New Years Resolutions


I start off writing furiously.

Good intentions.

Can’t write fast enough.

Keep my room clutter free.. 

Write daily..

Read daily.

Cook nicer meals.

Walk daily.

Keep in better contact with people.

The list goes on..

But very quickly as the days pass.

I get distracted.

Time slips by.

One by one I forget.

Guilts nags.

I dare not read back that far.

Reminding myself I can’t do this resolution thing.

But wait one habit did stick! 

It’s hard not to walk now!!

I have kept that up!

So something did work!

Perhaps this thing isn’t so much about failings.

But about what triumphs were created! 

Now to go back and rewrite this year. 

Only need one to stick than I will have two!!!


Following along She Writes Poetry explains more there. A free writing challengefor 2016.. 

My doggie Bella and me.. About to go on one of our daily walks!! 


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