


Heavens open above me


Last night I saw my glory streams again. Today I start a month of “Moon Journalling”. I have always loved the moon. Something magical about it. I feel a connection to others doing this already and I haven’t even started.. The Moon has always been there. It’s beautiful. I feel inspired even though my head has been pounding and my stomach painful. This is something greater apart from the normal life. It just seems to take my mind from being grounded in my thinking and put it up higher amongst the stars. There is a cycle to life and a pattern and forces at work that affect us all wether we know it or not. I of course will journal from a spiritual point of view. But there are greater ebbs and flows to life all around us and above that enthuse, inspire and empower me and that’s where I want to flow.

I talk to GOD and I feel HIS joy again. It’s HIS presence. Despite the lack of people around. The bodily dysfunctions and way life is. HE is the source of all life. It’s like flipping everything that comes against you that says you’re failing and realising at this moment that you are ok. It’s all ok. Walking in the light of that and letting HIM guide you through.

Take for example the noises in my ears and head constantly within. Loud, monotonous, repetitive and everywhere I am they are. Can’t escape them. Lately they have seemed worse than ever.

My body aching today, my head and my belly. Just this thing with people for so long. I wish I could explain it. But I don’t move in sync with anyone really anymore. Here and there I do and with my kids. These are all forces coming against me constantly. Reminding me of how weird I am and how different and how I don’t do this or that. But yet all around me and within me is HIS SPIRIT whispering to me “trust ME” and not once does HE condemn ever.. I am comforted. HE is all I need yet still HE opens the heavens above and gives me a sign. I see HIM in that so easily and everything else in my world is put right again. I can go along this path and trust that all is for a reason and that there are other ways to flourish than what the majority do.

HIS joy fills my heart and spills out. Despite everything else coming against me I am not hemmed in but through HIM I am given more freedom to soar on wings above. I can look at things differently. As I was driving earlier I realised that it doesn’t matter. Everyone is different despite the mass of humanity all trying to be the same. Embracing our differences actually makes someone stand out more in this world. I would rather walk in HIS light trusting HIM and knowing HE is with me as I am; even though I am often misunderstood and different to others. Instead of fighting it… let it take me where it will!!!

Glory stream