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Faith of the Soul


I’m in midst school holidays and planning a trip away tomorrow and I’m taking my time with the art course I’m doing. Mess everywhere behind me on the kitchen bench lol. I knew that my raindrops would be tear drops.

(Current week I’m up too is called “Shape of the Soul”.. Water & Rain.. I created the stencil of rain drops myself!! )

It was so comforting to make grey tear drops.. because I have seen lots of sorrow in my life. A man friend said there was a lot of pain and sadness in me that he was aware of. The scripture about GOD keeping track of our sorrows is amazing.. find it in psalm 56:8.

That HE records each tear in a book /his book. I outlined every tear because although over my life I have shed many tears in private GOD knows every single one of them.. That HE collects them means nothing bad we go through is for nothing… because otherwise why keep track and record of them!! Our pain and suffering has purpose.. everything we go through is precious to GOD.

It felt wrong to do my person or self in black but yet there is another scripture about weeping may stay for the night but joy comes in the morning.. Psalm 30:5 so even though I am saved… redeemed and glorify GOD in my life. I still acknowledge that the earthly life has darkness and light as well.. day and night.

So even in grief or sorrow or difficulties there is always hope of joy to come.. our faith may be tested too but our soul can look up and hold our head up because there are many promises of good to come no matter the length of our night. Faith in GOD makes us look up and even give thanks.



Shape Of The Soul – Angel Wings


Sharing my art here from “Made” art course I’m currently doing which combines art and faith.. This is day 2 of week 4… Shape of the Soul.. Angel wings..
Wings are from stencils I made myself! I didn’t have the exact supplies to make stencils so used a craft knife on what looked like the transparent sheets you use for overhead projectors.

The writing I will post here it explains why I did this piece which might be too hard to read on the art piece itself.. The pic of the man I used was on Australian TV and is one of the happiest humans I’ve seen.. Unfortunately his pic was across a double pic and one of his arms didn’t make it but he is a good example of the “angels” I might have seen!!!!!!!!

Its at difficult times *angels* have appeared in my life.. Now they may or may not have been angels but seemed strategically placed so they could be easily seen. Each time I’ve seen them I’ve been mightily encouraged. Both times it seemed time was slowed at the precise moments I saw these *angels*. I’ve seen two at least that have stood out to me. Standing at the side of the road. Looking outward.. Extremely happy. If angels there was nothing stand out human wise in appearance except the joy.
There were other people in the car both times that saw these *angels*. Everyone noticed them. These people/angels were abnormally happy and afterwards we all talked about them… I was personally lifted in spirit even though physical things around me were still hard. I looked upwards instead of being frustrated. I began thanking God and still do! Its what this art represents to me today.


Solitude is different than Loneliness


ROOT: 30 Day Journal Project
Day 22
Today’s Inspiration:
Solitude is the cure for loneliness. Like cures like.
— Caroline Casey said that.

Solitude is different than loneliness because…

Your making use of it.. your time. It can be a very sacred place. Loneliness speaks to me of sadness.. Disappointment.. Being very unsettled in your circumstances. Sorta like a crises and a saga but only for one. But today for me its been filled with purpose.

Tonight is a funny night to write this prompt because my ex husband has the kids and its school holiday so they are away a bit longer than normal. I have been alone most of the day.. I did say to my mother I missed the kids and I don’t like being alone so much. And then when my oldest daughter came home.. My mother said to her that I was feeling lonely.. That’s not quite true.. I’m missing company and it is very quiet but I’m not missing the fact I can do my art without feeling guilty that I’m being selfish with my time. If the kids were in the house even if we are doing things separately I always feel some guilt.

The wonderful thing about this solitude is I can do art to my hearts content. I have time to sit and think undisturbed. I don’t mind my own company. I often laugh at myself and talk to myself… So I do keep myself good company lol. My biggest downfall is… Simply wasting this time.. Switching off in front of the TV… Or spending ages playing games on the iPad or just going from here to there on Facebook.. That sort of thing. When instead I really like to read or write or blog or create things or tidy the house or go out and about or pray to God or pray for others.. So many things you can do on your own that aren’t so easy to do when company is about but not using your time wisely can suck it all away and leaves you feeling morose and empty.
Making art is solitary. It can be isolating.. But it truly fits into my life and it satisfies me and I hope it blesses others too.

