Hi just a little bit of info about me. I’m 49, single mother of 6 children, one in heaven, 2 currently living at home. I’m hearing impaired to the point I call myself deaf so that’s my excuse for being online so much 🙂 I cannot hear well so normal communication is a great struggle. I do like to use social media to connect with friends & family & share pictures, memes, art, my faith, life & different things!! I feel at home here and I’m not disabled online. ❤️️

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  1. Sharon, you are not alone! I am on facebook. Look up Jim Russell who lives in Reinbeck, Iowa and that’s me. I don’t post so much about myself, but about the faith that sustains me through my end times in approaching death. I have been diagnosed with spinal stenosis, and I offer the strength of my witness for Christ Jesus and the fulfillment of the Promise and Hope that He is. There are not many facebook friends, just 300 or so, but I do have a faithful group of about 12 that say they are helped, and others who want the info to further their own ministries. You and I have a lot in common, and I wish I had met you sooner. If you want to converse now and then by email, then I am at jim.russell8@gmail.com and you would be most welcome! Blessings upon you, and may you have the peace and love that only God can bring!

    • Wow thank you so much.. I’ve just had really hard couple of days and your message couldn’t be any more beautiful and timely. I’ve found someone on face book that could be you? See how I go..

      God bless you.

  2. Hi Sharon, It has been so long…years since I have heard from you or seen anything about you. I am glad you are online here…hope to keep reading as I can. Am super busy this next month and then I hope things slow down a bit. Our lives are very different today than when I first came across you….though thanks to your site, I met Gitte and we still are in email contact most every day. We chat on the phone once in awhile…but mostly email. I am preparing to speak in mid December about Rachel and her life of barrenness…and my miscarriages and that special year I came across your blog about your son and also others with like things that happened and all that happened. Our lives continue to have challenges too…but some things are better…so one must be grateful for whatever is good!! Blessings…hope you will write one day. Lorene

    • Oh my goodness what a nice surprise seeing you Lorene. I totally lost contact with you.. How did you find me!! I haven’t heard from Gitte either for a long time but glad your both such good friends. Just in case you don’t see this I will contact you with the email address you’ve supplied here.. lots of love to you

      • Looking forward to hearing Sharon…always will be grateful for the things that came from our association in the past… among that…Gitte and helping me finally grieve my lost babies…as well as the fun it was to write you!! I found you by looking online by your name, dearie…sounds like your hearing has gotten worse…ours is becoming more problemic too…old age is so fun eh? But you are too young for yours!!

  3. Hi Sharon
    Long time since I heard from you,I am not much on Facebook. Lots happened in my life too.I am interested to read all your thoughts and how GOD is helping you and leading you dear. I have a neighbor who suffers from Lupus and she is 80 now and a christian too.I told her about you a while
    ago.It helps to hear about others that are facing the same challenges in their life.I send this link to Phyllis,she wanted to know how you do dear. GOD bless you my dear friend.

  4. I was thinking of you again tonight…and here I find you!! I hope you are ok. Life continues to be a struggle for me too…though it has changed, of course. We live on the West Coast now, helping my older daughter and her 2 kids. But that leaves the rest on the East Coast…and rarely do we hear from our son’s family anymore. Of course, our daughter back there is good to connect (skype is great!!) Lost Gitte in Dec. of 2017 to cancer. She suffered so badly…so I am glad she is free of that. But of course, I miss her. Her husband was to remarry this February and I have not heard from him so I assume he did. I miss the days of hearing from you too. I use my first name now, but this is Lorene. Feel free to email me if you like. Wishing you all the best.

    • I know who you are.. I’m not sure if my reply gets to you via this comment. I should have replied when I first saw it but I tend to put things off and then I forget..
      That’s sad about Gitte..
      Thank you for finding me and leaving a message..
      it’s Easter Sunday here.. spending time with family..

      I’m more peaceful of late.. all is well.. I won’t write too much but give it a few days to see if you answer.. if not I’m sure your email address might be here somewhere..

