Keeping on


I feel like scrapping this whole site and starting again… Lol…
Hit restore on my own life..
Wiping it out..
But we keep plodding on..
Being brave..
I look for responses but I should know not to expect them.
Everyone has their own battles.
I realised I’m still here and putting it out there despite the frustrations.
That thought encourages me.
To me its important to share what means something to me..
It might just be a quote or my art or a photo etc
But I feel part of something more when I share…
Enjoying a book a friend lent me called “The gifts of imperfection” by Brene Brown.
Everyone has imperfections its what makes each of us unique..
I shouldn’t be afraid to be real.
As God says… Flesh weak but spirit strong..
I love when I do share struggles people respond..
Sometimes it helps them to share about their struggles too..
That feels good when that happens..



About eternalpeacechild

I'm a 47 year old single mother of 6 children, 2 currently live with me & 1 in heaven. I am an expressive soul, love GOD, love life and enjoy blogging, creating art journals and social media. I find my world opens up & expands online because I'm hearing impaired ( so severe now I call myself deaf) so I cannot communicate with others in the natural as I would like too.

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  1. I have had that same thought sometimes…wanting to scrap things and start over…easiest way to do it is with online things. But I know that desire is deeper than that. I get what you are saying! Thanks for posting.

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