This prompt coming up on a day I’m alone a lot encourages my soul to embrace it and see it as a gift. To indeed bloom here where I’m planted.
To not be discouraged.. Or think dry thoughts or become weary in this life.. God is with me here.. My heart loves to feast on inspiration. I love that this page is full even on a quiet day!
I find God on my pages.. In my room and in my solitude. He satisfies me. I talk to Him about all sorts of things. My heart is always involved so its personal and meaningful to me. I find joy here.. Freedom. This place of solitude is not so scary and definitely not fencing me in.

The 2nd pic is my art journal cover this pic is created in.. Ta da.. More solitude huh! Its been my lot in life for quite some time now. But it can be a beautiful place.. Where you learn to hone in to God and know His presence in a way you couldn’t if you lived a busier life with lots of distractions..

Also added in a pic of recent stamp purchases.. I ordered the set just so I could have the “I am Grateful” stamp specially to stamp in as a daily reminder to write in my diary things I’m grateful for.. Oh my how this helps to overcome the trials and dark days and keep my mind and heart looking up.




Artist Trading Cards


Almost at the end of week three of the art “Made” course I’m doing.. If your interested in combining art with faith you must sign up for next years course… Absolutely awesome! Link via side menu here on my blog to give more information.. These three cards were so much fun to do.. See link as to see further what these are.

Artist Trading Cards

This is the 2nd repost.. Sigh for some reason unknown to me it got deleted after I hit post the first time. The link even got shared on my social media… So I’ve had to rewrite it as well. At least I know most of what I said. This will be shorter as my daughter is hungry for lunch! Its school holiday time here.

I’ve had some trials and tests personally of late even as I’m working on these so being able to lose myself in creating has been so beautiful and healing to my soul.. And the amazing thing is the messages that I’ve chosen are positive and true even in hard times. Its whats I’ve found within that brings hope to my soul and will guide me on when the outer life is difficult..

God for me is truly the answer to everything! I truly hope with all my heart my art shows that!

I was saying in earlier posts on this blog that I was disappointed that I wasn’t getting more technique teaching in this course. Well this week I was rewarded and the material we were sent was easy to follow and showed various techniques step by step. As well as a video sharing “how to do the art” the teacher sent such a inspirational pdf packed full of so many quotes, photos, prompts, spiritual food and gorgeous thoughts!

I will definitely be creating more of these cards in the future!! I have a whole pack of cards I found in an op shop to use that I can alter and create with!

I want, in fact, to borrow from the language of the saints – to live “in grace” as much of the time as possible.. By grace I mean an inner harmony, essentially spiritual, which can be translated into outward harmony.

Anne Morrow Lindbergh





Remember Who You Are


ROOT: 30 Day Journal Project

Day 21 (haven’t given up this project)

Today’s Inspiration:

remember who you are

In Spanish:

recuerda quien eres

– A message spotted painted on the side of a building in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

In between waiting for this new week “Made” materials to come through I will continue on with this project.
I’m a kind of loner so I always sit with self.. The last couple of “Made” posts I was focusing on my weak self amidst the greater spiritual learning.. Difficulties and such… But this one is fun and positive.

A little disappointed the “Made” course is not teaching more art techniques. Not much new art journalling know how. I don’t even know the technical terms lol. The backgrounds, step by step tutorials kind of thing.
Spiritual side of it yay! Definitely meeting new people and going through the material and seeing others work is wonderful.. Its opening up myself to more of Gods Spirit through my art and self so that’s a bonus!

Finally getting some feedback.. What others see or feel because of my art.. A few more comments really helps me be more fearless and lose myself more and more into the process.. We really do need one another!

I know I see improvements and more of a connection to others. That’s what I want…

I watch X-Factor Australia.. And the judges often talk of the contestants connecting with the audience. Its something any artist longs for that soul to soul understanding. Where who you are and what you desire to share is conveyed in what your bringing forth… Its felt in the heart. It moves people. It touches soul deep.

At the core of every person is a unique soul/spirit unlike any other and when we remember who we are there’s an authenticity that cannot be replicated.
I’ve heard the judges say many times to the X-Factor contestants stay true to who you are.. Its how we all should be in life!




For this 2nd week of “Made” art course we had to choose a word.. The word power keeps coming up in the world around me.. Then I did an art piece on it.

The quotes below came from the book “The Gifts of Imperfection” by Brenè Brown..

These below have spoken to me as I have been thinking about this word “Power” and what it means to me.. I will let the art speak for itself..

