Perseverance on a Page


It’s what’s I do. It’s how I’ve survived. In this life at least. It’s where I turn up strongest. It’s not like everyone else. But I see the beauty of that. If I sit with you. I’m quiet, reserved, 1/4 of the person I am. Uncomfortable. Difficult if not impossible to contribute. So I flow where it’s easy and I’m free. Do you miss me because I’m not there or because I break traditions? Make you feel uncomfortable? If you search for me you’ll find me easily enough. Would you rather I was a lifeless shell or a functioning freely flowing spirit? Every word here my spirits breath. I very much consider a place of awakening. My epiphany if you will. 

There’s a human hand writing, soul leaking through imperfection. God breathing through me. 

Why would I want to be anywhere else? 

Unless it was needed more. My children, my life but they are growing up with lives of their own choosing. 

The joys that come when you become the beauty of what remains of passing through difficulties, the dark tunnels of life and appearing in brightest light at the other end!!!

No comparison!!!

Breaking through to the promised land!! 

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