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My Burning Heart


It starts with my burning heart.
A need to let it out.
No audience to hear it.
Yet I know it cannot remain unsaid.
I would burst.
So despite all this..
And that..
I may be physically alone right now,
I may not have a micro-phone and stand on a stage,
I may be disabled,
I may not have a career,
I may be messy,
I may not be dressed in trendy clothes,
I may make mistakes,
I may not have much in worldly goods.
I can use whats available.
I do have a keyboard and I can write words!
I do have a platform that can circumnavigate the globe.
Through this technology I can share my heart and soul at the touch of a button.
My Spirit knows no bounds.
My thoughts see the sun!
Instead of staying unheard and alone.
Countless souls are my audience and I can unite with them.
Doing so from right where I am.
No need to be anywhere or anyone else.
Amazing its even fun!
So from what was once my frustration.
Now comes freedom and revelation.
Through time & space I do travel.
Resulting in this transference now!
I can get inside your mind.
In this very moment of time.
I’m translating my thoughts to you!
We are connected..
Despite where we live, our ages, our beliefs and who we both are.
It’s powerful if you think about it.
Through spirit.
Made one.
Maybe in this transfer I will stir you up inside.
For I think that’s why I’m here.
That there is something within each of us that needs bringing together.
And no matter our situation.
Something from deep inside is working to unite mankind.
All it takes is one spirit to recognise this and start to flow.
No restriction.
Wherever and however..
It’s captivating.
Its freeing.
It’s enlightening.
That’s the power of Spirit it draws and connects and expands.
Heart to heart, soul to soul, spirit to spirit.
A power goes forth.
And we can never know.
What will happen and who will be drawn to us and what direction it takes us.
With what force it might flow.
It might spawn a new direction for you…
Ignite a desire in someone else…
Join two souls for life.
Draws us all together.
That is why it is important if we have something burning inside.
To say it..
Sing it..
Paint it.
Create it.
Write it.
For if one spark can start a raging fire.
One soulful expression,
Can become a chain of spiritual connection and greater things for us all.
We just might start a Spiritual Revolution!!

“For if you remain silent at this time….. who knows but that you have come for such a time as this?” (Adapted & taken from Esther 4:14, NIV)

Did not our heart burn within us . . . ? —Luke 24:32

Job 32:18 For I am full of words, and the spirit within me compels me;

2 Corinthians 4:7
We now have this light shining in our hearts, but we ourselves are like fragile clay jars containing this great treasure. This makes it clear that our great power is from God, not from ourselves.(NLT)

2 Corinthians 4:16-18
New International Version (NIV)
16 Therefore we do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day. 17 For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all. 18 So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.



Easy, Beautiful, Yours!!!


“GODS glory is when a persons spirit/soul/body shines with the knowledge of HIM & as people are freed to live authentic lives… that is how HE has created us to live..”
A knowledge of the truth sets you free.. JESUS said HE is the truth.. HE is your Savior and seeing HE has already come into this world and completed HIS mission which was to redeem us.. it is already done!!! Creation has been redeemed!!!! All that is missing now is knowledge about HIM and what HE has done.. Isn’t that the most amazing news!!!

Children and babies have a glow.. little ones.. I think that is because they were with HIM before they came to us and they had not been tainted by this world.. and its said little ones angels see the face of GOD..

They say there is also a glow on those who are about to die in this world.. Remember GOD is with us all.. even those who do not know HIM yet..
Now YOU can know.. right now.. how precious you are and how beloved you are.. Nothing to do but believe it is YOURS!!! JESUS did it all for you.. that’s good news..
There truly is nothing more beautiful is there.. than the glory of GOD being revealed in all of us.. we have just been blinded to it by evil and because we were ignorant of what salvation really is.. JESUS redeemed all of us on the cross and by becoming one of us to live perfectly and die perfectly in our place evil has been dealt with.. So right now YOU.. yes YOU can shine for your light has come..


Living With A Disability


I am what they call severely hearing impaired.. I also have tinnitus which is constant noise in my ears.. Sometimes they can be so loud that if I rated them out of 10 on my worse days.. It would be a 8/9 out of 10.. Liken it to living beside a rushing water fall that constantly flows and trying to hear people or life going on around you over that kind of sound..
My hearing started to deteriorate around 20 years old.. My father is hearing impaired wearing hearing aids.. so was his mother, her sisters, my fathers brother… and my sister is too.. though not as bad as I am.. I don’t wear hearing aids because although they would make noises louder it doesn’t make them clear so I just learn to accept my disability. I have to use captions whenever I watch tv or movies.. I cannot hear the dialogue at all. Use text on my phones, as I cannot hear normal phone calls.

