Writing Manifesto


Day 23 prompt of 30 Days of Writing Yourself Alive..

Write a short Writing Manifesto for yourself with 5-10 top goals you have as a writer combined with reasons you write. They can be specific or general, actionable, abstract or poetic — but they must resonate with what Writing Does for You and what you want to accomplish through it.

Think of it as a Creative Contract you make with yourself. Sign it and hang it in your office as a motivational reminder of your Creative Mission. 


1. My writing means I am present in Spirit and written form and able to express my presence and message to the world. I need to commit myself daily to it and keep it up.

Not many people ask me my opinions and I do not see many people to tell. So writing is my way to put myself out in the world and be a part of greater humanity! I can feel shut down, excluded and isolated. Putting my writing out there means I am contributing and I am much happier and feeling alive!

2. Being creative in my writing. Trying new prompts and styles. Learning and growing and moving forward. Not being stuck in my views or in one kind of genre.

For the longest time I only did religious kind of writing and reading. To be honest it was boring and only appealed to like wise people. There is so much more to life than this. It doesn’t mean abandoning my faith and spiritual views it means embracing them in new ways that frees not boxes up.

3. Have fun. Or be totally serious. I don’t have to write the way anybody else does. Be myself. Be unafraid. Make mistakes and have a go. Just do it.

I can write anyway I wish. I don’t have to be perfect or wait for inspiration. My heart can be seen by just putting myself out there. If I am having a bad day or emotional day I can write about that. I do not have to be inspirational every time. It doesn’t always have to be positive.

4. I have something to say! Believe in myself. Trust my journey. Trust my intuition. Trust GOD in me that I don’t have to be like everyone else. I am unique. Trust the process. Trust myself that I can do what I am created to do.

I have been silenced because I was not confident. I didn’t want to make people uncomfortable. Truth is hard to tell but I can be creative in the ways I tell it. I can talk about how I feel and how things have been for me and its ok!! I can also tell the greater truth. 🙂 There is the way it appears and than there is the greater truth.. It is always good!

5. Writing is power. Don’t count stats or do anything by results. Power is in the doing and the being and the releasing. What happens after that isn’t my business. What is important is being totally and unashamedly myself and being free to express that.

Weakness is doing nothing. Being bound by fear. Not being uniquely ourselves. Bound by a code that says we have to do things a certain way or at a certain time. One word can change the world. There was a man in Sydney Australia that went around writing “Eternity” in copper plate writing I think most times just with chalk kept in his pocket. His name Arthur Stace. That was his message to the world. It impacted many many people and was strung up in lights on the Sydney Harbor bridge for the 2000 Olympics. The whole world saw it!!!

Our presence in writing even ONE word will do great things!!



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