*Spirituality is recognising and celebrating that we are all inextricably connected to each other by a greater power than all of us, and that our connection to that power and to one another is grounded in love and compassion. Practising spirituality brings a sense of perspective, meaning and purpose to our lives. Brene brown

*Martin Luther King Jr described power as the ability to effect change,

*Lit from within

*Both joy and gratitude were described as spiritual practices that were bound to a belief in human interconnectedness and a power greater than us.

Psalm 121:2
My help comes from the LORD, the Maker of heaven and earth.

My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness. 2 Corinthians 12:9


Wall is broken down


Sharing page three for the first week of “Made” art course I’m doing!

We were asked to create a brick wall, that symbolises the way we separate ourselves from God. (For me personally these boldly documented words in my pic are the things I’ve found try hard to come between God and I.)
You know the things in your life that are personal for you that are barriers between you and God. Create a collage.
Choose materials carefully, what things speak to you of that barrier. Cover it with other materials to create a brick wall.
Create a list of words that are the things that create barriers between you and God. That make this chasm feel so wide that I’m unable to reach the God who loves me.

Then we were to cut these bricks and add them to other pages we created earlier.. I deviated from that, creating this page. My explanation below.

My wall was thick and deep and wide and the bricks heavy and huge..
Underneath each brick I’ve written all the things that have disappointed me about my life… So these bricks are very multi layered.

But its completely broken down by Jesus.. He has made a way through and He is the only answer. Although all of the bricks are physical and still affect me in some way or another.
I’m spirit, a new creation and I’ve overcome through Jesus..
All things work together for good to those who love Him.. 🙂
The back ground of swirling blue was the first thing I saw in my minds eye when thinking on this first week. It became the third and final background page for “Metaphor”.
Underneath are His everlasting arms. He has it all worked out from the beginning of time..

Need I say it again.. Yes I will..

All of it works together for good.


Enjoy Just Because


ROOT: 30 Day Journal Project

Day 20

Today’s Inspiration:

Enjoy your presence.

— Holiday greeting card message by Lisa Sonora Beam


Today’s Journal Prompt:

In this journaling process, I am discovering… enjoyment!

I collect pics from magazines and any place I can get them.. Just to combine them on an art journalling page in a book to keep is fun. I can flick through my art journals at any time and they cheer my heart.. This page on this day was simple.. Easy to put together and just flowed. Feel in myself peaceful and restful. You can put whatever you like together. In any way, shape or form! Sometimes you do fuss over how to make it relevant if you want to say something more and it takes time and effort. But this one was just straight forward.
Losing the fear of messy writing and wondering “does this go with that”.
I am finding time to do it even though this 30 days has been more spasmodic. I haven’t given up and I admire that in myself. Also I’m not putting off finishing this just because I’ve started something else. I have wondered why I keep sharing or want too.. I don’t know I just do.. Yes I can understand why people with obvious talents share it. But really if you think about it not that many ordinary people just share everything like this.. Ha ha and that makes me smile.

For my “Made” art course I explained about it last post. A friend has been watching the videos and will sit and type out the dialogue! Can you believe she’d go to the trouble of this for me!!! So beautiful.. Some of the teachers are looking at ways to help me be more able to participate. I mean I enrolled fully knowing I wouldn’t hear any oral dialogue. So they don’t have to do anything more. But that they are aware and will look into it makes me feel wonderful and special..

Art is therapy. Its healing and opens up my world. Ha ha its hard to hold back buying more materials 🙂 I’m so much happier in myself doing this daily.
You can see what I do is very simple but that’s me!


Stirring stirring


ROOT: 30 Day Journal Project

Day 19

Today’s Inspiration:

“I want to unfold.

Let nothing in me hold itself closed.

For where I am closed, I am false.

I want to be clear in your sight.”

— Rainer Maria Rilke said that


Today’s Journal Prompts: (do one, some, all, or none, as you wish)

I want to…

See what happens.

This is going to tie in with another project I’ve started this new month. I let it all hang out here.. 🙂
All so appropriate. The stirring is my wanting to shine with all I am being so totally free and uninhibited. That’s not a naked lady lol but rather a spiritual metaphor of myself creatively exposed in all fullness. The inside loving and living outwardly. I really really do want to unfold as it says above..

There’s a saying that one day in the future in heaven there will be such a shout heard as never before when everyone is at the end of all we know and the beginning of forever after and the worst is totally behind. I feel that rising up in me now… A deaf person is muted. There is a reason deaf and dumb are lumped together. Drives you on though because you have to get loud in a whole different way.

Artistically and spiritually no limit. So this 30 day journal project and “Made” online course starting from September 1st see pic below are vehicles I’m going forward in leaps and bounds I feel already it is happening.

