How I Listen


DIG DEEPER: How do ideas find you? How do you recognise them? If you dig deeper, you’ll see a pattern. When are you most prone to find them? What activities, mood & company ignites them?

Ideas fit together in my head. I am looking at a picture or reading a quote or a bible verse.
Or I am thinking a line of thought.
Than out of the blue something just clicks inside me. Things fit. Make sense.
You could say I see the light. I usually feel very excited. Usually alone with it.
If there is someone around I might start babbling on about it. But usually its something I have to create and express in my own way on my own to get it out of me. If I think something or see something and I am away from home or its the middle of the night. I have to jot it down for later because I forget otherwise.

It is like suddenly I’m charged up within myself. Thoughts seem to flock together like pigeons. Suddenly all descend into my head.

Like an unfinished puzzle and you can see one after the other where each piece fits. It might start out as a word. Than that word will turn up again a bit later on. Than appear again. It may be totally unrelated in the finding  but to me it  all points in one direction and says something relative. I can see it calling out to me. Here this is your direction today. Focus on this and I can just sit down and start writing. I can put together an art piece or page and know how it fits and how to put it together.  

I just see Gods hand so wonderfully in this line of work if you will call it that. It is a restful kind of work. Something I enjoy but it takes time and effort to do it. The fact that I can be a here and there type of person. Not a planner of my day. Spontaneous. Erratic even. And yet the same message will show up again and again in my small corner. That’s a wow moment.

I am a reclusive type person. A hoarder type.. An Internet junkie. I am on a pension. A stay home mother. Yet in this very place inspiration comes. I don’t seem to need to go anywhere. Be anyone special or do anything amazing for it to come. This is where I feel most alive. Because I know all that is not happening. All that I could be feeling and this is just not reliant on me at all. I didn’t finish high school. I don’t see many people through the day. People are not drawn to me physically for any particular reason at all. So this inspiration is I believe other worldly. Gives me incredible hope I can tell you.

I cannot plan it.. comes randomly though there seems to be some deeper working there because it can be found in old magazines, in old diaries and on the web posted by totally unrelated people yet there is a pattern to it. I can’t make it happen. I can’t think today I am going to do a piece on freedom.. I usually start with a blank mind. I pray. I seek God that is my way. But than I am free. I don’t feel compelled to be super religious. I just see that all of life is pointed inward and affects the outward and God is involved so all that comes is precious. Sometimes it shows up one way and sometimes another.
It all comes from what I have within my reach. I love second hand stores and garage sale hunting on the weekend. I love just going from one place to another on the internet. I look at magazines and not the celebrity type though if I can get my hands on glossy expensive type magazines they have the most amazing pics and stories in them. Lately I found these absolutely great “Slow” living magazines. Feast for the soul. So many beautiful scenes and words. Mind and heart comes alive just looking through it.

Earlier in the day is best for my creativity. When I am not so tired in body..

Obviously for me being spiritual minded is my go to.

I can see the difference in me when I am creatively motivated. I am easily able to think about what to say. If you sat me down in front of people I would be tongue-tied and most likely lose interest quickly. Writing and blogging and art journalling I am so much freer. I am not inhibited by disability which is deafness. I am not inhibited by blankness. I enjoy it.

I can virtually take what is around me or in my line of vision or what I have thought about or visualised that day and bring it all together and know what way to express it. Its truly incredible actually and even I am inspired by what comes out of me. I am like a different person. I come alive. My eyes light up. I have fire in my belly. I am learning not to work at it. Rather to let it flow as it will. It really is play and fun most of the time. I can see what it means to me but I leave what it means to the person who might view it up to them. I used to have to explain myself and re-explain myself all the time. People are going to think what they think. I give myself over to the Spiritual side and let what comes come. I know what the message is physically doing to me and how my mind is flowing and that I know what was in me to begin with. I truly believe that the same process which so brings me alive will do that too whomever shares what I express and the freer I am in the letting go of it the more another soul will be be touched by whatever this is being GOD in me or what not..

I do believe this is my calling.. I am fitted for this. I love it.



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