My Radiating Space..


What’s your “Writing Room/Space” like? Working spaces are vital to many writers. What kind of place feels like home to your writing?

Usually my writing space consists of myself sitting crossed legged on my bed in my pjs or comfortable clothing in my bedroom with my lap top across my lap. I have very messy hand writing so I do not do a lot of my own hand writing. I did purchase an old fashioned type writer since I have last done a writing course which is stored under my bed. That excites me but it’s very temperamental and the keys stick. I couldn’t do long pages with it or I would get so frustrated I would have to throw it out the window. I use it mainly for short poems or to type words and sentences to go with my art journaling. I like to write diaries and have kept them up since I was a child. I can sit for hours quite happily looking through those. I have not been a consistent writer though so my diaries have huge gaps of empty pages in them. 

Having a desk probably helps me write more. Even though I hardly ever sit at it. It is covered with art supplies, books and odds and ends and the chair often has clothes draped over it. I think just that I have a large portion of my room devoted to art and a place where I store creative sorts of things means I flow more that way every day because it is in my face and takes up a big part of the room.

Best writing is done on my lap top with a proper keyboard but I have used my ipad many times too. I like to combine words with pictures, more poems of late and share them on instagram and social media. But it can also be that pictures spur on the words and I write longer pieces as well. I love to blog!!
I have woken up in the dead of night. Switched on my Iphone which is close by and with scrunched up eyes from the brightness of the phone screen hurriedly written down a few words or too. I can be dreaming or having a vision run through my head and know that unless I wake up and scribble just a few words of what is happening down I will forget the lot. I have written a few poems from night time visions!! It’s very exciting that this has happened because so many times I can sit virtually empty of anything much in my brain. My brain does not think good things of its own and I am one of these sorts of people who can get zombified with TV or just scrolling on the Internet..

Because I am deaf person or very hard of hearing it gets tiring having to work at listening and trying to piece together what someone is saying so often I tend to switch off. I mentally do it in my brain and it really does correlate with my creative mind too. I have very loud noises in my head also and thinking about writing or any other thing can seriously tire me out. That is why I like visual images to bring peace and keep my sanity. Pictures. Quotes. They are easier to digest. My head can be a very loud place at times. The strange and weird thing is. I can also be just as happy with very loud music plugged into earphones and played on repeat but I am thinking its a welcome change to the noises which can be at times like a plane taking off close by. I can sing and the words or music can drown out the noises or at the very least hide them for awhile. Sometimes music is imperative to my writing flow because words and music go together. If I listen for awhile than I find it easier to flow into my own expressions like the music flows to the beat.
I truly need to stir myself up if I want to get my creative juices flowing because just the fact that I switch off can mean that it isn’t so easy to get my mind switched back on again easily. I need to feed it through reading, spiritual food, looking at things that inspire me, picture books or sorting through things I have collected on my travels through life. I really can be happy in my own little world. I am a true introvert at heart.

My bedroom is filled with inspiration so I am kind of circled by it perhaps to an observer its quite cluttered and has been moreso in my latter life as my hearing got worse. I have books everywhere, picture books and beautiful titled books and even seeing their titles on the book spines just enthuse me to look at them and dream. I have posters, wall plaques, inspirational calenders, a magnetic board with poetic word magnets spaced on it dotted with pics and photos. I just use the collection of magnetic words to make up poems and often cut pictures from magazines to pair with them and try to do it regularly to keep myself stimulated. I have my own paintings around. My room is filled with things that make me feel good and stay thankful and positive about life. 

Home for my writing soul is things surrounding and close that I treasure and enjoy. It’s beauty. It’s things that nurture my inner faith. Having things around me that speak to my romantic heart and keep alive my imagination and remind me of the spiritual realm and God. Quotes and hand made quote cards with scenic views that I change daily and even started making myself are a real favorite, keep my brain on a creative and expressive path.

I thought to tack this on about my writing and writing space.. when I read what I write, it inspires me as well. I write to literally keep myself alive and everything I produce is because I need it too. I have never understood why this latter part of my life has been so much in a type of bubble. As my hearing declined over the years. I have lost confidence in my communication abilities and drifted away from mainstream everything but people have not been aware I do not think.. out of sight out of mind. Put my heart and soul into my writing instead. The lack of interest although humbling and can be heart stopping in not a nice way. It has produced in me a steely determination. I push on. My writing to me is brave.. Although I have gone inward. My writing is my outward expression.. I think I need to believe more in myself and that will reflect in what I am expressing too.. I am working on that..



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