Worlds End



Imagine the world is ending in 24 hours. Write the way it will end and how you would fill the hours.
It’s funny the timing of when this prompt comes up. I was woken early this morning because I dreamed a number of bombs were dropped in the distance. These bombs were enough to wipe out half an entire capital city. They would have killed countless people and obliterated everything that was within close range and than there was the fall out in huge black and grey billowing clouds that soon filled the sky in every direction.. It was a horrifically real nightmare because it happened in my line of view and it seemed so real and was terrifying to behold. I woke up disturbed in my spirit and didn’t return to sleep afterwards.


My dreams last night heralded the end of the world. I woke up drenched in sweat because I’d tossed and turned in the unfurling of it. I saw things that should have stopped my heart cold. Forces unleashed in the earth that will quickly decimate every living and breathing thing.

Unfortunately every dream I have comes true. When people die in my dreams they die on the earth not long after. I don’t have the power to save and prevent them dying but I can warn them. Accidents happen in my dreams and again and again some time in the future after awakening it happens exactly the way I see it and in some cases people have lived and escaped harm but most times death and injury still strikes. So I have no doubt in this premonition. Only thing being it’s going to be tomorrow. 24 hours till the end of the world. My heart is filled with dreadful thoughts and it feels like stone but it still beats and I have the most important task before me any man or woman has ever faced..

I need to warn the world. Even with my gifts and success rate as a faithful true witness of dreams and visions many still don’t believe and scoff me daily. I have had death threats and my online website has been targeted by hate and hacked more times than I can count. This will work against me as if I’ve totally lost the plot but I will do all in my human power to get the message out. I have a network of people around me that will swing into action. It will be a uniting of mankind such as the world has never seen before and the world as we know it will never see again.

I have a powerful internet presence and am connected to people who are connected to people and so on.. In a very short time I will write the hardest message I will ever relay and have it posted and reposted till it brings the world to its knees. Hard yes because there is so little time and I’ve seen what is coming but the only reason I would want to do this and could do this is because the world can overcome it and that’s the only thing that enables me onwards.

For some this will cause panic and pandemonium and maybe release growing hatred and mean unprecedented blood shed and for that reason it breaks my heart. Many terrorist groups may see it as the final sign to unleash untold weapon stockpiles. I can’t stop to think of it because the clock is ticking down and many will not act with force but in love and compassion.

First as quickly as possible, though maybe selfishly, I will contact my own family and close network of friends. There will be no time to speak to those farther afield but all those reachable by technology will still be able to see my video warnings. The ones closest to me I have had much time already to talk to them and hug them in person and tell them I will see them later. Its not imperative to comfort and be in their immediate company not that I don’t want too. Which I will explain shortly.

We must now be the ones to give out our intimate knowledge of what’s to come, to bring forth smooth transition for all those who are already prepared. A way has already been opened for salvation. Anyone who has an awareness of things set in motion before time began, this will be the busiest 24 hours of our lives. We won’t have time to think of our own personal safety but that people are not alone and dying without hope.

Our years of training, trusting and internal knowing will come alive and will activate a chain reaction that when acted upon brings peace and strength across the world like a comforting blanket. 

Like a stone thrown in water sends out ripples so will networks of people already in place light up the darkest day on earth to be one of looking inwards and upwards. When the world holds hands across the planet. For many it will be a day of celebrations no longer slaves to fear, old age, disability, poverty, illness, racial tensions, wars and hopelessness. The kingdom of love, peace and joy and equality for all is on the horizon growing in anticipation and measure!

It will be the right time and quickly establish a motion of spreading the message that will be sent, carried, spoken and translated into every language and dialect, passed on to every continent and tis our prayer every man, woman and child. Our utmost desire is that as many people as possible are contacted. We won’t be spared death or for many final sufferings in this day but we know its exact end and we will be given comfort that a new heaven and earth await. Yes I’m a believer in God and the afterlife. So this foreknowledge of things to come has been my earthly gift to pass on to the world that we do not need to die in vain but we will rise again in triumph. I know all those who will only believe will have soaring faith of a better tomorrow so if I don’t see them today. There’s always tomorrow!!!!! The countdown begins…. 



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