To Hear or Not to Hear


Attempt at poetry 🙂 for writing course I am doing. Heart Recycle 101 with Andréa Balt, Victoria Erickson and Tyler Knott Gregson.

“Try writing a poem for each of your 5 (6 if you’ve got it!) senses, each poem focusing on ONLY one sense at a time.”

I started with hearing of course because its a physical sense that has decreased since my 20’s and now I am considered severely hearing impaired. Deafness or hearing loss is something that affects my life every single day. I have never attempted to write a poem about it either! A first for me. I will add a hand drawn pic of my ear also.. Ha ha.. that was about the closest personal creative thing I have really done to express my hearing loss. Actually it is a very moving experience to share these together.. My life is coming into something beautiful I feel.

I hardly edited this writing so its rather raw and that is how I wrote and it came out.. If I thought about it I would write different things. I do believe I will improve the more I try writing poetry. Obviously first attempts are learning grounds. I want to be authentic and hide much less.

Opening myself up in fewer words came much easier than I thought. Saying too much has always been my problem I would love to condense more. Put out more concentrated writing.. Poetry is that!

To Hear or Not to Hear

I don’t have a choice

It’s not to hear that’s for sure

Irony is endless noises in my head day in and day out I can’t win

How much one is affected by no sound?

The things you miss

Rain on a roof is now just a roof getting wet.

A whisper of intimate things is nothing but a leaning in close

Somebody talking could be telling where fortunes lay

I could not tell

Laughter at you because you thought you knew but didn’t

Strips your confidence

Heightens your sense of vulnerability

People say if I had to lose one sense I would choose deafness

Would you really?



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