30 days Of Writing Myself Alive


Started a 30 day writing ecourse with Andreà Balt and Tyler Knott Gregson called “Write Yourself Alive”. One of the first days prompts shared below and my attempt at it. 

The hardest thing is reading others writing and eek doing the comparison thing and also wanting it to be good writing, clear, beautiful and touch people. I also want people to read it and give comments but I can’t expect it because so often I get so little coming back. Sigh but I know that’s not a great expectation to have because if I don’t reach whatever standard I think it should be or whatever standard I perceive others writing to my own. Or take lack of comments to mean I’ve failed. I won’t give my all and I will be less able to say what’s on my heart. Every person is different and unique. I’ve got to simply do what this quote below says. 

“The secret of being a writer: not to expect others to value what you’ve done as you value it. Not to expect anyone else to perceive it in the emotions you have invested in it. Once this is understood, “all will be well.”

– Joyce Carol Oates

You know what is going through my mind. Often artists are not recognised in their time. That helps you know. Van Gough wasn’t and he got mightily depressed about his own struggles. But oh my his works are world famous now. 


Write a short Declaration of Independence from everything you feel is getting in the way of your Creative Revolution. It can be a person, adversary or limiting circumstances, or it can live inside of you: your fear, sense of not-enoughness, perfectionism, lacks and weaknesses. BREAK FREE THROUGH WORDS. 

You can do this. You can. You’ve got today and right now and that’s all you need. No looking back. Heck you’ve got plenty to talk about. Don’t think you’ve got nothing to say any longer. You hold the power my dear simply by turning up in this very moment. Writing even one word. One sentence is bravery and it’s a start to all you’ve been feeling.. All you’ve held inside. Your words are your personal declaration. They hold the key. Don’t think just do it. Don’t be afraid of what comes out. You’ll be ok. Don’t think about the consequences because every word you write will become your freedom. Your fight back and your life flowing. Every word is your struggle unleashed and your pain brought to the light. You’ve been born to do this. To take back your soul from the depths of despair and triumphantly herald a new day and an ever brightening future. To run, skip, dance and leap forward bravely and do that which your spirit has been straining to bring forth. Today is that day. It’s a new day. A new hope stirring inside you. Declare to yourself that you’ll keep returning and let the Spirit in you guide and release your destiny but it’s in your own words and in your own unique style. Nothing will stop you if you let your passion, your truth and the glory and magnificence of your soul fly fully unchecked and defiantly in the face of adversity and nothing my dear will be able to dim that light! 



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  1. You are truly a courageous and honest soul. Your writing expresses your deep desire to connect with others while seeking God in all you do. Keep up your writing. The more you write, the better you will become. It is an art, very much like your journals.

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