Writing this has taken me to another world..


Amazed at what is coming up at of my heart. Got lost in this writing piece. Giggled like a school girl..  Yes it’s soppy. As the title says indeed writing this transported me to a different time and place. I lost hours. I could feel and see the setting and people and even the breeze on my face. Maybe mistakes in grammar, lay out and some words don’t fit the era of where my story appears to be from. 

But I’m thrilled with this. Excites my soul.

1. Create both, a male and a female character in a few paragraphs (each) as if they were the protagonists of your next story or novel. Describe his / her physical appearance, personality, quirks, strengths, weaknesses, story and any other details that may help build their story. 
2. Create a dialogue between this male and female, based on the way you have built each. Try to be consistent and say what “they” would say based on the story you have built for each, in the previous exercise. 


Gazing up at the giant figure of a man standing before. Her fine features seemed even more dwarfed and dainty near his hulk of a figure swathed in the finery of a war hero. 

His horse tethered not far behind him. Smell of leather, sweat and his own personal man spice wafted into the air around her.

She dark haired, pale skinned and a gentle beauty against his wild blonde tousled hair, bronzed body and ruddy skin. Tendrils of her hair played slightly in the wind but the gentle evening breeze had a strange power over her to make the whole body shiver. It was as if her heart was desperately trying to escape her chest. Held back over the years by being the person everybody thought she should be but never was.

Defiant eyes now deep violet pools fighting back tears. Framed by long dark lashes which only highlighted the intensity of the battle within. Time was running out.

The consuming desire to finally declare her love emboldened her to get closer than she normally would have dared. He a decorated soldier, her some would say just a wench.

Her breath caught in her throat. It was now or never. She reached for him, her hand before her heart.

His chest ached as it never had before. How could he leave her once again?

Turn around, ride off and join another war but for what? Nations pride? A victors crown? Higher rank? To be spoken well of in kings banquet halls?


No! It meant nothing to him he wanted her heart and had done so since first setting eyes on her a decade ago. His every desire was for her embrace and to never let her go.

Yet inwardly years of exile and self control bound his rough hands and strong arms like a vice. The strength that had so easily slain thousands, gave way to his fear of rejection. His huge muscled shoulders were tense, his demeanor edgy. He fully expected her to bid him a final farewell. The kind that ripped out a mans heart worse than a bloody sharpened sword ever could. He knew woman did this in war. Let their men know that they didn’t have to fight with half hearts. A cruel savior of souls.

Hard battle weary men did not need soft weepy women to wait. They conquered and fought and took battle spoils and more often than not it included a harem of foreign women. But he’d never given his heart away in all of his travels. He had devoted himself to building the empire yes but always buoyed on by dreams of her being his own. His fists clenched roughly to his side, he secretly vowed again to return; though there were never guarantees.

Every muscle was taunt and ready to pick her up and conquer her body and soul before his departure but she alone must make the choice. Not even the horrors of war had ripped honor from his heart for this woman.

His name a delight on her tongue but her voice was faltering as she cried..

“Richard I had to come. I could no longer stay away”. “I’ve been afraid you’d have gone and I’d lost my chance to see you.”

“No I have waited and hoped for this moment.” His face though taunt, eyes smiled..

Her lips parted and she exclaimed,

“You have? After all this time and not really knowing how I felt? It was not just victories and your families pride that always brought you back?”

“No at first I was battle hungry and craved freedom for our people and fought the savageness of an relentless enemy for years building and defending this empire but inside it has left me empty and lonely even amongst many men for there is no one to return home too.. All of this…. ” his voice softened. Gesturing to his decorated armor and horse behind and to some far away place..

“Means nothing compared to gaining a heart such as yours. No treasure is as worthy.”

“I’m overwhelmed sir… with knowing that a man of your stature and glory, so highly accomplished could desire my own company. My heart cries that I did not risk approaching you sooner .. .” Her voice falling away being cut to the heart for wasted years thinking it could never be.

She continued..

“I fought within myself for a long time that I could not ever be worthy to capture your heart. Now it seems cruel on the eve of war for me to be here. But… I didn’t want you to go not knowing how I feel. I would burst and die holding this inside. I’m in love with you Richard and I always have been. I’ve watched you since your youth become a worthy fighter and kneel to be knighted by our King but to me you’ve always been the defender of hearts and a champion of the people. Your honor is written not just in stone but in the loyalty of men and women you’ve stirred up to make our kingdom strong. The weak not just dying to fill graves but having courage amongst hardship to fight for the right to dwell in safety. You’ve given me hope to approach you even now. You’ve shown me that beneath my simple home spun clothes a heart beats strong and even beauty is not something to roughly take but to willingly give.”

His head about burst and he pulled her closely to himself. He would not wait any longer. No accolade could compare with this. She loved him and saw the depth of his soul even beneath the trappings of armor. Not just seeing a soldier but the man.

It was enough. He need not hear another word. She was as good as his now that he knew and time was against them. Her heart was the spoils he’d fight to the death defending one last time.

“Elizabeth, kiss me!! I am yours. All the countries I’ve traversed and all the battles I’ve fought and all the wealth that has come to me. Your the only women I will ever need. Your the one my heart desires. Your soul the greatest treasure I will ever possess.

Let us have this night at least. I vow this battle to be my last and with my dying breath to make it back to your side.”….




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