What part of Gods character brings the greatest sense of comfort and security to you?

His Presence. I believe He is there for a start. That is extremely comforting. No person can be there 24/7. I do not see him as a judge but a great lover. Not sexually or romantically lol or even a father figure. But rather a very very very kind and dear friend but he is also KING ha ha. So you have this great superhero as friend.. Protector. Guardian. I do not see GOD as visible but I truly wish He was sometimes. I talk to HIM rather than pray. I do see Him as peace.. Knowing HE is Spirit. So unseen but with me. I mean HE can comfort me by bringing a bird outside my window or putting a rainbow in the sky. HE can appear or help me in many ways but HE never leaves. HE is faithful and truth. HE is greater than any and every bad thing that can ever happen to me. Extremely patient. HE doesn’t see my faults because of what JESUS did. That was the kicker. Knowing that what happened on the cross was the crux of all time for all mankind.. beginning to end. Changed everything. Knowing that although the earth has much evil in it. It has all been overcome. The book is finished but right now we are only part way through the book perhaps closer to the end than we realize. It’s just playing out and definitely do not lean on my own understanding of it all because HE is GOD and I don’t have HIS view of it at all. So I cannot see the bigger picture yet. I believe one day we will go.. Ohhh ok THAT is what was happening..


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