Sun Rays

Sun Rays

This is completely and purely my own digital art and poetry so I’m quite proud of that.. The Sun-rays in the art, the photo was taken close to where I live.

I signed up to a free poetry class online just recently but I went away during the time it started. At the end of 5 days you lose access to the course. I had to pay because being away I missed a few days and now I have unlimited access so I won’t miss anything. I had a look first and it has deaf captions and transcripts.. that alone encourages me plus I love poetry and writing. I decided I liked what I saw and paid the fee to access it.

I did also join a community where you can share progress etc but unfortunately it’s not been easy to access for me.. I am struggling with finding my way around it. Probably starting later I’ve missed the general flow. I can’t really find my feet there so I thought why not share here. My greatest hardship and for a long time is just finding connection with things that matter to me. I share it daily on social media and people are noticing and commenting. But I haven’t found feedback or artistic talk or any kind of deeper sharing. I share and then have to move right along alone.. often though I find it hard to converse or seek people out.. For some reason art/poetry/writing is far far easier.

Nevertheless I keep sharing..

This is a poem for day 2.. About making meaning.

Meaning is a choice. You can delve into the details surrounding you and measure the might of sacredness in each. You can make the street sign sacred if you want too. Anything can be holy.

Sun Rays

I don’t know when I first saw them.

I can’t remember noticing them ever before in the past.

But now whenever I see the light streaming down from the clouds.

I don’t feel so above.

I feel heaven is open above me.

That heaven is close and real.

I’m comforted. I’m encouraged .

I look up instead of down.

There was a time frame when every single day I walked my dog in the afternoon..

The heavenly rays of light were there.

It was miraculous.

It was personal.

I was lifted up from the difficulty of my life every time I saw them..


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