I Want


Write a poem — of at least 5 verses — where each stanza begins with the words “I Want” and in which you share your deepest longings, the things you are afraid to want out loud. Remember, show vs. tell. Use the senses. Paint vivid pictures with words.

I want..
What do I want?
What do I really really want?
So indecisive. Drives me insane.
Make your mind up woman.
You’ll be dead soon.
Or lose your mind and not remember any of it.

I want to matter to someone.
In such a way I’m not so bloody awkward.
Where I don’t have to explain and re-explain myself.
Where I don’t have to apologize over and over.
Even when I didn’t do anything wrong.

I want to be known.
So that my heart is seen.
Imperfections aren’t judged. We all have them.
They like me for me and it doesn’t stop.
I don’t have to preform or be perfect.
I can just be me.
Even silly me and still be valued.

I want to be included.
I don’t want to be shut out.
I want the world to see we are one people.
That nobody be left out.
Everybody belongs.
Nobody is better or worse than anybody else.
If we all knew that deep within.
It would change everything.

I want to be loved.
I don’t want to earn it.
I want it because it’s a basic human right.
That all people deserve to be loved.
Just because.
Not having to reach some level of perfection.
I want all to be seen as precious.
Without anything added or taken away.
Just as we are.

That’s what I want.




2 responses »

  1. Beautiful.
    Everyone has someone who loves them for who they’re. 😊
    I like that last stanza, ‘to be loved, is the basic human right.’ And your picture too.

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