My way to cope with pain..


From Heart Recylce 101 – Workshop.

How did you cope / are coping with the pain? Remember, pain doesn’t magically disappear. It must be recycled. What have you been recycling this pain into, so far? 

My faith has made all the difference and prayer. Support online.. I also have the burning in my bones need to share.. Although it might seem I’m looking for attention. If I didn’t do what I do. I’m talking entirely to myself or writing stacks of diaries or going bananas.. I needs air, light, even someone to say “Oh I go through that too..” It has kept me sane. Given me support.. If I waited till the people came to me to offer me support. I’d be dead. 

It’s like excercising but for the Spirit.

So I go to the people online. Whoever it might be. I can’t exactly sit down and have a chin wag lol. Talk. I can’t hear (deaf) to reply or listen or communicate like normal people do. I don’t say hardly enough now and I don’t get enough practice talking to people to not feel awkward or shy or like a stunned mullet. But the more honest I am the more it comes out and up and from places that no one knows about sometimes not even me. 

Art, expression, journalling, writing, blogging and poetry of late is my soul/spirit living the only way I know how that works for me. I’m so glad when I see beautiful colors coming up from that place and onto the page.. Inspiration still high on my list of favorite things to do and seek.. It means for all the darkness and all the trials and tears and pain I’m still alive and kicking. Spirit is strong. 

Recycling is taking a blank page and doing my thing not someone else’s thing. It’s having a go. It’s being brave and sharing that in public. It’s putting stuff out there that might have errors and isn’t perfect but it’s damn real. It’s authentic and its me. Me in people’s faces in a whole different way. Reminding them that even through the worst life offers us we can rise from the ashes in a brand new “kicking it” form!



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