Write a “microstory” — a very short story, one-two paragraphs at the most (on

any topic that stirs you), in which you incorporate action and change:

SOMETHING needs to happen to the characters. It must contain an essential

change. Try to paint a picture with words vs. over-explaining. Show vs. tell.

Let the reader have the final “aha.”


She pushed herself up. Having been slumped over for what felt like hours.

Rereading over the latest entry in her diary her heart sunk once again. This is tragic she thought. How can I change this miserable life? What kind of person have I become?

These scrawled words only describe pain and anguish because someone else won’t respond the way I want them too.

How did I ever let this person hold such power over me?

Blood sweat and tears poured out in every word but what if I could change that?

What if I put myself back in that very same situation and write it the way it should be or could be.

The outcome would than leave me hopeful instead of needing more therapy.

These words don’t have to define how it is.

Iron seemed to enter my very soul.

I am going to rewrite my story.

I’m not going to be the victim anymore. I am going to be the heroine.

My pen now my wand.

Dear Diary.

My tears have dried for the last time over this.

His unresponsive heart does not beat for mine the way I want it too. That is truth and something I can’t change.

But I am in control of what happens to myself and I refuse to dissolve into a sniveling mess anymore because of it.

He doesn’t want me! Fine.

It’s not the end it’s now the beginning.

What possibilities are ahead it’s exciting to think about. A door closes and a new path opens. I take things in my stride not fall over them flat on my face. My heart no longer to drag through the mud because I continue to let it take a beating.

No longer living a grovelling pathetic life fawning away over someone who is not the least bit interested in me.

From this moment on he is behind me and I might even wave. Nope that is something the old me would do. I’ve said all I am going to say. Time has passed its too late for goodbye.

Its only hello to the future. To the people who will welcome and love this new me. Full of life and laughter and the power to be all I have ever wanted!


Simpy said. She rose up. Closed the diary. Lay aside her pen and walked confidently into tomorrow.




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