I mean if there’s a God. I believe there is.. And a soul unites with the creator of the world no matter the dysfunctions… There’s going to be wham bam thank you Mam lol. I mean something’s going to happen and I’m alive with it… Like a vibe pulsating in and around me. I’m excited about that.. I feel a great momentum inside.. Churning away and I’ve no doubt its going to produce something wild and wonderful despite me…

I’ve read stories about ordinary people when God suddenly shows up and the time is right and it can be world changing. People around sense it too. Its not a human thing and don’t we all need the miraculous. I want to see that and God use me here and let it pour out you know.. He says when we are weak He is strong and I guess the more humble the circumstance the better it is to shows Him up best. I’ve got that part covered! 🙂

Included is my very first art piece for “Made” and I ruined pens doing this. Learning what to use and not to use.. I can’t hear all the instructions given on videos because they are speaking while they do the art classes. Some of this I have to use my imagination and just soak in what others in the face book group are saying..

Visual is great but I haven’t quite learnt how not to say things with it. Like a picture is said to be worth a thousand words.. But because I don’t hear normally I need words too..

This quote helped me when I was tempted to do as I’ve always done and cut and paste..

When I forgot about trying to succeed as an artist and just started painting the way I wanted to paint on what I wanted to paint on, just for fun, new things really started to happen.
Ken Delmar



Backwards Creative


Ohh I missed a day so this is day 17… Of the 30 day Journal Project I’m doing… Eek..

Today’s Inspiration:

The meaning I picked, the one that changed my life: Overcome fear, behold wonder.

— Richard Bach said that

Prompt I chose…

“The thing that is bugging me about my creative life is – “

I tend to take the joy out sometimes because I attach meaning to everything and also spiritualise it so that makes it more of a work than play. Spirit is everywhere in everything so its there already you don’t have to force that! Enjoy it! Use it! Celebrate it! Flow in it!

I like writing but I’d like it more if sometimes I just played and art doesn’t have to make sense. It can be messy, random and fun. I think with anything there is always going to be learning, growth and hits and misses. You don’t have to share every thought that comes to your head. I need to let myself go privately as well. That part of me has bugged me.

I tend to always want to be positive and my idea of art is in small doses and then I clean up I need to let myself go and be messy and not hurry and explore and not feel guilty.. I’m afraid to get dark and negative yet I always talk about being real and yet without acknowledging the darkness I’m not ever being real. Irony of it.

That I want recognition too lol. I just wish I could lose sight of needing recognition and comments and someone to notice. That I just put my heart and soul into it anyway. That’s not just art wise its everything wise. Because I don’t depend on physical presence so much and I mean in communicating because I’m deaf but also as a spiritually awake person I forget I’m human too.. I get caught in the thee’s and thou’s mentality not that I use those words but I don’t speak normally. God this and God that and truly can be way over people head or turn them off and its not even how I speak in the every day world. Too religious or something. I need to be me in my way not a “certain way” or because that’s how I always have done or said something.

I tend to do the comparison thing. And because no one is the same I don’t feel I have a talent at all cause I’m comparing. So I hold back and well your never going to do the full life if you hold back. I judge myself according to feedback or against how someone else does it and well no feedback or very little means little of me and comparison doesn’t work because it means your not developing your own self cause your too busy looking at others. No wonder I don’t draw attention for my heart and soul alone. My greatest weapon seems to be persistence, being me and not being afraid to put myself out there creatively or just doing my thing my way.

My creative outlet is where I flow like nothing else and nowhere else despite every obstacle. I need to stop being afraid, holding back and wondering what people think. To me disinterest in my life seems to mean I have little worth. But thinking about it if I’m not out there and everyone else is and that’s where the majority is how can they look for me if I’m not there like them? It would be an impossibility if people were looking for me… So my feelings about this are holding me back.

I guess the challenge is if you want to contribute to the flow of life is to keep putting yourself out there and you can’t be missed! All the more be fully me and I’m happier and I’m flowing and I think a person, whatever they do is going to shine if they are happy and flowing and growing! Being real is refreshing and engages others to do the same. Its attractive and unique!

Weird part of being an artist is you do need time alone to do what you do and I might complain about it but I still do like being alone. I found a graphic that says the same so obviously this need to isolate and craving to share is not just me. That’s so helpful when what you experience someone else does and suddenly you can take a big sigh and acknowledge yourself as “yep this is me and its ok”.

James 1:17
Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.