Today’s word is Love


“Love” And my interpretation of it.

This digital art is two photos blended and framed. All done on my iPad using aps.

Of my sister and I.. Childhood with our father.. Black and white.
2nd is us both in recent years.
The way the photos overlap is extremely meaningful to me. Family.. Spirit.. Blood.. No separation.. Truth sets free.. Her and I overlap and are as one in both.. Love that.. I need to rest in that.. 

This relationship between us as sisters has been a huge personal struggle for me in recent years.

Gods Spirit has been speaking to me about just loving her through it. 

Loving her as I myself desire to be loved.

Overlooking offence..

I believe this kind of love is what we both need.. Just like God so loves me and sees me pure and holy through HIS Son.. My desire is to love and view my sister the same way.. 

It’s hard to be “real” without saying the wrong thing or saying too much.. 

So I hope my art expression says much more.. 💗



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