Many Mansions


In my Spirit today I heard the words.. Many mansions.. Heard while I was in the kitchen.
I have heard this said before.. Many years ago when I most needed it.. 

I was doing dishes way back in 2009. In a family home where I lived with our five children and my than husband.

I heard said.. ‘I am with you always.’
And… ‘In my Fathers house there are many mansions.. ‘
Not long after that. My marriage declined and died basically over a period of time.. Our family was separated. It was the beginning of many years of difficult circumstances for us all..

Many years later.. I am now sharing a house with my father and mother and three children.. So I am living in my earthly fathers house.

Prophetic words indeed because Jesus Spirit never left me and really became my strong hold and closest friend.. knowing this at this time and on wards has helped me more than any other thing.

Today again I hear the words.. Many mansions.
It is prophetic.. Especially in this day and age.. When many seem anti-God.. Anti-me. Anti-each other.
The word ‘Many’ means amounting to a large but indefinite number.. It doesn’t sound exclusive or that there is only going to be a few..
I had a discussion with another person earlier today who says they also believe in GOD.. And I said every man, woman and child is God’s Child whether they know it or not. They disagreed. Believing I think that you need to have done something re salvation to be counted in. But I believe that it is EXACTLY what Jesus did.. HE did the saving by offering Himself for all mankind in the way that HE did.. Born of the Spirit is to become aware of the Spirit while on earth. There was the fall of mankind.. Jesus righted it all. The only thing missing now is knowledge of what HE has actually done!!

We just need to know it for it to help us in the now.. Going from the old to the new.. Knowledge of the truth (calls himself the truth by the way )sets us free.

It really helped to hear those words in my Spirit today.. Because I can trust GOD for people who don’t click with me right now and do not click with each other. People that for whatever reason exclude me, reject me and/or others. I really see GODS love for all mankind in these words.. That it isn’t just for the one or two and the rest can burn in Hell.. HE actually intends and is preparing for all people to dwell together in harmony and with Him!

The old has to pass away for the new to come! It really is the most beautiful truth on earth.. Good news indeed. 

I was called New Age today.. And actually despite what the other person thinks that this term means.. It is pretty right..

Therefore if any man/woman/child is in Christ. They are a new creation. Old has passed away. New has come. 2 Corinthians 5:17

I guess the thing is.. Did Christ do what He did for all? If He did it it for all was it enough? …. His last words on the cross were..

‘It is Finished..’ 
He has also called Himself. 

The Alpha and Omega. 

Beginning and the end. 

What is there left for us to do?
But first to realize that HE includes us in the middle. 
Realise HE did it for us!!!

And then tell it so everyone else knows!! 



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