Perfect Writing Day


I downloaded a 30 day trial for Scrivener to help with my writing experience and I love it!! I will probably end up buying it I think, if its not too expensive as it seems easier than writing in Microsoft word!! It feels so good to be writing daily and much easier on my lap top than iPad. Not thinking too much about it. Just letting it flow where it will. So much amazing talent in our private group. Some wonderful feedback too coming through on what I share which really helps.

I am keeping it more private because I have opened up more than normal. We have a group website where we download each days prompts etc and private face book group where some meet and share our work. Sharing and talking about the journey in both places.
So although there are around 1,000 people taking part. Apart from a few I am getting to know by name no one really knows me personally so I can write more openly and share more freely. This writing below is totally made up. But it is interesting that I haven’t strayed away from writing as a mother with kids. It’s easier I suppose to write about what I know. The prompts are definitely pushing my boundaries but in this I have not gone out of my comfort zone but I am trying to be more descriptive. I think the main thing for me is just keeping at it. I am about 5 days behind as with a family etc some days I just don’t have the momentum to write at all. To keep working at this is what I need more than anything no matter the content or that its written perfectly. To get into a habit of writing daily no matter what so that I’m getting used to expressing myself and finding a more natural flow. I have spoken about being stuck in the past so to be freely writing at all is a very good thing. Thankfully I am not having much trouble once I begin although straight writing is easier than condensing it as in poetry form. It’s making the time and sticking to it. I have struggled with comparison and also looking for feedback but here you can read I have just followed my heart and done it and I can truly say I am happy just having done it. The less I worry about the content and write more as I am led instead of writing to be seen it seems to catch someones eye.. Quite the opposite of what you think will happen.. 🙂

Day 14 ~ Describe a day or a morning in your ideal life as a writer or overall creator. If you could live the Writer’s Life you imagine, what would this life look like? Go into detail as if it was a page in a novel.

I rub my hands together with glee as I wait for the kettle to boil. I pick out my favorite mug from its hiding place (the kids won’t break this one) and pour into it the purest of sunshine that perks my day no matter what time it is. A rich steaming cup of freshly made coffee is my preferred brew!

My creative heart racing already as I slowly climb the stairs and escape the night time sounds of a family unwinding before bedtime. I find my quiet place that I wish I could escape too more often. Life gets busy though. Taking care of a household is hard work. Once most of my responsibilities are put behind me for the day I crave some ‘me time’. I head here always with my coffee and even if I come with a worn out body its with a much lighter spirit. The kids know not to disturb me for a few precious hours. Thankfully the kids are old enough to amuse themselves and eat a simple meal in peace while I slip away.

A wide spacious desk with things neatly in place awaits. How this does a body good. When the night time dishes are still to be done and clutter seems to have mockingly spread throughout the house no matter how good you are at staying on top of it.
The organization of this space pulls my soul free. Nothing to distract me and totally able to embrace the time to just sit and create or write and unwind.

I pull the curtains apart wider with more zest than I possess and pry open the big heavy window.. eyes already alive to the scenery that awaits to stir my soul. Mountain top view thankfully has not disappeared into darkness and still exists as a feast for my eyes. The night air though cool is tantalizingly refreshing as the sun slowly sinks on another day.
A light breeze brings in the damp freshness of the outdoors. I breathe deeply the eucalyptus scent of the huge white gummed tree which stands sentinel outside my window..
All the clutter in my head from the day starts to dissipate into a welcome and peaceful silence.
I stand memorized looking out wards to the treetops and I can see the mists lightly rising in the valley. I hear a kookaburra laughing some distance away. As if he knows the freedom and wonder of this moment too. I can see faintly far off a few kangaroos grazing. I know this is their favorite time of night. A time when they feel safe enough to come out as the daylight recedes.

I sink down into my straight backed chair and let the thoughts of my heart roam free. I pull towards myself a bulging leather bound journal which is sitting waiting for me and as I open it up it releases its contents falling opened to a new blank page. This book is like an old friend and holds my most inner thoughts and secrets. I smile as I think over all the adventures of the day which has just passed. The book is a healing place a place to unfold my sacred unseen self and my heart is pressed slowly and delicately into these pages. It calls to me again to bring forth from the depths the jewels of value no one else in this house sees.

I pick up my pen and breathe deeply. My pen poised as my mind decides what thoughts to turn into ink tonight. Ever so slowly my pen begins to write and flow onto the page and I am able to release hidden emotions, hopes, frustrations and dreams that get pushed aside and forgotten with the stress of every day chaos…

This is my wonderland. Thankfully tonight there are no disruptions… The only move I make is to head downstairs and make another cup of coffee. No one sees me and silently I am elated to return again till the lateness of day makes it impossible to comfortably stay.

I can re-enter the kitchen two hours later and humbly take on a mother’s load again feeling human once more. As I clean up and hum quietly to myself. My mind is already filing away words and thoughts for my next nightly escape. Not even two seconds later a voice pierces the air seeking me out. They’ve remembered I exist!


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