My hearing gradually declined over the years.. now I cannot hear a normal conversation without difficulty. I lip read and that helps also my family speak a bit louder.. I have to see a person’s face so I need to be close to someone, being extra close is a bit intimidating to others I notice some back away.. In shops I can be in my own little world.. don’t always hear staff members and because deafness is not something a person can tell about you.. I am sure there are many out there I have had contact with who think I’m rude.. Its best to speak up and tell people at the start so they know.. but sometimes that doesn’t help as people speak at the same level and I still struggle.. Most apologise when they know… but its still difficult..
I speak too loud sigh which I hate. My kids are great at helping me when I go out.. I do have to rely on other people when in public. I do tend though to stay home a lot, Internet makes communication easier.
Unfortunately deafness means I rely on others.. and they are inconvenienced.. That is probably the hardest thing of all to cope with.. knowing others have to work at communicating with me.. Repeating things when I don’t hear.. it can be so hard sometimes you need to carry paper and a pen or type a small message on my iPhone if I am not able to understand.
It has isolated me. I don’t go to church any more either.. Its too depressing to sit through services only understanding what is displayed on the overhead. I would sit in the service and get bored and use my phone and get dirty looks..

I will add a you tube video if anyone is interested which explains well what it is like being hearing impaired..

I try not to focus on this… I can talk ok.. walk… have good vision.. am generally well in body so how can I complain.. I get paid a disability pension here in Australia.. So I can stay home and take care of my kids.



Finding expression is freeing to me.. It took most of my life before I realised this was the path that nurtured my soul most..
Honestly when I stop.. I become a dry river bed.. everything appears to freeze..

The ways I like to create are through keeping a diary, writing, blogging, drawing, art journalling, a little painting.. photography, also scrap booking…

I’ve always admired artists who can find the inspiration to make beautiful and interesting things.. I love colours.. and quotes and spiritually motivated expression of any kind. I like when a soul is incorporated into it and you can see that, feel that.. and your moved by it..

The more you see.. truly the more you see..

This piece “Blue Fairy Wren” of Australia.. (I’m Australian and have never seen one). I created last night via my iPad and an ap called “Paper” digital art is one of my favourite styles because you can delete and work without ruining paper or making a mess..

Art is being free from all the world’s heaviness ~ Taken from Pinterest

I was freer with this picture then ever before.. not being anal about the details.. but concentrating more on shape and colour and form.. and it was easier to do.. I will confess I get intimidated by good artists… I think ohhh can never do as good as someone else… I am happy with this.. and am getting better with practice.. Except the feet.. I can work on a piece for a good length of time.. but when it comes near the end I think I am taking too long and tend to rush..

I love little birds.. I have quite a few little ornaments on my window sill of birds.. they encourage my soul.. they remind me that GOD takes care of them and how much more does HE love and take care of me… When I see them I am reminded that GOD is everywhere.. and HE is watching over me as HE is all creation..

I find when I am creating.. I am more at peace.. and I have more energy.. and I am more focused.. my soul feels energised.. I have more inspiration and I can feel happier with myself and the world..


What are you proud of? Blog about your biggest accomplishment.



Wow it would have to be.. Knowing and learning about GOD.. Proud I know HIM.. but its more than that.. Its knowing HIM more and more since first knowing HIM.. and realising there is SO much more to come.. Like being on a roller coaster that keeps going.. the fun never stops.. I suppose it’s realising in the dull moments that the fun never has to stop.. You can find out you are switched off to it.. and yet its still there.. I am proud of knowing HE’s always there… I am always a part of HIM.. This is my purpose in life.. To be a part of GOD.. and come into all that this means even now..

I look back and wow.. I didn’t know then… what I know now.. It’s a growing, learning process..

Now when I say I am proud of knowing.. It’s just really that I’m glad I know HIM… I mean HE first knew me..

Scripture says.. Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart.. Jeremiah 1:5

It’s coming into that.. being aware.. especially living it and knowing its far more real than anything else.. So much more to it then what you learn as you go through because you keep learning it and the learning doesn’t stop.. HE is much bigger than all that man knows..

Anything negative you can laugh at.. because that’s not HIM and it is so small compared to HIM.. HE is good.. really really good.. and all the good things are HIM.. and you can have them too.. lol.. it’s just not what mankind thinks about HIM.. I mean people get so afraid of prosperity.. LOL.. it’s just a small part of it..

I mean when you see the mountain looming before you, are you going to be looking at the little flowers all about you?? You are aware of them.. and maybe before you saw the mountain you took pictures close up.. and you marvelled at them and wondered at their colours and variety.. But when you saw the mountain.. it took your breath away and drew your full attention.
You wanted to climb it.. to paint it.. to photograph it.. to keep looking at it.. its grand size made you forget all about the flowers.. and focus on the bigger.. huge.. magnificent grandeur..

I think you get the picture.. prosperity is good.. and it does certainly make life easier but HE made all that too.. and although you can enjoy it and its good when you have more.. HE is bigger and when you glimpse how amazing HE is.. prosperity kind of fades in comparison… You are enamoured by the size.. the wonder.. the glory of HIM.. not the mere things HE can do..

Nothing else compares..

