He saw her soul and loved her


Write a short-short story (one to a few paragraphs) from back to front. Begin with
the ending, and work your way forward.
Discover the story by skipping the start, and allowing the ending to uncover your opening. This can be a great way to overcome writer’s block.

((I don’t know that I did what it says.. but this is what came.. yes its my story.. and he is an online friend.. but I think even if we are never lovers in the “lovers” sense.. we are lovers still.. ❤ You know you can bare your very deepest soul to someone.. it doesn’t mean they will feel the same back.. It is what it is.. and this is my life..))

He saw her soul and loved her.

She didn’t know what drew her to him. It was just that she saw that he was in need. It was her daily practice to scour the Christian forums to find the lost, lonely and downtrodden. He just happened to be the one she came across that day. Was it providence? I don’t know but he needed a friend and she did too.
A friend who would be there to encourage, who would be loyal and because they were believers in God. A person who understood the spiritual life and would lift up impossible burdens to God.

It started slow. He wrote a prayer request. Wrote out the struggles in his heart and life. She replied and she prayed. It was only one of many other replies but she didn’t just reply and never return. She followed him up. She kept encouraging. If she counted the times she ended up praying.. Well she never stopped from that moment on. He became a part of her life even if he didn’t know it way back than. They became friends closer than a brother.

It was funny. They were both on different sides of the earth. Quite an age gap too. He was single she was in a difficult marriage with kids. Of course it was simply one soul being there for another to pray and offer support and comfort as she did for many others also. He helped her too. One cannot fully dwell on ones own problems when one is reaching out to another. But they kept returning to the forums and finding each other. Not even at that time knowing each others real names. They were to each only on-screen names. Only pictures they had of each other were an avatar. Text their only way of communication. Praying icons and hearts to show care and comments at the end of thought out heart cries. Maybe just words on a screen but a beating heart was behind every word. It was not particularly personal. I know she was quite religious back than and faithful to her husband. It was prayer. It was scriptures. It was encouragement. It was support. It was being there for another soul.

Years went by. Long gaps between posts and comments. But somehow they kept being drawn to one another. A few personal details slipped into conversations. Than they found each other in another place. Social media of a different kind. He was helping her now as she was divorced and life was a struggle. She needed a friend and he was there.

It’s a different kind of love. Love that transcends continents. Love that transcends barriers. Love that draws two people to be there in a way that works that helps the days, months and years pass by in a much more meaningful fashion. It is a close friendship that is based on spirit, belief in God and need of a friend.

What the future will be is anyone’s guess. But one thing is clear. No matter the distance two hearts that care can be drawn together in an unbreakable bond.




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