11 of my favourite art pieces


I’m doing a Mindy Lacefield “Paint Your Story” ecourse and one of the prompts was to pick out a selection of art pieces that speak to me and list the reasons why! 

All of these are pins from my Pinterest boards. @eternal4peace

I found it hard to just pick 11 but I was surprised how it opened me up explaining why I love them. Ok she suggested 5-10 ha ha but when I counted them down I actually had 11 so that’s why the odd number. 


I like this type of art journaling above because it highlights words or quotes. It can use any combination of pictures and make a whole new one. It inspires and makes you look at things differently. Colours, words and how things can tell stories or messages. It can express your heart, thoughts and mind through this medium. Inspires and evokes creativity of your own. The message to me is that our beliefs and how we see our world makes all the difference.


 This one always been a favourite. It’s showing the unseen Jesus Christ close and laughing. Intimate and personal. The child is most likely frustrated or just being herself and Jesus seems to be pleased and delighted in her. Not worried if she is failing or just being herself. If she has worries they aren’t worries to Him and he is ok with her as she is. Just reminds me that we are important. God speaks of not being able to enter the kingdom of heaven unless we become as little children.

 It’s just different kind of “religious” art. Beautiful, honest and encouraging. It speaks of closeness, beauty, self worth and trust.


Love it because abstract colours can make you see different images within one piece of art. Could be a pond with flowers or an explosion of colours.. Etc.. Inspiring to look at. Make you feel happy and cheery and bright. The colours and layout can evoke different thoughts on different days.


I just love the simplicity. That this picture can tell a story. That I could draw it or my own versions of it myself. It’s uncomplicated, cute and makes me want to value life more. Can I say the figure is beautiful in her own way which I love. I love little birds too. They speak of Gods providence of his care and love for us. 



Doves have special significance to me. Holy Spirit. Also a white one appeared near where baby Tyler’s window was at the hospital. It speaks of Gods closeness. Of peace and comfort and protection. The colours the artist has used are warming and gentle.


Speaks to me of other worlds. Of letting go. Of the imagination and magical lands. Freedom.
Playfulness. Beauty. Being oneself even if physically alone. Finding joy in the every day by seeing the unseen. Diving into life and finding treasures in the deep. That those who live from their Spirits find oh so much more. Elements of the created world being the beginning to another way of living altogether. 



I’m a romantic at heart. Emotional being so I love the expressions on the faces and the tenderness shown in the lovers embracing and the kiss. This is just a small section of a larger picture. I remember the original as being bigger and much more detail. Longer picture of them. I love the details and the colours. It tells a story of passion and desire and tender hearted love. Makes me swoon. Takes my female heart lovely places.



Just pure fun. Evokes me to enjoy life. To see the little things that can make me smile. I value everything better I think. Again it’s simple. Uncomplicated.  My heart loves such. A few words and picture can say so much. I can be happy again by just seeing this. Reminds me of the joy of life and heart felt emotion. To be myself and not be afraid of being honest about what I like or dislike or what makes me me. 


Details are important so is being up close and personal. Tunnelling my vision to slow down and take notice. Beauty is in the moment. This artist oh wow. I see divine here. I see essence of presence.. I see strength and grace and mercy. I see that we can be inspired by only a glimpse. Beauty can be found in the black and white too.


I love this because I know the artist online and I’ve seen her growing in strength. Surrender is important but it’s not meaning to die but to come alive. That the figure is looking within. She’s peaceful although the word surrender suggests a struggle or length of time facing difficulties. I can relate to her.

That the only answer I’ve found is within. It’s to me suggesting a spiritual journey of great cost but also of finding strength and resilience. There’s also a hint of sadness about her because battles are hard won but so worth it. The words on her clothing suggest she is baring her soul bravely and it’s important to tell her story.


Every day life with a simple tweak that buoys the spirit. Reminds me how easy it is to see or find or add the divine into any moment. It makes you think about the divine in the ordinary. That’s she’s looking up. Realising she’s divine. It’s encouraging.


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  1. Oh my goodness….I love these pieces you’ve chosen.

    I like the way you put things into words. I admire your freedom of expression and I need more of that myself!
    No lie, you inspire me!

  2. Oh I love this whole post. i am very tired at the moment but just want to tell you that your words touched me. Love the way you write, and it is good to get to know you a bit more through the thoughts you’ve shared here. I love these pictures you posted too! Beautiful, each one!

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