Yes I have gotten annoyed too by people who made it all about “GOD” in the past.. I mean HE is all that they talked about.. but that is because I didn’t know how they are feeling and how much HE had done for them.. Sure its true many can speak about HIM and not actually know HIM.. but its the ones that kind of glow when they talk and write about HIM in ways that either annoy the heck out of you or your hungry for more.. The ones that keep the glow that you cannot deny something is going on.. they have un-tappable joy… that make you wonder… And no matter what they go through it’s all about HIM. That some how they reached some kind of plateau you missed.. They have found some kind of mystery…

You never think to ask why or see that its good…. why is that? We get envious or angry or try to explain it away or give a good reason why its harder for us…

Proud might not be the right word when summing up how I feel about this journey.. but that is the question that I was asked in my study book… so it stays as the theme I am writing about right now.

I’m certainly happy I know HIM.. It’s a happiness… joy… that comes on me.. even just when I think on HIM.. it wells up and I can find myself laughing.. Love that..

There is a scripture that says.. In HIS presence is joy.. Psalm 16:11

When I used to read that.. I’m like.. yes of course.. but when you think about it.. GOD says I am with you always.. then why are so few experiencing that joy?

That’s what I am proud of.. that I now know that joy.. I have it.. I’m proud of that.. so many say.. they cannot see GOD.. well look at me.. hee hee.. see the joy.. that’s HIS presence.. its real.. and its something we can have.. right now.. no matter what our circumstances are..

See if you look only at the flowers.. you might miss the mountain.. but if you see the flowers growing on the mountain side.. you are seeing the bigger picture.. and able to enjoy it all at the same time..

This is it.. the scripture says.. the Kingdom of GOD is not meat and drink; but righteousness, and peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost. Romans 14:17

So this is what I am excited about.. the fact that I am experiencing what GOD says is HIS realm, HIS kingdom.. the joy.. I have been shown and am learning what righteousness is.. and I have experienced HIS peace.. oh how I love that.. so I am assured and happy that I have been experiencing the Kingdom of GOD and because this goes on after life on earth what could be a bigger accomplishment than this!!!!

It Will Work Out



Don’t know what is breaking into my realm but something is!!

I’m tired of this struggling I want to bloom and I’m going too!!!!! But I’ve been missing it for some reason.

Let me explain….

I’ve learned a lot about JESUS lately.. and yes for me it always gets back to HIM.. HE says HE came to give life and not just life but life in the full.. HE says HE is the way to GOD, is the truth and says HE is the life..

HE says HE is with me and through HIM all is brought to completion so why am I experiencing much less right now?

Either it is all lies or I am not experiencing it because I am not living aware of what I already have!!

Right now there have been many things to say different; ill health keeping us from living life in the full.. I have a daughter recovering from Emergency Surgery over the weekend… a teenage son at home.. with a myriad of problems that means he has had a lot of time off from school and we still don’t know what is wrong.. My own health I have had some niggly concerns that could amount to something serious.. No money and little food.. And its enough to make you feel depressed or mad.. thinking about all that..

BUT… if I focus on GOD and what HE says.. HE is with me and He promises there is so much more to experience if Spirit is where I live from. Spirit and flesh are totally different. But amazingly Spirit is greater and is not limited!!!! God is SPIRIT.

I must have a different sense about it all and see that I have the answer within me.. Surely it will work out.. and there is no need for alarm.. even just shifting my thought this way I start to feel better.. at peace.. Even though nothing appears different around me there’s a sense I am onto something that will change everything no matter how it is now.

This post is trying to say what is coming to me…what is on my mind…

Its a different mind set that focuses on an unseen GOD; how can I explain.. Hmm.. see pic… an outline of me.. and my family (bottom of picture) and maybe that outline includes some challenges within in it… but by using my spirit…. my thoughts can be focused not on the things inside the outlined picture of me and family and problems within.. But on all that lies outside my realm and the good promises GOD says even if I cannot see them with human eyes.. My mind is on GOD who is everywhere… Even with me and my family (within the outline) and also everywhere without..

And if GOD is as HE says… things WILL change..

I have been posting prayer requests for days.. sharing with family.. friends etc.. praying over myself and family.. but the problems seem to stay even though I have strong faith..

With a different mind set.. I am seeing that all is covered and I am able to focus on good instead… Not praying and praying and praying and not worrying, worrying, worrying.. but resting.. trusting.. looking to GOD… Putting my faith in HIM ~ not faith in my prayers.. not my faith in other people or faith in what is happening in my world..

For HE (GOD) is with me.. HE is enough.. HE is what I am focusing on.. HE is wisdom, HE is perfection, HE is healing, HE is all sufficient, HE is with me.. HE has promised many things..

and says..

Colossians 2:10
And so you also are complete through your union with Christ…

Complete means nothing lacking.. Psalm 23 also says.. The LORD is my shepherd.. I lack nothing..

This mind set… this way of looking at HIM.. is simple.. and again I see and am comforted that everything else will work out..

Matthew 6:33 says… But seek first HIS kingdom and righteousness… and all these things shall be added to you..

Its not denying whats going on and the lacks/needs but focusing instead on the supplier..

Philippians 4:19
And my GOD will meet all your needs according to the riches of HIS glory in Christ JESUS..