Liar Liar Pants On Fire


Liar Liar Pants on Fire

You destroy my world.

 Shut your trap!

You don’t fool me.

I see you for what you are.

How you come daily.

Taunting that all is doomed.

How it should be done this way or that.

Through people who think they know better.


Slowly it entices death.

Causing sleepless nights.

Worry and fret.

Hatred of self.

Your standard unreachable.

Isolates and separates.

Always straining towards.

Never reaching.

Forever discontent.

Happiness fleeting.

Relentless but why listen?

Nothing new to say.

Pick, pick, pick.

All distortions.

You infect.

I see you in people’s eyes.

Hear you in their biting remarks. 

I know it is you.

Casting doubt.

Pondering the worst.

Pitting one against another.

Who are you to destroy?

No need to bow to you any longer.

Truth brings freedom.

There is a choice!

Does not bind up.

Will not cut down.

Builds up.

Exquisite love.

Accepts with delight.


Invites growth.

Awakens creativity.

Those who speak it unearth beauty.

Smiles pass one to another.

Eyes windows to the soul.

Not daggers.

Healing balm.

Life abundant!

I reject your lies in every word, shape and form.

However they come.

Embracing only Truth.. 

Breathing it in and exhaling it out!

Saving my world forever.



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