Small But Mighty..


DAY 10 – DAILY PROMPT: Tell us a story, a children’s story that is filled with adventure and make believe that cannot exist anywhere besides your imagination.

There are no right or wrong answers here, this is your chance to be a child again, making things up as you go, with no need for any rhyme or reason. We cannot wait to fall into your world.


Well it’s a children’s story with make believe. 


Taylor James was small but she was mighty.

Everyone under-estimated her. If she were born an animal they would call her the runt of the litter. Her life seemed to be of little value, another mouth to feed. One of 6 kids. Parents were poor. Life at first was a struggle for Mr and Mrs James and their family. But when Taylor realized what she could do. Life got happier.

She had magic powers.

Wisdom beyond her years, could tell what was in someone’s heart and she could make grownups forget or remember! Anyone for that matter.

Like if she took a math’s test even fail it she could make the teacher forget she failed. But she never had to do that. Taylor was smart.

She helped kids remember answers and everyone passed with flying colors. Top class in the school! Nobody ever felt dumb and forgotten. Taylor made sure of that.

Kids loved her. She had no fear of bullies. Because she could make them forget they had a problem with her. In fact she made it hard for bullies to stay around her and her friends at all!!

Teachers might have had other thoughts in their hearts but every day Taylor was able to make them forget or make them remember.

Forget what time school finished. Forget that lunch time was only for one hour. Forget who had detention. Forget people who came to class late. Remember party days were part of weekly school curriculum! Remember that kids could choose their own subjects. Remember to pass everyone at the end of year. Remember that all kids got rewards for turning up and kids could even help teach classes too.

School was fun! Kids wanted to go to school.

Her parents she loved of course because she was a good child. But she knew in their hearts that they thought she was a burden. She made them forget as often as she could. She made them remember to smile and not worry about things. She made them to remember how important it is to hug their kids every day. One after the other. 

But hearts are funny creatures. They seem to hold within them good or evil and no magic can completely take that away.

So if she used her magic daily her brothers and sisters and herself lived happier even if they were poor and she too could forget what was in her parents hearts. ❤


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