Invented words..


Today’s prompt – Invent 5-10 new words and provide their definitions. Across cultures and languages, there are “untranslatable” words, that perfectly describe emotions, happenings, and interactions.

Invent 5-10 that you feel need to be introduced to the world.

Such a fun exercise and I’ve enjoyed creating pics to express my words…

How I originally wrote the meanings changing a few words to fit the pictures..

Cwush ~ loving and respecting someone despite imperfections. Acknowledging the person’s presence, worth and value as much more important.

Sliptoe ~ when you fall but you make it graceful.

Lubbable ~ you cant help loving this kind of person.. They get inside your heart and stay there forever..

Confidentful ~ Living without fear whole heartedly

Strengthumph ~ Strong but clumbsy in the process














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