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Storms that Strengthen


ROOT: 30 Day Journal Project

Day 18

Today’s Inspiration:

Storms make trees take deeper roots.

– Dolly Parton said that

Still plodding slowly through this journal project.
It was originally for the month of August well tomorrow in Australia its September. I had this ready to publish and did an edit and managed to delete the whole thing lol. Sigh take 2!

I did the painting days ago, writing days ago also and today I put it together. So symbolic to how my life goes. Slow and steady wins the race huh!

I’m happy with this one. Happy to get it done. Happy to get it on my blog. I’m happy with how it looks!

Years ago a friend said what I put out in the world he couldn’t easily see my heart. I used to do forums and post lots of quotes, pics etc.. Now I’m proud to say its my pics and my words going out there.


Just Be


ROOT: 30 Day Journal Project

Day 16

Today’s Inspiration – And don’t think the garden loses its ecstasy in winter. It’s quiet, but the roots are down there riotous.

– Rumi said that.

Today’s Journal Prompt: When I think of riotous roots, I imagine…

The unseen soul or spirit of a person that thing that cries out or longs for more or divinely dreams. Spirit is willing GOD says but the flesh is weak. It’s that life force in every man, woman and child. Its fire in the eye but sometimes life gets so hard and it seems to extinguish and disappear. But it’s still there maybe just hidden, or forgotten or so deep within that it appears to have lost its way. It’s not just manifesting in a seen way. With outward signs. Spirit doesn’t die. Even if the body does.

Just what I think about when I read the inspiration above about winter and I guess I have seen the slumbering spirit/soul in me that which is alive but doesn’t feel particularly free.

Not dead. But not alive in ways it wishes.

It’s nearly spring here. Days are warming up. Skies are clear. Blossom is out and there’s just more colour and life about. Bright daffodils waving in the garden. Windows can be opened and washing hung outside! It’s just really really nice after months of wind, rain and dark sombre clouds.

Riotous roots were always there but the seasons of cold and wet shuts so much down.

I’ve been through a dark season or two. Where I’ve been shut down. It’s similar to the seasons of life. The light does boost your spirits but it can serious hurt your eyes and sometimes you cannot bear it you want dark. The dark does drain you. I hope I never forget though the winters of spirit because they will come again. I don’t want to close up shop. It’s hard to focus, it’s hard to get up every day but GOD promises us that the Spirit is willing so during these bleak years. I learned to go inward to where there is no limit. Imagination, faith, relying on the ever present presence of GOD and realising I’m never ever alone. To recognise the life force still there within when outward signs are zero. These are the riotous roots. Spiritual power available 24/7. World-wide there are prayer groups, online there are friends and family in spirit who can lift you up day and night. Resting as nature itself does in winter. Living by the bare essentials. Receiving help when offered. Finding things to be thankful for. Relying on GOD. Talking to GOD but also when you really struggle to say anything HE is there and still loves you and you just rest in HIM.

Trees grow and it takes many many years for the big trees to grow and they don’t move anywhere they just grow. Big trees teach me so much.

Humans we don’t just allow ourselves to simply just be. We put so much pressure on ourselves to do, to go, to say, to function like him or her. But to just be. Our Spirit is humming away inside anyway. It’s created to function a full life just by existing. Just to be alive is incredible. Without me doing anything my heart is keeping me alive my body breathes in and out. Every single day! GOD has fashioned me amazingly. So much so much I take for granted.

Even now people are on machines every day to help them breathe and they would do anything to breathe normally. And yet billions of us do that simple thing every day. Just breathe. Just exist. It’s a blessing to breathe.

It’s what we think about. Like a majestic tree does not die in winter but is alive with its riotous roots below in the deep soil. So a human being with heart pumping, breath going in and out every day, alive under the sun or clouds or stars has a Spirit soul and a connection to GOD.. 24/7 HE is with you. HE even goes wherever you go. HE knows all about you. He doesn’t leave when your shut down or breathing on a machine. He can hear silent screams. HE knows a word before it is on our tongue. HE knows everything and can help you get through the coldest darkest winter because HE is light and where there is light darkness has to flee.

