Monthly Archives: April 2016

Be at Peace.. 


 When your humanly fragile.

It’s too hard.. 

It’s humanly impossible. 

Your weakened.

Whatever has happened. 

Straw that breaks the camels back..

Something small that seems to tip the scales.

Feel the weight of everything. 

In that moment.

Could just collapse.

Give up. 



You switch to auxiliary power. 

You pray with tears or anger. 

Maybe only one word.


For in that moment.

You just can’t.

Than it comes. 

Slowly like a blanket.

Laid gently on your shoulders.

You sense a release. 

Hope rises ever so gently in your chest. 

You breathe again.


Finally finished 30 days of writing


Only took me 2 months lol to get through 30 days duh duh.. 🙂 The very final writing piece. I have written way out of myself. Ha ha.. let my imagination go wild although its supposed to be doable well with faith it IS possible and according to GOD it’s absolutely possible. See that is what faith is. It is believing in more than just yourself. I just expanded it to include the creator of all being the wind that is beneath my wings and the source of my strength and guidance. This scripture was ringing in my ears as I let loose.. ❤

Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us, Ephesians 3:20

What’s your next step? What have these 30 days revealed to you? What truth had you forgotten that this writing marathon has helped you rediscover? And most importantly, what are you going to do about it?

I have already unashamedly started another course.. Mixed media painting course. Using words. Much less words. But it’s just another way to say what is in my heart and I do not want to stop!! Expressing my truth. My story. My soul. Myself as I am. My journey. My purpose on earth but in my own way that is meaningful and not forced or copied or like everyone else. That is something I was taught and learnt for so long that to do my own thing was wrong. It was hammered into me so much that not much I said was ever authentic or my own thoughts and words. My heart was hidden and chained and silent. I think there are some who would still wish it to be but they don’t stop me.
That is why life had so little meaning and although now living freer means people do not know what the heck to do with me lol. I know that it’s a whole new way to live and definitely way out of my comfort zone. These days have revealed that I have what I need inside me and I can access it by being committed and honest and unafraid in the release of it. I am much more confident as never before. I must keep going. No matter the obstacles and no matter the feelings and no matter that many around me appreciate it or understand it yet. It is all for a purpose. It all matters because it matters to me and God’s blessing me through it. It can help others too and even if it doesn’t that is ok but I am seeing it is for more than just me. Once before I did it to be seen, heard and connect and to share my faith. Now I just do it because it is what I am created to do and love to do and I am more alive just like this course promised me I would be!! Thank you to Andrea Balt and Tyler Knott Gregson..

Write yourself a letter from the future. 5 years have passed from today. Suppose you take all the chances, and though you feel the fear you do it anyway. What does it look/feel like to have accomplished your creative goals, to follow your heart however late or crazy or unreasonable it presents itself?
Nobody knows you better than you. Cheer your current self up in a way that feels doable, possible, and true to your calling, from the future of a journey only you can create.

Sharon I am writing to you from the future. You stuck on that path and you are now enjoying the reaping of a harvest that stretches across the world!
Just returning to tell you there is so very much ahead for you!! Your support team is excellent. I know you right now won’t believe it is possible being that your journey has been for so very long a solo one.
But it changes! Your expressive wings have carried you to heights you never thought possible and with that it has attracted attention. You have people around you that God Himself drew to you so that His purpose was carried out more than ever before. There was a timing needed. A timing of learning to draw from strength which was not your own nor a human strength that gave out. A timing to see the Spirit without props and learn from HIM who is in the past, present and future. A timing to rising up in a confidence that was surely lacking in the masses around you and especially in yourself. I know your faith has proved a harvest ground for many seeds and they have come up!! Mountains have moved for many people when it seemed impossible. They can see HIM in you and in the art and writing you continued to put out into the world and even though it took a long long time you will not believe how far and wide its brought results. It’s truly a beautiful thing. All that isolation and being unseen and your persistence despite it has given you a strength that many are learning to draw from and live powered by. They have eyes to see HIM and hearts that too have learned to rise up and take wing. They believe in themselves and that they have purpose and value and they are doing more and being more than they ever thought possible. Finally people are seeing why it has been the way it was, when for so long it seemed your heart was absent and in another world altogether.

Spiritual eyes are opened. Hearts are freer and love flows between lives in ways that are changing the environment. More unlimited love. More hope. More peace. More unity. More belonging. More authenticity. More beauty. More kindness. More glory. Heaven on earth like never before. For every day, every hour, every moment you experienced lack and a separation from everyone else there is twice the abundance. There are connections so deep, distance is brought near and barriers have fallen that once seemed impenetrable. There is belonging on levels never before seen. There is knowledge and intimacy and healing and it flows across cultures and where there was misunderstanding there is now understanding. Where there was separation there is a coming together. They were right it was not just about you it’s about everyone at the same time and that is why you needed to go through it the way you did to show them that it was about you and them.. What you learned and flowed with and gave of your heart freely you helped others to find what they were missing too!!