Why I Write..


DIG DEEPER: Do you love writing enough to keep going even when there is no hope or you’re not showing any sign of promise? What keeps you going when inspiration and encouragement fall short?


I love expressing myself and my thoughts and my joys and my struggles. I get excited seeing my blog posts go out to the world. I love that I can choose the pictures that go with my writing and even better if I am the photographer or it is my own art. I can write whatever I want basically. I can share my heart and soul and spirit and faith and I am free!! It powers me up.

I can see my writing evolving. I can see myself being happier despite everything else that isn’t happening.

There are things I have wanted and hoped for in my writing and life. But you know. It is depressing if you look for something that isn’t happening. When you can enjoy what is happening.

Today is an inspiring day. I am pumped actually. But there are many days I have literally sat and had nothing.

Really really hard days. I was often under the impression that it all had to be of the positive side.. Been there done that. But life can suck and you can have bad days. Sad days. Crappy days.

Only today I have sat down here on my lap top and typed out how I am feeling and will copy that into a journal ap on my ipad. Unfortunately its not as easy to type quickly on an ipad and I can’t write directly to my journal via my lap top. I still want to keep it on the ap because its easier to access so a bit of mucking around. (Ap is Day One)

I do not journal enough and I think that is one thing that has contributed to some of my difficult days. I am a person who cannot keep things inside me well. It shuts me down. Writing frees me up. 

I write about what is happening with the kids. What I did yesterday or today or last week. What I am struggling with. What I bought lately and what I love.. I write about God and my faith and how He has given me this beautiful life to enjoy. Anything basically!

I do not really have anyone I can tell all that too. I mean I have one good and very understanding online friend but I have to hold back ha ha.. I could tell him ohhh so much more.. Sometimes as a single mum you want to talk about all the little things that happen during your day. But I can journal that and my soul gets the release it needs without burdening him with all that unnecessary stuff..

It doesn’t seem to be that I need feedback just a release if I am truly honest..

What keeps me going is re-reading my journals, seeing what I have artistically created, looking through photos, instagram and pinterest, reading quotes, reading someone else’s thoughts about life, knowing I am not the only one who has bad days, being honest, prayer because I can tell God EVERYTHING!! Watching a movie, reading a book, singing…

Expressing myself good or bad helps.. I should journal more. I really should. Just getting things out of me helps like you wouldn’t believe. I am an emotional being so I cry and I laugh often. Ha ha yes my former husband says I am bi-polar but I just think I am an expressive soul and it is who I am. I think the more I accept that and let myself be who I am. The more content and at peace I am. It is how God created me after all.

Writing is the bomb. I cannot easily speak publicly. Face to face like this to anyone. Anyone at all. I think it frustrates people around me no end. Being almost deaf plays a part in that also.

My sister has been asking me lately out to coffee and probably with that to chat. Sigh I like coffee and my sister but…. If she and I could communicate more like writing to one another. Even on chat ohhh I could say soooooooo much more.. And I do try. Most times she gets frustrated and can’t cope with it and that has made it harder between us I guess we will have to work on doing a little of each so both of us are satiated. So ah that is how it has been with me. (This is just an example to give you an idea.) They say writers are people who keep to themselves. You have to do it alone though because writing takes time and unless your working with a group of writers. It is a single flow of thought that is being captured. It just fits with me this whole process. So for me it is either writing here on my blog and/or social media or privately in my art journal or journal ap!!


“You see, in my view a writer is a writer not because she writes well and easily, because she has amazing talent, because everything she does is golden. In my view a writer is a writer because even when there is no hope, even when nothing you do shows any sign of promise, you keep writing anyway.” — Junot Díaz

((TIP from Writing Yourself Alive e-course))

We don’t write to be successful. We write because it helps us come alive. Recognition may or may not come. Success is different things on different days to different people. Art that gives us a life more truthful and abundant — this is our only constant and reason we create.



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