I see my birth, I see my death..



Describe the circumstances of your birth. Now describe the circumstances of your death. Your first moments, and your last. Show the reader how you have changed, evolved, and perhaps regressed. Show us.  

I see my birth…
My mother and father I was their first. I still have my teddy bear a gift from my Uncle. Dads only brother. My first moments wouldn’t have been in my mother’s arms because they didn’t do that than. Weighed on a cold metal scale on scratchy paper, measured, dressed and handed to my mother. Cloth nappies.. Cleaned up. Dark hair.. 

I know my parents were young. My mother only 20. Younger than I was when I had my first. I know I was loved. Fathers weren’t supposed to be in with the mothers for the birth but I think my Dad was with my Mum. Wrapped in hand knitted bunny rug.

Doctor Faull was present in some capacity and continued caring for me till I had my own babies and saw them in the growing up years, that made him feel like family too. He was just starting out his career when I was born. The hospital has since changed. The rooms where I was born no longer exist they were pulled down. That makes me feel old. My mother was protective. Her childhood had not been really easy. My parents would have prayed for me daily and still do. I still live in the same town I was born in. I know both my grandma and nana would have visited. I never experienced having a grandpa alive. 

I see my death…
I will be with my children and remaining family members surrounding me. Hopefully with a man by my side who I have loved and enjoyed for the other half of my life. My relatives have had mostly lengthy lives so I imagine I’m well up in years. I will need to be touched and hold my families hands. I won’t have hearing to enjoy their voices. Maybe my eyesight has dimmed. Just to be close and die peacefully with people around me who love me. I will loudly sing hymns or fav songs of years gone by.. For once in their lives they will have to listen.. Tell them to update my face book ha ha.. I will have written some fantastic parting words someplace 🙂 or made a video to speak from the hereafter.. I’ve already told them to bring my body late to the church because I’m always late so why should I be different in death.. They will have a lot of crap to get rid of… They will miss me but I know I am loved and they know they are loved.. 

I think many prayers over the years might change the hearts of some and ohh how I will cry and laugh to see who is there by my side.. Perhaps things that have driven people crazy about me will become much more precious.. I will be wanting to go see baby Tyler in heaven.. And younger sister Belinda.. And others who have gone before.. And most importantly to see Jesus face to face.. 


Because I believe in life after death I have learned that things on this earth are not as soul destroying as they appear and have whole different meanings in the spiritual realm. We will know things than that will change everything.. Faith to me will bring forth the spiritual harvest I have sown many tears over.. I truly believe so much of my life hinges on the very small presence I have here and now but in that realm with HIS glory added too is more than I can imagine and will see my dreams come to life as a celestial Disney land ha ha what a day. So many promises that I have yet to see fulfilled. 

It’s the hope that drives me on.. Keeps me going.. Soothes my soul over petty things that in light of eternity will be as opposite as night and day.



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