Made Tribe Prompt


What does your personal story of love, of salvation and restoration, look like? 

It’s not traditional.
It’s very very personal and unique.
Shattering the very core of me with love so strong. 
Meets me where I am.
Melts my little girls romantic heart.
What HE has done on the cross it shapes my whole world.
In HIM from the beginning of time before there even was time.
In HIM all is finished.
It’s like I’m the only one.
My praise and worship is my gift.
It’s all I have to give.
Inept though it be.
Right now it’s minuscule faith hinged on simple trust.
On centring my hopes on HIM.
HE is the reason for my existence….  
But also HE is life…
I see every thing through HIM.
And every hand and help is sent by HIM. 
Seen and unseen.
Both human and angelic.
I get lost in all that is HIM. 
As I live through my faith.
It makes HIM more real than anything or anyone that I see or hear or know.
Greatest love story and I’m included.


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