I used water colour pencils for this pic.. Although many plants are budding and blossoms are brightly flowering.. Some trees are still just bare branches.. They stand in the bright sunshine starkly saying winter is still here for now..





ROOT: 30 Day Journal Project

Up to Day 15 yay I’m half way!

Today’s Inspiration:

“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.”

Anais Nin said that.

Have you ever thought of courage as an ingredient in creative action?

Yes I have as a matter of fact! When nobody much notices what I do and I still do my thing! I realise that’s courageous! When my art is just a glue stick and some colours and words I feel brave that I can still publicise it.

I guess if only one person notices my life it has began to expand!

There’s just something about turning up again in this blog and putting together another art journal page, knowing its my heart and soul going out there again and by hitting publish that makes me feel more active and alive in this world.


ROOT: 30 Day Journal Project Day 13


Write Recipe For Happiness _________________ and add the location of where you are right now.

If your ever going to read my blog let today be the day.

I feel dreadful. Skin feels dry and weird. It hurts to cough to deep.
I have a fever and its day 4 of feeling sick. I have slept for hours today.

Yet I have this joy/happiness radiating inside…. How can that be?

Because the source is within!
Deep medicine indeed.
I can know that I know that I know its not of me!!!! How can I not share that!

The recipe for happiness is not being well or having more things or being surrounded by people or even having someone special beside you. Its not being anywhere or achieving anything or relying on anything outward.

Its God!

Within and without!

Its possible to feel it even when your circumstances are miserable.
Believe me I haven’t been spending a lot of time doing religious things.

And that’s incredible! He is here! And that’s all that matters! I can rest and I just see everything differently. See below He is pleased to give us the kingdom.
Its not that I don’t want to be well. I do. Its just that I know how crappy my health is right now and yet in this place He is most evident! Somehow all the other stuff doesn’t matter as much..

“Do not be afraid, little flock, for your Father has been pleased to give you the kingdom”
Luke 12:32


ROOT: 30 Day Journal Project Day 12


Today’s Inspiration:

Rest is a weapon.

— Jason Bourne said that (in A Bourne Ultimatum, by Robert Ludlum)

When I saw today’s topic it almost brought tears. Being ill, rest is exactly what I need.
Sometimes in your life there is nothing more you can physically do.
What timing for this today!

Journal Prompts:

Rest is… needed to regain strength and when you feel unwell you can’t do anything much anyway. Its so good when you can sleep or put your feet up or when can take off a load.

What is restful to me now is… just listening to music, getting another day done with some art and not feeling guilty. My body is recuperating and a little more energy is evident than it has been in the last few days as I rest!

What will nourish me right now?
Realising the timing of this prompt. Its like a affirmation to me that everything else will work in too because it fits. Right place right time again not by anything I’ve done. Its the most incredible moment. To my very core God shows me His sovereignty despite everything else, even myself.

Interesting conversation with a male Christian friend I’m chatting with as I write this. About the prospect of meeting someone else re the future. I’ve kind of lost the hope of that happening for myself. But I’m comforted by the pic I’ve chosen in my art. Of a pair of hands wrapped around not one but two sets of hands. 🙂 Abiding presence with us.
And this scripture below came to my attention as I dwelt on being saved even as I am, alone. Its knowing I can rest even when afflictions have come. It talks about Him sharing our affliction and the the angel of His presence having saved us! Speaking of more than one!

Humanly speaking inaction doesn’t seem a weapon at any time. But in Gods kingdom it is because he’s always taking care of us and always will because He is not bound by time. We can know no matter what we are going through at this present moment He is already in our tomorrow! And He has fully defeated evil.

Isaiah 63:9
In all their affliction He was afflicted, And the angel of His presence saved them; In His love and in His mercy He redeemed them, And He lifted them and carried them all the days of old.


ROOT: 30 Day Journal Project Day 11


I’m feeling so frustrated in myself. One of those seasonal flu things going around so everything aches. Blocked up and hot/cold from a temperature. No energy and I feel lower in spirits. Also have my monthly lol same time and it’s like a double whammy.

It’s day 11’s turn on my journal project. Not so sure it will be created in an art form visually today more a written response alone. I want to get through this. I want to push on. So thankful to good friend Amylisa who commented on my last blog entry. I wanted to truly give up and you helped me not too. Feeling more isolated than ever before.

