I realise I did not do the very final and last day of the Pilgrimage of Resurrection. 

I hope better late than never. Has been an amazing journey.

Great word to finish it out on.. 


– Spirit – 

 Intimately knowing the Creator of life.

Brings forth a rising up of the innermost being.

Rerouted by being authentic. 

Expressive in my world. 

Heard, seen, vibrantly alive and no longer feeling invisible!

I’m found working even if just telling my story.

Spirit powerfully moving beyond barriers.

Spirit defying darkness by being a voice that has not stopped speaking! 

Unique, not easily ignored, overlooked and shut away in a box or building once a week.

Speaking from my heart magically seems to draw others to myself. Like a moth to a flame. 

The more transparent I am the greater the invite to others to be fully themselves where they are! 

Spirit and Truth kiss 


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