Creative Health..



What helps you create from a healthy place? What kind of body, mind and soul fuel builds you up and makes you feel more abundant, resourceful, equanimous and infinite?
Make a list. Keep tweaking as you go.

Not being afraid to listen to loud music via headphones and sing. (deaf)
Creating collages.
Writing and keeping a diary.
Being inspired with things around me.
Movies, books, Internet.
Reading regularly.
Taking notes like writing down fav quotes and keeping them.
Art Journalling.
Spiritual contemplation.
Someone noticing me and being interested in what I do.
Noticing others.
Living from the heart.
Holy Spirit.
Being myself.
Awareness of this moment as precious.
Keeping up with artistic people’s daily jottings and sharing.
Walking daily does help.

Write a healthy soul, mind and body prescription for yourself that includes Writing + Other healthy practices that make your writing better: Food, Sleep, Exercise, Nature…
You are a full package. If you were your own holistic doctor, what kind of medicine would you prescribe yourself to make you come alive?

Pushing myself is good for me. Even if its reading a book I normally wouldn’t. Making a change in the things I do daily. Setting even one small goal for myself to keep up and ticking the box at the end of each day. Apart from the normal every day. Sticking to anything is a game changer for me.

I have a nature that sits down. It would just sit down without any effort at all easily. I call it a lay back nature. I have to motivate myself every single day. The less I do the less I do the next day. To stay healthy I need to remember to drink water in between coffee and tea. I need to make myself walk as often as I can. It is wonderful when you do that regularly enough that when you don’t do it you feel like a big fat cow.

Yes I need to daily make myself be creative too.. Which is strange because I love it. I can be sitting on my bed with inspiration all around and yeah not do it. So even though I might seem to do it regularly I still have to motivate myself to do it. Push myself. I feel tired now. It is only just after twelve midday. I do admit I stay up later than I should. I overslept today first time in ages but it is a sign I need more sleep.

I need to make myself do house work and rare is it that I keep on top of it. I can’t remember the last time I was on top of it. Probably when someone was coming to visit (rare) so I wanted to have the house tidy for them. My greatest personal bug bare is just keeping my diary. I know I love doing it. But I can struggle to get anything on the page. I think I am afraid that it has to be interesting. That it can’t just be what I think and feel. I really really want to work on the expression part. I feel I am scraping the surface and there is so much I do not say. I mean I need to be honest with myself. I need to not be afraid to say dark things. Sometimes I am so positive that its hard to say it as it really is. I can’t even find the words. I need to work on just saying it and not having to share it. I share publicly so often that I am censoring without thinking. I need to be ok with writing raw in my own private way at home. THAT JUST MAY BE LIFE CHANGING.

That is the crux I think. If you regularly do it its much easier and I think the channel is open for a whole lot more of life. The longer you go without doing it the harder it is to get real and get it out of you. I am so thankful when I look back and read about my life and children and can remember what we did and when but I see that what I have not done is open up my heart which is where I live from most and you cannot live whole if you don’t live from all of your heart. I have diaries with long gaps in them. Pages and pages of nothing. That’s depressing.

I also really really enjoy reading so its another struggle to keep picking up my books but when I do I am thankful. My tank is fuller.

Of course the most important is prayer. Daily prayer to God. Being the kind of person I am I need HIM. Oh how I need divine help. I do believe most anything I do that is productive is because of HIS grace. I have wanted to stop too many times to count. I do not do anything in particular to pep myself up except coffee. Of course this could also be a problem too. Relying on GOD and not doing things with the strength and brain HE has given me. Dear God send me a husband sort of thing and not leaving the house. Umm well I know God does miracles but I can’t meet people if I do not meet people!!??

Ok yes I do hoard art things, book and supplies. They help fill in time and give me inspiration but they also surround me with more clutter and that can drain you and steal your life. You are so busy dealing with it every day. Lost in it. I am easily distracted so yes being surrounded by books, magazines, art supplies you can see how I would get off track very easily. Need balance.

I do need to get rid of things and not day dream away into an imaginary world. It is not easy being very deaf and today I have extremely loud noises in my ears which if I thought about it could be depressing. You have to forget about it and not think about it. I think switching myself off has been a go to thing. Escape thing. Perhaps good medicine for me is just facing things that need to be done. I always feel better having done something that has needed doing. It does lift your spirits and make you feel productive.

It is not easy being a loner though I like being on my own. I have to force myself to do social things and outside of the house things. Like everything else in my life. I have to work on that more than normal people who probably gravitate that way without thinking.

I am like everyone else when you eat, sleep and drink healthier and do regular exercise the mind works better. The spirit is lighter and I think mentally you are more able to cope with whatever life deals you. As a spiritual person my faith gives me wings that is for sure. But as the bible says my spirit is willing but my flesh is weak. I do have weak flesh. Flesh that would sit and turn off easily. Flesh that loses its focus. Flesh that gives up and shuts down. Flesh that does not think of things without prompts.

Good medicine for me is daily focus on GOD.. Being thankful. Not being afraid to be myself, being real, no matter how different or similar or simple or extravagant that makes me look.. Attending to my soul/spirit/creativity. Getting off my butt to walk and do things around the house that need doing. Every day lose clutter. Use it or lose it. Keep doing that daily. Making plans and sticking to them even if its just making small steps/changes. Getting enough sleep. Focusing outward on others more. Making that a goal in life. A new goal. Being confident. Realizing that I make mistakes but so does everyone else. Being free.. Eating healthy to give myself the most energy and boost that I can and that will also be a good role model and help to my children too… ❤






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