The inspiriation for this day is “You must have chaos within you to give birth to a dancing star.”

— Freidrich Nietzsche

Kind of appropriate isn’t it.

Four of my children with their cousin went out tonight to a fund raiser. Oldest daughter Talitha is in our cities first only women’s American football team and they are raising money to sponsor their team for upcoming competition.

I couldn’t go of course so home alone.

This writing surprisingly lifts my spirits and for just a little bit I forget my symptoms.

Prompt I’ve chosen for today is.

What message does the chaos have for me?

Well I have no choice but to rest and recuperate. Take things easy. Let things go and focus only on the most important things. It does give you plenty of time to think. I asked for prayer on face book. Asked for help from my family. More than normal.

Appreciate all the more the ones who are still there who still care.

Let some things slide that people say. One man said.. have faith in GOD.. sigh. Right ok. I don’t suddenly lose it lol but ya its not a good thing to say. I learn what not to say during these times.

Chaos is world-wide. I have never before noticed so much of it and it’s depressing. Definitely chaos makes me look to GOD for understanding. No one can fathom hatred, wars, cruelty, and devastation on a huge scale. My trials are miniscule considering. I pray much more for unknown faces and countries and especially those highlighted and described in stories circulating in the media.

Chaos makes me remember the peace GOD gave me in troubled times. How it was so out of this world. All you can do is rest and trust GOD. I mean sometimes I can pray sickness off, you feel the symptoms and after prayer they go. This time not.

I’m thankful my oldest daughter has taken kids to school two days in a row, Zali youngest daughter completely cleaned the bathroom and added recently purchased linen she’s done such a lovely job. That my mother helped with dishes piling up and brought in washing. Appreciate the little things all the more. The biggest thrill is Conner 16 attending 4 days of high school this week. I’ve had so much trouble getting him there with sleep problems and depression and anxiety. But I can be thankful for him attending almost all the week and I have not had the struggles to get him there that I normally have.

The message chaos has for me is even though my body is weak and feels dreadful my spirit inside can be lifted by being thankful and just patiently wait out the moments till I am feeling better. Trying even when you feel you can’t well sometimes you can!


[ROOT: 30 Day Journal Project] Day 10


I’m keeping on with this project lol slowly but surely.

A teenage son has been suffering depression so its been hard and sometimes I’m worn out just dealing with him and problems this illness causes him plus life in general taking care of a family/home etc.. Art sometimes I have very little of that sort of inspiration. Easy to sit and switch of playing games on my iPad.

Yesterday it was nice sharing a finished altered book (art journal) and coffee with a friend. First person apart from my kids to ever see it and hold it in her hands and see it with her eyes. I have taken pics of it myself and shared “online” but not ever showed it to a real in the flesh person. Her favourite pic shared below 1st pic ( wrote about it on her Facebook too! ). What I have created inspired her and knowing that is like a major shot of affirmation to my soul!

Prompt: I notice I feel happier when..

I’m accomplished things. Crossed them off my to do list..
When I’m creating and its flowing. When I’m feeling free and not hemmed in. I’m happy when someone gets me (understands).
Doing my own thing. When I blog/write. Keeping up habits. Like walking or finishing a long running project.
When I’m inspired and especially when I’m aware of God.
When I’m singing and lost in a song..
I’m happier surrounded by beautiful things and being thankful. When I am encouraging or praying or caring for others it makes me happy. When I can turn my thoughts from negative to positive even when I could be sad or frustrated about something it helps my moods immensely!
I see someone smiling or they smile back at me cheers my heart.
Seeing something I’ve done or said or initiated bearing good fruit makes me incredibly happy.
In my weak times I realise there’s a strength in me I know is not me… That’s the time I am happiest because I’m sensing Gods Spirit at work and there is no earthly explanation. Too bad lol its so hard to explain that to someone.. But it keeps me going like nothing else in this world and its the keeping on that prevents my inner light from going out.



