Art The Digital Way

Art The Digital Way

My newest art which takes hours and I do not do it all in one go but come back and forth with it. This image is inspired by artist Casey Childs – Light and Solitude.

When I saw it I knew I wanted to have a go at trying my best to create similar. It is learning and challenging myself to get it as close to the original using digital. Obviously it will never be the same and I don’t want the same but I want to learn how to create more challenging art pieces. The play on light and dark fascinates me, how using shadows and colors you can make a flat image look dimensional. I don’t have any idea what I am doing lol I just try to create similar and learn as I keep doing more and more art.

I use procreate on my ipad and it is not an ipad pro. Just the regular size and I was so glad when they released it with the ability to use the ipencil. I used procreate oil brushes for this one created by ‘Abbie Nurse Uproot’ you can find her account on Instagram. I might add the link below my writing for anyone interested. I have never painted with real life oil paints so I cannot say I know how they work or flow onto a canvas but I love the look of oil paintings and that someone can replicate it in a digital form..

The dark room, the light bursting in, the solitary girl.. The book she is reading.. The contemplation. All so me and how I face the light no matter what. Faith wise so much this speaks of the light of God displacing the darkness.. Giving light to the face and how the words of God illuminate me and give hope.. I do not want to go too much into it because art is supposed to speak for itself. But I think in these trying times this art piece is incredibly inspiring. It is challenging for me as single woman I would much rather not be alone but this is my life and has been for so long. 11 years since my marriage separated and I have been a single woman.. ohhh.. I think this image reflects my single status quite well. You have to learn to look to other things to fill the void in your life. There is an ache for more but what can you do but create the best life where you are and as you are.

Also with the personal struggles in my life that leave me isolated and in what feels like my own little world. I have turned my focus fully to the source of all light, life, hope, peace etc.. The WORD Himself.. 🕊

I am surprised at what I can create and I really love doing art like this. Thrills me. I can do it all at home. Without all the expensive art supplies and the mess and the space you need to spread out. I want to write also that I couldn’t do my art this way without the support and generosity of my former husband. He helped me buy the ipad and apple pencil. He bought it outright and I paid him off as I could afford it and even before I finished he canceled the rest owing and I am forever grateful.. I being on a disability pension don’t have a lot extra so I may not have had this for a long long time. We have a great relationship despite being divorced. I am so thankful and our kids have lots of family times with both of us without any tension and there is freedom to be ourselves to come together as a family then go our separate ways. I thank God above because it could be so different.

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