      God bless

      • I have been checking here…I think you can see my email address on the comments, right? Or maybe it would be easier on the main place you write here? It is the same as it has been for several years…but not sure you have it. I will check here again…it is in the wee hours here so am headed to bed…but will come back.
        I do miss Gitte…but you know the most amazing thing, as she was in hospice care (a kind of hospital for those who are dying) and was surrounded by many Believers in GOD who were her nurses and helpers, who prayed with her and one time she told me she felt so close to them, and for the first time in maybe all the years I knew her (online) she felt so loved and the fellowship was outstanding. She was very happy there. I am SO VERY GLAD that she was so surrounded by love those last few months!! (Her tears were many and often with life with her husband…he was not a man who could understand her well, I think.) Strange, but in those final days she was the happiest ever. I will share more later if you like…she was visited by maybe an angel while she was there. Very interesting…
        I am glad you are feeling more peaceful…you have lived some hard times…I guess we all have. I think for hubby and I, in ways, the last 6 years have been the very saddest and hardest of all…I will share later if you like…but in the midst of it all…some good things are happening too…at least that!! This life is our testing ground…and I have no idea WHY it must be so…but indeed we are tested…and we too have very thoroughly gone through most all we were taught…and have discarded what is not required by GOD!! Very liberating actually…more laters…love, Lorene

      • I cried when I wrote all that you’d written.. I have struggled with social interactions.. I may not ever get them right as I could or should.. but please know I am grateful..

  5. Thought of you again tonight…have to go cook now…but have marked this site so perhaps can read from you here and there as I can. Hubby is not doing well and I must help him a lot. Age and bad medicine catches us all I suppose…take care. You are a special person and I will always appreciate you!!
    This is Lorene again…

    • I’m so glad you found me.. we are always going to be connected via spirit through our LORD.. so it’s possible He placed me on your mind.. I haven’t been here much I haven’t had the heart to write.. I will pray for your husband and yourself.. I’m 51 now so I get that our age does slow us down and throw up new challenges.. lots of love to you..

      • Thank you Sharon…I am nearing 69 now and Hubby will be 72 this year. He was given the drug CIPRO for a minor UTI over 11 yrs ago now…and it began robbing him of his health within 3 days. So we are doing all we can to fight this…but no help from medicals so far. They are excellent at giving you harmful things that they are unable, or maybe unwilling in some regards, to fix. We are not totally locked down here with the covid mess…but our governor in this state is rather nutty…rather like the current prez I guess…just too old to serve frankly, is my opinion. Tis a rare person who can do such hard jobs well when older. And it takes much effort for us to go places. So…mostly we stay in our apt. We live on the opposite coast now…been here about 7+ yrs now. To help our oldest daughter, though we have done little to help her the past 2 years with Hubby’s health as it is. Who used to be an atheist but has now begun a spiritual journey. Not where we are or others are…but we have hope anyway. I am sorry you have had to go through so much too…but am so glad your children seem to be doing good things!! That is a credit to a mom!! If you wish to contact me more…I think you can get my email from my being on here…if not maybe I can figure out another way for you to get it. I am not very computer savy. Blessings on you and I agree we will always be connected in heart. Much love to you too!!

      • At the moment I can’t see any email address but I haven’t had an in-depth search yet.. I want to ask can you see your comment straight after you post? Or do I have to approve it first? If I do need to approve it first you can safely add an email address on the next message and I won’t approve it but just save the email from it.. so it won’t ever go public.. I am on Facebook also twitter.. you can private message me on Twitter.. there is a link to my twitter account on this blog or just search for Peacechild4

  6. I saw your email to me…wrote a short reply…and now it is gone…please repost to it…and I will get it listed better on my contacts etc as well as write it down on paper so I can respond better. I think it takes some time for my posts here to appear…if that answers questions too…but you did find the right email for me!! YEA!! I am cleaning a horrific (for me) job today…so back to the task in hopes I finish ere long…argh!!

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