ROOT: 30 Day Journal Project Day 9


Today’s Inspiration:
“A man should hear a little music, read a little poetry, and see a fine picture every day of his life, in order that worldly cares may not obliterate the sense of the beautiful which God has implanted in the human soul.”
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe said that.

Prompt :
My soul craves more…

Realness, connection, intimacy.. Soul.. Spirit.. People who connect to me are few and far between. So my soul finds its rest in GOD who created every person and that sense consoles me when I don’t have social graces.. I guess when I am craving these things and all the more so I am kind of driven to GOD.. I really only find peace in HIS presence. I sense that the cravings I have which “nothing earthly” satisfies only seem to push me to HIM with more urgency. I can certainly enjoy everything better when He is in the foreground.
All the things in the picture help occupy my time and are such a joy. They are things that bring me pleasure and spur me on.. Life would be boring without.. My heart just loves soaking in inspiration whatever way that comes..

Today my youngest daughter and I visited the local art gallery… What got me today were paintings of the area I live in presently as it was many years ago. Extraordinary to see the artists impressions of this city last century. Landmarks that we well know in the background was exciting to me. I was driving around tonight imagining what it was like. Dips in the road could have been a creek with running water? It was surreal.
I stood for ages taken back in time. I’m surprised sometimes what moves me. I like art that tells a story or explains something.. Not into abstract art. I like romance and stories and lyrics (more these days) because I need help to hear the music. I can listen to a song over and over and over (headphones) and I seem to get lost in it. I love imagination, other-worldly stories like Narnia or Lord of the Rings.

I bought some proper water color paper and water color pencils to paint this pic back ground motivated by the prompt. It was such a better experience. Water colors blend so nicely together and the paper held its shape unlike thinner stuff that it bleeds through on.. Easy to use is what I like. I prefer simple and I just shut down without expression of some sort.. I have always been a person who has one or two close friends and that seems to be enough.. But if I don’t have the interactions I go a little crazy.. People need something more than their own company.. I need to push myself.. Make myself read or write or sit down and do art. I always feel better after and kick myself why I waited so long.

It was nice to see art at the museum. It was nice seeing my daughter pull out the water color paints this afternoon and do some painting on her own. Its comforting at almost the end of my day writing this now. Although I keep thinking who would want to read it? Its not interesting? But see that doesn’t matter. I post links to my blog every time I do this on face book and I think quite a few go without any notice. But my soul shares anyway and its comforting to do that nevertheless. I have met amazing friends this way. And I feel accomplished doing it too.. I am so thankful to all those men and women who share their talents and especially those who leave behind beautiful works that we can enjoy of the past, their hopes and dreams and visions!




[ROOT: 30 Day Journal Project] Day 8


Prompt : What does it mean to be rooted?


To me it means I’ve found my place now.

It means “belonging”. The most obvious thought to me when you say the word root is from a plant.

And if I put a plant in the ground it stays where it is. The roots are usually small but you know they will grow and if planted in the right spot they are going to go deeper and bring life and health and cause the plant to blossom and bloom in time to come. Everyone who passes by will enjoy it in so many different ways. Some plants you eat, some you enjoy the aroma of the flower or leaves, some grow tall and provide shade etc..

“Rooted” is like a look into the future.. It speaks of a beginning but also of establishment and growth to come and of providing something to the world around.

Personally I’ve been searching, desiring to know my place in the world. Praying, seeking God about it.

Writing and art are where I’m drawn and the wonderful thing is the timing of this prompt is encouraging me to continue on this path.

Being “rooted” therefore is sticking with this direction and growing in this place.

And I will grow, develop deeper soul and spirit sharing which is wonderfully happening every day I do this project!!!


I’m behind the original one prompt every day 🙂 but I’m sticking with it.


The bible has these words in a scripture which the very first part is what I based my art journal pic on..


Ephesians 3:17-19 “being rooted and established in love, may have power, together with all the Lord’s holy people, to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ,  and to know this love that surpasses knowledge—that you may be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God.”


How do I tie this in with my art and purpose in life?


My art is my contribution to the world and it flows from my heart and spirit which is joined in partnership with God. What comes from me I believe will and should speak with power (he says it) to help me and those who share it with me to understand and come to a greater knowledge about all that God is and in some doing reflect His glory.