Revealed in Darkness


Today’s word I’m up to in my Abbey of the Arts pilgrimage is – Monk – 

I like the fact that though I hardly see a soul during my day to day living and it’s rare I can share my heart person to person.

When I post on social media, here on my blog and on different platforms..  My heart is continuing to speak always. Across the world.. Whenever it is seen!

“The root of the word “monk” is monos, which means one or single. It isn’t so much about marital status as it is about the condition of one’s heart. When I try to live as a monk, I commit to living my life with as much integrity as possible.

—Christine Valters Paintner”

This picture.. Taken tonight outside of local Mc Donald’s of all places.. I have written..

I haven’t chosen to withdraw myself from the world. 

Rather trials have led me to a place

 that has been dark, strange, and isolating. 

Yet it is precisely at this place I’ve met God!

Not one person has really understood it. 

It hasn’t made sense even to myself.
That the light shines in the darkness and the darkness cannot overcome it.

It’s where I’ve found His presence and the glory of it has transfixed me. 
Martin Luther King Jr says ” Only in darkness can you see the stars” 


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