Creative Prompts


4th January 2016

Write down an achievement you feel proud of:

I am happy I created some gifts at Christmas. Inspirational cards. I gave some to my sister, cousin and brother & sister in law. I had been making them many months before.. so I am glad I was all finished by the time Christmas came around. My cousin actually took quite some time looking through her cards.. that was nice to see.. I really really enjoyed making them.. I love inspiration, matching pics with words.. and I did both sides of the cards so that there is more inspiration.. I have a glass box of smaller cards by the side of my bed.. I like the cards and maybe will give them away one day or just keep them myself. I suspect I could create them and sell them.. but not sure of copy right.. I have amassed quite a lot of magazines to find the pics.. I have not made any cards for awhile though. I have another set I can give away.. perhaps to another family member for her birthday later this month.



My creative flames are fanned by…

Face book friend Amylisa is one.. long time online friend Dustin of course.. I really do not get a lot of feedback. For the amount of stuff I put out there.. Minimal I get back. Hasn’t stopped me. But it does stall me many times. I mean the little crumbs I get can feed me for ages but imagine what I could do if I had more support!! More belief in my expressions.. SIL Lisa was interesting in her comments when I explained how I could see tiny faults with her gift. She couldn’t notice and I would be the one most likely to notice things but it didn’t mean others could. I am not wording this exactly right. But it helped.. made me see that I might be better than I think I am!! That is very positive.. Dustin sees so much of it. I can share it.. pretty much any of it with him ha ha and he has not complained once!! .

 Malcolm God rest his soul was perhaps my most vocal encourager and time has proved he is genuine.. ( I say that because if you encourage me and then turn away it shows a divided heart and I don’t know what to do with your mixed messages).

Malcolm said the most beautiful things.. and very deep, thoughtful and meaningful things. He really is still the wind beneath my wings. I often wonder if perhaps my lack of self confidence shows in what I create? And people can see that and it doesn’t resonate with them. I think actually the more honest I am the better it connects with people.. it’s just brutal honesty is costly.. few do it. And it makes you stick out like a sore thumb. People don’t tend to see your heart behind it. Judge on face value or by who they think you are..  I don’t know it’s weird. I think it all makes me try to be more genuine about things I say to others..

The people who inspire me most are…

Creative types.. Poetry writers.. Artists. Quirky people.. Colourful people.. Those who are Unafraid. You get a sense of their realness. That what they say is how they feel. I have learnt to be much less wary of differences and to embrace people of all kinds.. It makes sense if you want to say how you feel others have that right too!! Uniqueness and authenticity. Battlers and those walking their own paths have wisdom apart from the masses. They may even be outcasts but they don’t say just because its popular or likeable. They have challenged the status quo. Kind people.. People who accept you for who you are and don’t expect you to be like them.

What sets my life on fire…

Words, music, quotes, beauty, books, collecting things that I enjoy that make me happy.. I like writing, poetry, creating art journals, working with prompts… Finding treasures.. Talking about how I feel. Sharing things that excite me, sadden me, inspire me.. Blogging.. Stories.. Soul.. Spiritual people.. People who live whole-hearted lives. Faith.. Talking to GOD any time.. Embracing who I am.. I can be happy on my own.. I like expressing myself.. I love joy.. I love touching others with inspiration.. Obviously being deaf I need written words…. If I am included as I am you’ve got a friend for life!!

I will seek out my people here…

99% of the time its online.. art type groups.. spiritual groups.. I am happy with one special person in my life.. I don’t like crowds. I love reading and drawing strength from creative people.. I read their writing, look at their art, read their blogs, soak in their teachings. Share their work and offerings.. I read a quote the other day and it really expresses what I feel.. Posted below.. I know I can get lonely.. I can feel alone.. I can feel in my own little world.. but when I am in my flow.. Aware of spirit and that kind of realm. This quote says it perfectly.. God is with me so I believe in spirit I am connected to everyone no matter where I am..

“Although I am a typical loner in my daily life, my awareness of belonging to the invisible community of those who strive for truth, beauty, and justice has prevented me from feelings of isolation.”
– Albert Einstein

Prompts are taken from a free journal challenge hosted by Lisa Sonora. The prompts I have chosen to blog here comprise of only some of the prompts she has offered and come from more than one day..

find details here






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  1. Well written Sharon, your always inspire me to do my writing, and to finish, my book i am writing about my life, ON fACE BOOK i HAVE decided to go a different space, quotes and prayers ect hope you can still drop by, but mostly i feel i can write more now in my word press., thank you friend for encouraging me to keep going xx

    • THANK YOU I get so little feed back that I need you too.. To help me keep going.. God bless you.. It’s a very healing thing to express what’s inside a soul.. It’s so very good when it benefits even one more person.. 💗🕊

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