What do I wish I could ask my 80 year old self?


I forget about my blog here.. I recently started an online course “Soul Restoration” which can be found at Brave Girl University. Spur of the moment thing. I’d seen it before but timing wasn’t right.. I’ve been searching for something for awhile.. but I didn’t really know quite what.. Spirit led?? 

I have just for so long lost my mojo this course is so timely and the videos have captions for deaf which is truly life saving and I’m sorry to those whom have not heard from me. I think all the things that have happened to me have worn me down.. As Journalling shows.. it really is a closed for restoration situation.. this is only one of the questions I’ve answered. 

Very personal Journalling in this course.. I tended to tell everything in the past and that hasn’t always bode me well.. I really do think if I stick with this it will help me heal.. I may well share more.. it’s been a struggle even to keep at this course.. I just sit and sit and sit.. I guess it’s kind of a switching off.. anyway I’m here and I’m alive.. the lady Melody Ross who runs it is a believer in Jesus Christ.. wow.. but it’s not so much religious as it is helpful and needed.. she shares her beliefs but leaves people open to what they believe and how they apply what she teaches.. freedom.. affirmation.. truth.. ect it’s really beautiful.. 

This page the colours and patterns (background) is my favourite from a whole host I created beforehand.. I edited this a bit to sound better. I try to journal as unedited as I can.. I think better to be raw & real.. 

What do I wish I could ask my 80 year old self?

I would have to go to her ha ha she wouldn’t come to me. I’d make sure she was comfortable with my coming, not just turn up. I’d ask her if there was anything she wanted to say. Wisdom she wanted to pass on. I’d be respectful of her eccentricities. Ask her to show me her art. Ask her to tell me her stories. Ask her what belongings, trinkets, precious things meant the most to her. If she had any regrets? Ask her were there things in her past she could have done differently? I’d want to look through her journals. Communicate in a way she was comfortable with. Ask her what things helped, what things hindered, what people helped, what people drained her, where her inspiration continued to come from over the years? What she loved, how she survived hard times? Did she dream again? I would give her my full attention. Make sure she knew I valued her. Thank her for her time, spirit, faith, help, wisdom and ask her what she thought would help me most to enjoy the rest of my life… 

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  1. I really love this Sharon. I can relate to the Closed For Restoration too, what a perfect way to put it! Just this past week I heard teaching about God’s rhythm for our life and that we cannot always be going, doing, conquering…..we Have to have times of being quiet and resting. I am learning not to berate myself when I am not creating. Thank you for sharing this, the words, and also the art is beautiful.

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