Sharing another post on my “Pilgramage of Resurrection: A Journey through the Easter Season” with Abbey of the Arts..”

I’ve been using what supplies I have at hand which is always good.. So many times you think you need to buy more or have specific supplies or do this or do that.. Its powerful when you are restricted but yet that’s when the Spirit flows and creativity is evident because it comes to you and I believe it flows through you for a greater purpose! 

I know how to do it and what I want to say!! 

This is what “Shepherd” means to me personally and it’s my own expression of that.. All the elements, colours and symbols mean something!!
So enjoying this process.. Ha ha but my bed is covered in art supplies..

Shepherd – dictionary says “person who protects, guides, or watches over a person.. Names the Shepherd as Jesus Christ.. ” the heart below has little crosses all over it which probably won’t come up.. Symbolic.. 

A heart that knows what Jesus has done for me and that through my life / art / expression that’s where I live from.. 

Picture is inspired by the song Sandi Patti sings called “Shepherd of my heart”.. 

My journey with Jesus also comes to mind and I’ve reflected on the scripture Proverbs 3:5-6

Straight path but I certainly cannot see that path any further ahead than where I currently am.. It is for me “a matter of Trust” and moving through it.. 

Art being something artists do and than share it with the world also is who I am.. I have to share it.. That’s who I’ve always been.. 



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