She just grew..


Recall your growth as an artist, or your awareness towards practicing your creativity and answering your calls to art over the last years. How has it evolved and what events prompted it to?

The sunrise, of course, doesn’t care if we watch it or not. It will keep on being beautiful, even if nobody bothers to look at it. @ThePoetryPorn

This is for a prompt in my writing course. 30 days of writing myself alive.
Third attempt. Two I have already scrapped. Having fussed over them for quite some time too.
I tend to write a certain way and I want to change that.

I want to challenge myself. Not write like I always write. Although generally my writing has come easier. This one has not but than change takes time yeah and I think you are learning more in the stretching. I am a completely creative person in my life right now. Apart from being a single mother this is what I put my heart and soul into daily.

It takes a lot of editing to fit these words into this picture and get it looking the way I want. Yes my own photo! I love that I can do that. I took the picture this morning in my pjs! It had rained overnight so ha ha my pj bottoms got rather wet as I jumped into the garden to snap this rose. Beautiful long stemmed red rose though isn’t. My mother is the gardener. I blurred out the background by hand so it is a little rough. I want the text to be read as easily as possible. It might be all I get accomplished this morning. Now I want to share it here. My little soap box in the world.

Because I do such things as this. Working on more than just my writing but the presentation of it. I am not up to the main group. Fallen behind. But I am writing regularly and that to me is what this whole group is about. Wow and I still have 20 days to go!! Whoop whoop!! Loving it..

Writing is not enough for me. I need to have visual as well. I also continue to share it despite not having a regular audience I truly believe persistence working on my talents will pay off. Thank you to the faithful few. I think you will see that I am mentioning you in this writing.

You are the ones who stop to smell the flowers!

The wonderful thing about writing is. I can choose what I say and how I say it. Not only writing but thinking about how writing relates to what the prompt is. I have tried to share my experience with creativity and how it has evolved and this is very different to both my first two attempts. I am not going to re-explain my writing. I think leave it as it is. I tend to over explain EVERYTHING. And part of being a writer is letting what you write make people think. As an artist your work must speak on its own as you have created it and you must let it go once it is done. Even reading back through this I am amazed at how I write. I can see huge growth in myself.. It’s encouraging. I will put this out there into the big wide world and I am happy with it…




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