Freedom to keep speaking


What kind of freedom does writing give you? How do you wish or expect it to further increase your freedom, if you commit to giving it your all? Voicing your hopes and dreams helps you take the first actionable step towards this freedom.

The last couple of days I have felt freer than ever before. Just following my heart in creative endeavors continuing to forge my path ahead and it becomes clearer and the vision in my heart I believe crisper in form. For so long I have been direction-less. So writing and expressive activities not only have given me a voice but a straight path. Something to channel myself into. A  greater reason to live the life I live and a platform that gives me a way to speak my truth and tell my story.

I have deep joy and I have lost that empty feeling inside and it’s fun and personally fulfilling. That feeling of stuck-ness has gone when I keep expressing myself. Though I still have days where there is little motivation and purpose. If I write some, create some, do some art, poetry etc it’s quickly apparent that I have a flow inside of me to propel me forward. You cannot attach a price tag to your inner well-being . Especially when you realize that others maybe where I once was. Lost, sad, no direction, feeling anything but inner peace. I think that is reason enough to keep sharing!! Maybe someone else will be helped, encouraged  or given some light for their darkness.

I don’t cry every day any more. I am amazed constantly how ideas and inspiration come from inside me when I am not even an out there in the world person. I don’t go anywhere much or see anyone much but I do have a huge creative reservoir I can dig from. I can see that collecting things over the years is now not going to waste but being used and helping light and fuel my inner fire. Nothing is wasted!!! Not waiting on inspiration to come to me because it’s all around. In fact I am creating from what I need to keep myself going.. see the cards below and I think all my art is suggestive of that. My message to the world is what I myself need to hear. It is how we chose our mantras in the art course I am doing.

Abundant life is now being drawn to me as I continue on in this path though it always helps to learn and grow and keep a search for inspiration. I am not looking at others now and wistfully thinking ‘wish I could do that’ because I am happy with what I am doing myself and learning new skills and I can even learn things on the not so productive days. Taking a little here and a little there and working with that and adding my own personal touch and flavor to it.
The fact that the course I am doing by Kelly Rae Roberts ‘Hello Soul Hello Mixed Media Mantras’ is all about letting my Soul out in an expressive way in my own words.. It’s EXACTLY what I need. To believe in myself. To believe in my journey. To believe I can say it in my own words. Speak my truth without fear of imperfections and pushing through the doubts and uncertainties and there is real power in this. Embracing my own uniqueness and finding value and being confident in the telling. 
It follows on beautifully from this course ‘30 days to write myself alive’. Because once a person is alive and doing something every day that keeps them alive they are able to move forward in strength because they have given their heart wings and they have birthed a fierce determination inside that overrides most anything that tries to stop them. Writing many words or one or two it’s just doing it daily and finding momentum as you keep putting your heart out there. Different ends of the spectrum indeed pure writing alone and writing one or two words on a mixed media canvas but what freedom in it all and you are challenged to see how it will unfold as you fit your soul into one form or another. I cannot wait to see how it evolves in the days ahead!!
A little confirmation from GOD below as I look to share this..
HE gave me this scripture..

Day after day they continue to speak; night after night they make him known.

The verse before this says. The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of His hands. From Psalm 19:1-2
As I too continue to keep speaking what is in my heart it comforts me that these words came to my mind. That in all this I am helping others to know the source of all that makes me whole with my hands and voice and heart!! To know HIM than live from the freedom HE gives!!!

All the darkness I have gone through has only ever propelled me to keep doing what I know to do and like to do and yes like stars am created to do and that is to keep shining brightly. To keep speaking from the freedom and more I have found within..





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